You don’t choose the Alt-Right, it chooses you. (426 words)

Interesting idea here. I support these people’s efforts to go up against the establishment and I pray this movement can help to heal a long-suffering world.

When Hillary Clinton spoke of the “Alt-Right”, it was a deliberately nebulous definition which could later be used to silence dissent against those who speak the truth. You should know the play book by now. The proof of this is that Milo is associated to the Alt-Right and yet he himself has claimed “not to be a part of it”. It is a catch all which shall later be persecuted, since the ideological framework the “machine” seeks to implement doesn’t like free will too much, as you can see.

We have all been abused by Marxist ideology, the cancerous rot at the centre of this social engineering experiment. Now we’re all Alt-Right whether we like it or not. We must use this great honour to help turn the tide towards our shared values and not nitpick our differences. This is what the enemy wants.

Vox, by your own words, you have to hit back twice as hard. We do that by showing them their pathetic tricks will NEVER work on us (in fact, backfire).

I am not anti-White-Nationalist. Can we please just make the Alt-White a subset of the Alt-Right? That way Alt-Right can be a catch-all, anti-establishment assertion?

I believe we can right the evils of this world my friends, but it’s not by fragmenting ourselves and obsessing over minute differences (we’ll have plenty of time for that later, if we aren’t killed in a marxist gulag).

The establishment we’re fighting has 2 key aspects:

  1. Cult-like brainwashing of Marxism (& erasure of history and poisoning of young minds).
  2. Legalized usury/debt slavery.

These vices paved the way for the multicultural hellholes that have emerged in the West, a tipping point for the movement. The concert of politicians, media and shadow government have become the disconnected power elite as delusional as the princess declaring “let them eat cake”. They are our enemies because they seek to make us their slaves both ideologically and financially. They must be confronted.

The Alt-White vs. Alt-Right debate can be solved this way: let’s make the former a subset of the latter. Each can have its particular focus and use numbers as is required.

The establishment openly declared a War on Truth. We have to fight now, just as you said. Let us come together for Kek, and be divided only along our best interests, not the confines of the establishment! Hail Kek!

Kek Volta!

Thank you.


Biggest Errors of Globalist Scum (171 words)


  1. Poisoning everyone’s mind in the Arts and soft Sciences with Marxism. Since it’s such a garbage ideology, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of awareness that its only justifiable application is for subversion. It is so pervasive that once people are taught how to recognize it, they can identify it (and destroy it).
  2. Assuming everyone else is as shallow, narcissistic and selfish as they are.
  3. Using religion as a weapon rather than as a tool for liberation.
  4. Using the virtue-signalling leftists to take control of institutions, when such are collectively less intelligent than a bag of dogshit.
  5. Purporting as priests when they are morally bankrupt.
  6. Embracing Keynesian economics (Marxism).

Your little “It’s a small world after all” plan of UN Agenda 21 might have worked if you’d been honest. It might have worked if you’d actually done humanitarian work, rather than sociocultural programming to reduce us all to the lowest common denominator of intellect, morality and culture.

But you didn’t.

You failed.

You’re done.

Annoying Logic Psyops (502 words)

My opinion about the worst false belief around is in the two-state hypothesis:

Either A or B is true

In other words, just because I don’t believe the 9/11 official narrative does not mean I believe aliens are running the world. There is no physical evidence for that! Sadly this means organizations like whoever did the (bullshit) debunk videos and NIST have suffered a hit to their credibility.ed6189949c0b7917a78d01976b8fad2b

It doesn’t mean everyone at the government agencies is a bad person, most of them are good. It’s just that some very bad people took advantage of the natural submissiveness of the Western mindset. Since Westerners tend to idealize their ego and deny their natural submissiveness, they are blind to it (not to mention crippled by residual colonial guilt). After they were conned, they were too embarrassed to admit it and are more comfortable attacking anyone who isn’t able to lie to themselves and denigrating them as a “conspiracy theorist”. Well you’re going to have to kill me because I’m not changing my mind.

This is nothing less than a war on Truth. Let’s have a look at some common logical failures and the resulting cognitive dissonance.

Common Logical Fails

Ad Hominem: I wish this didn’t warrant mentioning but it happens every 10 seconds. I resort to these once people are not capable of accepting logical arguments and I suggest you do too. Society will change faster that way. Note that: “Conspiracy theorist” is an ad hominem!

Association/Demonization fallacy: Just because a bad person likes you, therefore, you are also bad! For instance, the mainstream media attempts to hurt Trump because he was endorsed by an alleged “white supremacist”. Hillary’s attack on the hugely popular Alt-Right was also a character assassination attempt to decimate the movement’s popularity.

