The History of Our Planet – II (1134 words)

Update Jan 25 2017: w00t.

This is a short-form version of this. This article may be used to refute false claims of “Global Warming” and challenge narratives on the availability of fossil fuels (not conclusive but meant to be validated by evidence, not Globalism-lubricated fantasies).

Some new information supporting my theory has been presented to me. The North Pole is shifting. This is predicted by my hypothesis by the mechanism of evolution of Earth and should not be blamed on humans.

But if the knowledge that the North Pole is gradually moving towards London is surprising, perhaps slightly less shocking is what’s behind the shift – after studying satellite data, the NASA team found that humans are pretty much to blame, due to our influence on the planet’s water content.

Of course, rather than being objective, ScienceAlert has jumped to the conclusion of blaming humans because “due to our influence on the planet’s water content.”… Give me a break. If the carbon dioxide levels raise high enough, we’ll start another ice age. Then what will happen to your precious theory? Censored like everything else you cannot tolerate? Which I suppose includes Truth at this point.

Refuting False Claims

Let’s go through the evolution of the planet step by step. Once we can transcend this, we will never fall prey to the psyops of the Globalists.

Why is our Macrostate Special?

Moon, like any waterless solid planet/satellite, has a predicted daily heat absorption coefficient of approximately zero. That is: When the Sun sets on the Moon, the temperature equalizes very quickly. That is, the solar energy does not build day-on-day.

It is not the same here on Earth: our temperature ranges are quite narrow because of the water atmosphere, the carbon dioxide buffer and the highly diffusive upper atmosphere (which does an increasingly good job digesting incoming solar energy, regardless of human involvement).

Phase 1 – Collision

The semi-solid Proto-Earth is impacted by a solid mass of water. The impact displaces Proto-Moon. The force of impact is sufficient to permanently dislodge the Moon, but insufficient to free it from the Earth’s gravity field. Neither water nor Moon are sufficient to bind solar energy to the surface of Earth: only the combined pump action can create the miracle of life on Earth. (thus all gravity fields must be used in modelling for such to be accurate).

Proto-Moon orbits Earth at a much smaller radius, churning water between Earth and Moon. Over time, the rate of change of the system decreases (by Equilibrium) and the water saturates in the greater Entropy state (on the Earth, as it is larger, thus the microstates are potentially more numerous, and thus the Entropy is greater by S = k ln(number of microstates)).
agraqimpactpointGiven our earlier hypothesis, we postulate that water migration was accelerated to the East (by lack of a physical barrier) and impeded to the West (by the Asian land mass). At this initial stage, the rate of water melting would be very slow. Gradually, more of the water would remain liquid day-in and day-out. The process would be very slow at the beginning since the atmosphere would be vanishingly small.

Over time, the ice will melt: forming the atmosphere. As it forms, its ability to hold heat will also increase (by Entropy: all systems approach a state which changes minimally with time, in this case: one that absorbs the solar heat most efficiently). Since the water is bound to the atmosphere, the coefficient of absorption increases as time goes on (until the absorption is 100%).

As we can see today, the original microstate is still evolving to be more effective to digest solar energy.

Phase 2 – Life

Recalling 3 things:

  1. Water expands as it heats and as it cools.
  2. Expansion from heating tends to be parallel to the surface of the Earth (like Brownian motion in a petri dish).
  3. Contraction from cooling tends to be both radial (spreading on the surface of water) and also tangential (spreading up from the surface of water, since ice floats)


By considering the relative oceanic depths (above), we notice a disparate pressure (squeeze) on the American continent. This will be alleviated by expansion of microstates under the continent (earthquakes), specifically along the Pacific Coast of America. The expansion of microstates upwards from the liquid regions (volcanoes) and also heating and buffering within the ocean.

Alternate Explanation of Middle Eastern Oil

Generalized fluid expansion implies a consistent movement of water southwards between the continents of Europe and America (since northward expansion is precluded by low temperatures). As such, this pressure could generate sufficient gradients for permanent creation of fossil fuels. The pressure of trade winds (towards the Equator) on the semi-porous southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea compresses the bulk biomass towards the oil fields. The sands are the filter and the oil is the black gold.


Noting the extreme depth in the bluest portion of the Mediterranean Sea, I imagine you could argue pretty solidly that this body of water is the cause of the great oil wealth of oil-rich nations. There is perhaps no end to this production. Will this continued extraction destroy the planet? What is perhaps more likely is that the Earth will adjust to digest the released carbon dioxide more efficiently. This could end up draining more heat from the atmosphere! The complete system may be too difficult to deduce by induction. This is why the importance of continued research cannot be understated.

We do not know if we do Earth a greater favour by burning fossil fuels or leaving them in the ground (as accidental uncontrolled fires can be devastating for the environment). This is simply because we do not know at what point the Earth’s temperature will start dropping / rising based on carbon dioxide content. These are largely unknowable.

Epilogue – Seeing Behind the Curtain

Many describe an all-encompassing knowledge yet struggle to fully convey it. I have always felt confidence that the knowledge existed and that I could find it here, and this is what I was able to come up with:

one atom n; the periodic table in potential n.

Several people have gone “full regressive” in the light of this simple drawing, but I am convinced that it is the least damaging way I am able to explain it. Unfortunately, the Marxist programming has gone on for so long that most are unable to understand this simple notion:

The macrocanonical event occurs in such a way that the space and time state variables are minimally interconnected, by the speed of light & corresponding cone of causality. The microcanonical event, when the 3 physical dimensions are minimally distinguished, or maximally interconnected.

I am glad we can all gather over our shared interests, be they the size of the Universe or as small as a single atom, the cardinality of spacetime is always 4.

Thank you


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