Pathologizing Normalcy (872 words)

**I acknowledge some people are at the extreme of “the spectrum” (a classification I reject), this is not intended to diminish their suffering but rather help people see the role they are playing in fatalistic persecution of positive qualities.

There are very negative consequences to religious and intellectual regressiveness. Let’s examine a few.

Sexual Deviance is Caused by False Religious Ideology

It is no coincidence that religious oppression correlates with deviant sex in much the same way drug use correlates with prohibition. By preventing people from doing consentual things*, they balloon from a minor inconvenience to a major problem.

*This is not to endorse non-consenting activities such as sex with children.

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This suggests we should not attempt to make illegal that which cannot be prevented. It also indicates that any attempts to do so will backfire and thus (false) religion in law is tantamount to endorsing even the most despicable sexual perversion.

If religious leaders truly want to stop so-called deviant behaviour, then they need to understand the cause-effect of equating false religious ideology to morality (if such a term may even be applied). They need to examine their own motivations and perversions and stop trying to impose their (false) moralities on others.

It’s gone even further now that children are brought up to be weaponized against fun and free expression, acting as “Social Justice Police” by making sure no one ever potentially offends anyone again. Understand: SJW’s are authoritarian sharks and your concessions are blood in the water. They see political correctness as currency. They have paid their dues to the cult of Karl Marx and they are coming to collect from the peasants. Make no mistake: if you fail to adulate Karl (by practicing ‘cultural marxism’), prepare to be outcasted!

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Anyone enslaved to a false ideology will simply continue to push and push and push. You cannot submit enough to please a false ideology: it’s false. You cannot impose a false ideology onto a real reality. Reality always beats the fake imitation, no matter how dreamy the oasis appears.

Social Justice is Marxist Propaganda  – Should be Delegitimized

According to my web contacts, SJW’s have even infested BDSM circles.

Q – Is nothing sacred!?

A – Not when people act in the service of a false ideology (they will sacrifice anything for it)

Therefore, we conclude that any restrictions on sexual expression always work against the goal of moving a society from its base instincts (sexual) to its higher (spiritual) ones. False religion is one of many causes of sexual deviance.

Just legalize everything and get it in the open. People are actually going crazy (not me: I don’t change much).

“Asperger’s”: Tip of Pathologizing Normalcy Iceberg

Asperger’s primary symptoms consisting of: sensory issues (aka: proto-psychic), social deficits (aka: a primary allegiance to truth versus emotion), obsessive interests (aka highly focused / evolved) and repetitive behaviours (aka Spiritual Practice?). Nice job Western doctors, you’ve fucked over the people that are supposed to be caring for you by your false interpretation of “we must all be equal” to mean: we must all be mediocre.

Who are you dancing for, monkey?

Let’s think about the problem here: the symptoms are pretty subtle. If a child has patterned thinking (such as stacking jars), is this really such a problem? If a person does not want to speak all the time, is there something “wrong” with them? Is pathologizing exacerbating or improving the symptoms?

Deep in the hearts of many “normies”, there seems to be a pathological desire to both classify people into [false] dichotomies as well as place oneself on a pedestal. I argue that associating behaviour that isn’t detrimental to learning (such as organizing things into categories & much else on the diagnostic metric) to mental disorders, it’s bound to cause a lot of avoidable problems.

As Regards Looking into People’s Eyes

Ok, I get it: it makes sense – you can garner a large amount of information about a person by looking in their eyes. If you look away, then people of certain cultures won’t trust you.

However, there is a flip side to forcing yourself to stare down everyone you meet. Looking into someone’s eyes is the location of the most dense tensor product possible between humans. It can be draining for those of us who operate at higher potentials.

Asides from that which is culturally necessitated, direct eye contact with an average person is draining for me and sometimes dangerous for them (if they live in denial). This does not mean there is something wrong with me. It just means we live in a culture where some people believe truth is relative. I hope to break them free from that illusion.

Telling the Truth Doesn’t Make you Crazy

I have had many (including family) accuse me of being “crazy” along with other things, when this is obviously not true. Honestly, isn’t that pretty insulting? I imagine a crazy person as someone who can’t tie their own shoes. If you think I’m crazy, I suggest keeping that to yourself as it is deeply offensive. Not SJW bullshit offensive. Actually offensive.

That said, I accept there is a nonzero probability that my entire existence is illusory and that my sanity is false.

Do you?


Thank you



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