Projection Fallacy: Assuming others’ experiences are more similar to our own than they actually are.

Logical failures diminish the effects of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance

Demoralization: The most dangerous state: when the person is no longer able to process new facts that contradict their [false] hypothesis.

Familiar abuser: The tendency to return to a dangerous scenario solely because it is familiar.

Lie to me: The tendency to want to believe pathological liars.

Is the Two-State Hypothesis Ever True?

The two-state hypothesis is only true when A & B are exhaustive. For instance, the mind either is or it is not a quantum computer. I am either alive or dead. People don’t think properly and so fall into the trap of assuming that only two (the official & some “conspiracy theory”) options are possible. It’s reality. An infinite number of options are possible. Demonizing CT’s (substantiated hypotheses) is a psyop because it prevents scientific inquiry. Yet another affront on the truth.


Thank you


The Nature of Time (830 words)


Update 2016-10-03

Check out this cool article 🙂

True Science is going Mainstream

Here we see another deathblow to the Standard Model and Einstein’s field equations.

It turns out that in our rapidly expanding Universe, there is no ‘preferred’ direction of expansion – the Universe is expanding in every direction at exactly the same rate. And while that’s good news for our current cosmological models, it’s bad news for Einstein’s famous field equations.

I believe this systemic failure is a consequence of an incomplete understanding of the nature of time. By frequently assigning time to the position of independent variable, we are implicitly taught to believe that time is rectilinear.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a shock that people believe their existence comprises a single trip from the cradle to grave! Those who have not realized the Truth of Reincarnation are bound to have trouble understanding the entangled nature of time, but of course cycles (seasons, ocean, sunspots) are the norm. It is nothing but arrogance to believe the living consciousness free from the cyclic nature of reality.

From sufficient dwelling on the nature of time comes knowledge of geodesics (the shape of the shortest distance between two points). From sufficient knowledge of geodesics comes knowledge of the unseen potential functions of mass: the permutations of state variables in accordance with the combined actions acting upon them. From sufficient knowledge of unseen potential functions comes knowledge of the Measurement Limit, from which all measurements are derived. Once the knowledge of the Measurement Limit exists, new systems may be measured.

What is time?

How can we possibly tease out the nature of that which is never absent from the measurement event? That which heralds the smallest incremental change in the microstate distribution? Just like the Cartesian plane, QM is a coordinate system. The  Cartesian system is delineated along the x, y and z axes whereas the QM coordinate system is delineated at the measurement event between the potential and realized values of the system. By the Measurement Limit as I have derived, there are 3 linearly independent dimensions of space and 1 of time. Thus the true coordinate system of observable physical reality is only the Measurement Limit. The geometric coordinate systems we have imposed are idealized (false) in that space is modelled as being completely separate from time.

This is why, at Universal (large & small) limits, the Standard Model breaks down. Rather than embrace the wavelike (tacit to the entangled nature of the time-space variables) nature of reality hypothesis, the Standard Model insists on false fundamental particles. Combined with [false] Time Reversal Invariance, inconsistent with the predictive Entropy framework dt => dS, all observable nonzero events/interactions/intervals represent a time-incongruous increase of Entropy, creates a nonstop expansion into falsity (as the falsity of the Standard Model becomes more evident at small (space) and large (energy) limits of the Universe.

Fundamentally, the Standard Model Particle Theory does not represent Truth.

The true coordinate system will always make proper predictions.

The Nature of Reality is the Measurement Limit

Let us consider a QM system Ψ. Ψ represents the state of the system in advance of the event of observation. By the Copenhagen Interpretation, Ψ describes the entire system. Also by the Copenhagen Interpretation, upon the event of observation, Ψ collapses to one of its eigenstates. The process of this collapse contains at most 3 measurements of space and 1 of time (per order of magnification). Upon these measurements do we impose our geometric coordinate systems. These ultimately fail at the fine scale, as they fail to consider the intrinsic measurement limit of the fine scale intrinsic to creation itself. The Hilbert Space is physically impossible as it violates the Measurement Limit: defined to have well-defined limits (derivatives) to all state variables! Seems unlikely by the Uncertainty Principle!

Western Scientists Approach the Truth

Our standard model of cosmology is built on the assumption that these variations are only significant on a very small scale, and on the largest scales, they’re insignificant. But what if the Universe were like a diamond crystal, and there’s a preferred direction that’s intrinsic to its entire structure, regardless of how far you zoom out?

…Sound familiar?

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.16.02 PM.pngThe Truth is that rather than elucidate the nature of reality, Einstein’s equations largely obfuscate it. We must start over at the beginning as regards what assumptions are made, namely:

  • The Universe is self-creating, the “Big Bang” is false: there is no time when the laws of physics do not apply.
  • There are no Strong and Weak Nuclear forces, only entangled electric and gravitational forces at the atomic scale.

What is the real question?

The true question is: how can time be locally anisotropic yet universally isotropic (mostly)? The answer to this and many more questions will feature in my book. I look forward to sharing that with you all. How can atoms be locally skewed (source) and yet universally the same in all directions (no apparent shape in the universal mass distribution)?

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.24.42 PM.png

Thank you.


Are Keynesian Economics Marxist? (571 words)

Let’s have a look at some garbage:

Keynesian economists often argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by the public sector, in particular,monetary policy actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government, in order to stabilize output over the business cycle.[3] Keynesian economics advocates a mixed economy – predominantly private sector, but with a role for government intervention during recessions.

Siiiiigh. This long-winded explanation is pretty much a self-justification of taxing the market (a uniform devaluation of all currency is equal to a tax as the impacts are equivalent) through printing more money (see: Quantitative Easing).

How does that work?

Increasing the money supply has the net (though not instantaneous) effect of inflation. This is based on scarcity: when money is more scarce, its individual value is higher. Thus when it is less scarce (more total bills in the money supply), money has a lower value.

Inflation is thus an invisible tax: acting over longer periods of time. Imagine my surprise to learn that Keynesian economics are “Marxian” (double-sigh)… Marxist derived economics are always about progressive taxation.  Unfortunately in this day and age, inflation is often “delegated” to another country, so there is a large distance between the cause and all of the effects of deflation; that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


Thus the loss of value of money may not be felt instantaneously, but it nonetheless creates supply and demand “singularities”, such as the widespread “Ghost Towns” in China: creepy.

Marxism Cannot be Reformed

The problem with Marxism is fundamental. It is reductive (does not account for variables like charity and natural differences in personality/disposition). Moreover, creates the problems it purports to solve (think SJW’s “victim mining”). Because people assume Marxism is true, they will defend it at all costs, often taking leaps of logic that would be insurmountable by most.

If you don’t see the danger of this, consider: how many of world leaders are willing to be honest about the roots of their corruption and greed? What proportion delegates its lies to proxies? We are now living in a world where good people are punished and bad people are rewarded with state authority!

Marxism Dumbs People Down

Given the trends and information available, how dumb would anyone have to be to believe the “official story”, especially since 9/11! Given that there is between six and forty percent trust in the mass media, let’s consider the competing hypotheses:

  1. the media is credible
  2. the media isn’t credible

I hope for the former (based on idealism) but always presume the latter (by realism). It is my opinion that no one thinking independently could ever believe the official story of 9/11.

We Must Address Marxism on an Ideological Level

Like any other supremacist cult, it must be approached on a fundamental level. Those who seek to downplay this threat are advised to study the history of China! There is already mass hysteria and pain going on, do we really want to end up like China, who gives citizens incentives to socially ostracize people who tell the truth? The party rules by cruel authoritarianism, harvesting organs from humans from rich countries: all thanks to the blind psychopathy of statism!

Slave propaganda has already started on a socio-cultural level in Canada. How long before some virtue-signalling bureaucrat passes more laws to further this aim?

Thank you

❤ More on Marx (and more!) from Guruji. ❤


The History of Our Planet – II (1134 words)

Update Jan 25 2017: w00t.

This is a short-form version of this. This article may be used to refute false claims of “Global Warming” and challenge narratives on the availability of fossil fuels (not conclusive but meant to be validated by evidence, not Globalism-lubricated fantasies).

Some new information supporting my theory has been presented to me. The North Pole is shifting. This is predicted by my hypothesis by the mechanism of evolution of Earth and should not be blamed on humans.

But if the knowledge that the North Pole is gradually moving towards London is surprising, perhaps slightly less shocking is what’s behind the shift – after studying satellite data, the NASA team found that humans are pretty much to blame, due to our influence on the planet’s water content.

Of course, rather than being objective, ScienceAlert has jumped to the conclusion of blaming humans because “due to our influence on the planet’s water content.”… Give me a break. If the carbon dioxide levels raise high enough, we’ll start another ice age. Then what will happen to your precious theory? Censored like everything else you cannot tolerate? Which I suppose includes Truth at this point.

Refuting False Claims

Let’s go through the evolution of the planet step by step. Once we can transcend this, we will never fall prey to the psyops of the Globalists.

Why is our Macrostate Special?

Moon, like any waterless solid planet/satellite, has a predicted daily heat absorption coefficient of approximately zero. That is: When the Sun sets on the Moon, the temperature equalizes very quickly. That is, the solar energy does not build day-on-day.

It is not the same here on Earth: our temperature ranges are quite narrow because of the water atmosphere, the carbon dioxide buffer and the highly diffusive upper atmosphere (which does an increasingly good job digesting incoming solar energy, regardless of human involvement).

Phase 1 – Collision

The semi-solid Proto-Earth is impacted by a solid mass of water. The impact displaces Proto-Moon. The force of impact is sufficient to permanently dislodge the Moon, but insufficient to free it from the Earth’s gravity field. Neither water nor Moon are sufficient to bind solar energy to the surface of Earth: only the combined pump action can create the miracle of life on Earth. (thus all gravity fields must be used in modelling for such to be accurate).

Proto-Moon orbits Earth at a much smaller radius, churning water between Earth and Moon. Over time, the rate of change of the system decreases (by Equilibrium) and the water saturates in the greater Entropy state (on the Earth, as it is larger, thus the microstates are potentially more numerous, and thus the Entropy is greater by S = k ln(number of microstates)).
agraqimpactpointGiven our earlier hypothesis, we postulate that water migration was accelerated to the East (by lack of a physical barrier) and impeded to the West (by the Asian land mass). At this initial stage, the rate of water melting would be very slow. Gradually, more of the water would remain liquid day-in and day-out. The process would be very slow at the beginning since the atmosphere would be vanishingly small.

Over time, the ice will melt: forming the atmosphere. As it forms, its ability to hold heat will also increase (by Entropy: all systems approach a state which changes minimally with time, in this case: one that absorbs the solar heat most efficiently). Since the water is bound to the atmosphere, the coefficient of absorption increases as time goes on (until the absorption is 100%).

As we can see today, the original microstate is still evolving to be more effective to digest solar energy.

Phase 2 – Life

Recalling 3 things:

  1. Water expands as it heats and as it cools.
  2. Expansion from heating tends to be parallel to the surface of the Earth (like Brownian motion in a petri dish).
  3. Contraction from cooling tends to be both radial (spreading on the surface of water) and also tangential (spreading up from the surface of water, since ice floats)


By considering the relative oceanic depths (above), we notice a disparate pressure (squeeze) on the American continent. This will be alleviated by expansion of microstates under the continent (earthquakes), specifically along the Pacific Coast of America. The expansion of microstates upwards from the liquid regions (volcanoes) and also heating and buffering within the ocean.

Alternate Explanation of Middle Eastern Oil

Generalized fluid expansion implies a consistent movement of water southwards between the continents of Europe and America (since northward expansion is precluded by low temperatures). As such, this pressure could generate sufficient gradients for permanent creation of fossil fuels. The pressure of trade winds (towards the Equator) on the semi-porous southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea compresses the bulk biomass towards the oil fields. The sands are the filter and the oil is the black gold.


Noting the extreme depth in the bluest portion of the Mediterranean Sea, I imagine you could argue pretty solidly that this body of water is the cause of the great oil wealth of oil-rich nations. There is perhaps no end to this production. Will this continued extraction destroy the planet? What is perhaps more likely is that the Earth will adjust to digest the released carbon dioxide more efficiently. This could end up draining more heat from the atmosphere! The complete system may be too difficult to deduce by induction. This is why the importance of continued research cannot be understated.

We do not know if we do Earth a greater favour by burning fossil fuels or leaving them in the ground (as accidental uncontrolled fires can be devastating for the environment). This is simply because we do not know at what point the Earth’s temperature will start dropping / rising based on carbon dioxide content. These are largely unknowable.

Epilogue – Seeing Behind the Curtain

Many describe an all-encompassing knowledge yet struggle to fully convey it. I have always felt confidence that the knowledge existed and that I could find it here, and this is what I was able to come up with:

one atom n; the periodic table in potential n.

Several people have gone “full regressive” in the light of this simple drawing, but I am convinced that it is the least damaging way I am able to explain it. Unfortunately, the Marxist programming has gone on for so long that most are unable to understand this simple notion:

The macrocanonical event occurs in such a way that the space and time state variables are minimally interconnected, by the speed of light & corresponding cone of causality. The microcanonical event, when the 3 physical dimensions are minimally distinguished, or maximally interconnected.

I am glad we can all gather over our shared interests, be they the size of the Universe or as small as a single atom, the cardinality of spacetime is always 4.

Thank you

Pathologizing Normalcy (872 words)

**I acknowledge some people are at the extreme of “the spectrum” (a classification I reject), this is not intended to diminish their suffering but rather help people see the role they are playing in fatalistic persecution of positive qualities.

There are very negative consequences to religious and intellectual regressiveness. Let’s examine a few.

Sexual Deviance is Caused by False Religious Ideology

It is no coincidence that religious oppression correlates with deviant sex in much the same way drug use correlates with prohibition. By preventing people from doing consentual things*, they balloon from a minor inconvenience to a major problem.

*This is not to endorse non-consenting activities such as sex with children.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.19.10 AM


This suggests we should not attempt to make illegal that which cannot be prevented. It also indicates that any attempts to do so will backfire and thus (false) religion in law is tantamount to endorsing even the most despicable sexual perversion.

If religious leaders truly want to stop so-called deviant behaviour, then they need to understand the cause-effect of equating false religious ideology to morality (if such a term may even be applied). They need to examine their own motivations and perversions and stop trying to impose their (false) moralities on others.

It’s gone even further now that children are brought up to be weaponized against fun and free expression, acting as “Social Justice Police” by making sure no one ever potentially offends anyone again. Understand: SJW’s are authoritarian sharks and your concessions are blood in the water. They see political correctness as currency. They have paid their dues to the cult of Karl Marx and they are coming to collect from the peasants. Make no mistake: if you fail to adulate Karl (by practicing ‘cultural marxism’), prepare to be outcasted!

on our list.jpeg

Anyone enslaved to a false ideology will simply continue to push and push and push. You cannot submit enough to please a false ideology: it’s false. You cannot impose a false ideology onto a real reality. Reality always beats the fake imitation, no matter how dreamy the oasis appears.

Social Justice is Marxist Propaganda  – Should be Delegitimized

According to my web contacts, SJW’s have even infested BDSM circles.

Q – Is nothing sacred!?

A – Not when people act in the service of a false ideology (they will sacrifice anything for it)

Therefore, we conclude that any restrictions on sexual expression always work against the goal of moving a society from its base instincts (sexual) to its higher (spiritual) ones. False religion is one of many causes of sexual deviance.

Just legalize everything and get it in the open. People are actually going crazy (not me: I don’t change much).

“Asperger’s”: Tip of Pathologizing Normalcy Iceberg

Asperger’s primary symptoms consisting of: sensory issues (aka: proto-psychic), social deficits (aka: a primary allegiance to truth versus emotion), obsessive interests (aka highly focused / evolved) and repetitive behaviours (aka Spiritual Practice?). Nice job Western doctors, you’ve fucked over the people that are supposed to be caring for you by your false interpretation of “we must all be equal” to mean: we must all be mediocre.

Who are you dancing for, monkey?

Let’s think about the problem here: the symptoms are pretty subtle. If a child has patterned thinking (such as stacking jars), is this really such a problem? If a person does not want to speak all the time, is there something “wrong” with them? Is pathologizing exacerbating or improving the symptoms?

Deep in the hearts of many “normies”, there seems to be a pathological desire to both classify people into [false] dichotomies as well as place oneself on a pedestal. I argue that associating behaviour that isn’t detrimental to learning (such as organizing things into categories & much else on the diagnostic metric) to mental disorders, it’s bound to cause a lot of avoidable problems.

As Regards Looking into People’s Eyes

Ok, I get it: it makes sense – you can garner a large amount of information about a person by looking in their eyes. If you look away, then people of certain cultures won’t trust you.

However, there is a flip side to forcing yourself to stare down everyone you meet. Looking into someone’s eyes is the location of the most dense tensor product possible between humans. It can be draining for those of us who operate at higher potentials.

Asides from that which is culturally necessitated, direct eye contact with an average person is draining for me and sometimes dangerous for them (if they live in denial). This does not mean there is something wrong with me. It just means we live in a culture where some people believe truth is relative. I hope to break them free from that illusion.

Telling the Truth Doesn’t Make you Crazy

I have had many (including family) accuse me of being “crazy” along with other things, when this is obviously not true. Honestly, isn’t that pretty insulting? I imagine a crazy person as someone who can’t tie their own shoes. If you think I’m crazy, I suggest keeping that to yourself as it is deeply offensive. Not SJW bullshit offensive. Actually offensive.

That said, I accept there is a nonzero probability that my entire existence is illusory and that my sanity is false.

Do you?


Thank you