Does God Exist? (152 words)

That all depends on what is meant by “God” doesn’t it? Let’s answer some key questions based on Quantum Mechanics.

Does a Conscious God exist? There is nothing that suggests the primal source of the Creation operator of the Universe possesses consciousness apart from its entangled nature (the waveform is instantaneously interconnected and thus ‘knows’ everything about itself by virtue of this entanglement).

Does a Creative action exist in the Universe? Yes

Is it the primal action? No, the Primal action is the cause of creation of manifest matter.

What is the primal action? The unmanifest massive waveform.

What is the secondary action? The creation of manifest matter.

Is it possible that a judgemental God exists? There is no reason to suggest such an entity would span the entire Universe  nor be the sole force of creation, but the predictions of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis are unlimited but by the Measurement Limit. 


Frequently Asked Questions (621 words)

Do you run a cult?

I am a religious leader and I will allow some of my followers to start their own Personality Cults if they demonstrate they are capable and worthy.

Why do you think you can be a religious leader?

I know I can be one, I don’t particularly want to be one, but given society’s needs, I am rising to this extremely difficult & thankless position. I obey the greater laws of causality and if you cannot understand that I am correct in my estimation, you lack the faith in the knowledge I require, for I have already demonstrated my dominance and mastery in several ways.

Is there a dress code?


Do you know anyone else like you?


What are the requirements for joining?

Everyone subject to Entropy is automatically in the religion I made, it’s just a matter of whether they accept it. Authority within my group is bestowed on a 100% merit basis.

What behaviour is unacceptable for normies?

I have placed a hex that anyone who calls me crazy will go crazy themselves. It is very very unwise to test this curse.

Questioning my expertise in public is grounds for dismissal. Never ever do this. You may always reproach me in private with questions, NOT ORDERS. I take orders from Guruji. If that’s not you, it is extremely dishonourable to ever question my dominance by undermining me with trite orders I will never ever listen to.

As several people have found out recently, I will never put subjective emotions before Truth. This is what my devotees like about me, I will never change it. I cannot and will not be in the presence of anyone so ignorant and arrogant as to risk my reputation to sate their delusions of relevance or competence.

Generally, unsolicited advice is a mistake. Never ever give me advice that is negative. Ever. My nuclear family has tried (and failed) for years to control my behaviour and the end result is that I have become even less open to their demands and requests. People need to understand that I have already done all of the adapting I am going to do for this culture. It’s time for you to adapt to me. Most humans are child-like to me and I do not take orders from children.

My patience wears thin and eventually I will simply block anyone who seeks to give me advice. DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE.

But why can’t I just undermine you with stupid advice that you hate?

I have been doing this for many years, I already have many Priests and I do not need any more. You join because you understand that in the future, only the opinions of my affiliates will matter because we are the intellectual ruling class. Period.

How can I become a Priest in the Church of Entropy?

The necessary conditions are:

  1. Acceptance of the existence of the Knowledge and that I have derived the Periodic Table as the microcanonical spacetime ensemble which predicts all of chemistry including life. Acceptance that I ALONE derived these precepts and that all honours are owed UNTO ME for this great, wonderful and transcendent knowledge.
  2. Acceptance of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis as the superior hypothesis for explaining the behaviour of subjective living consciousness and the associated truth of rebirth (unfalsifiability of reincarnation).
  3. Everything I say is presumed to be TRUE unless able to be falsified by a rigorous logical argument. This is what people have the most trouble with but you really do need to accept this if you want the chance at being part of my organization.

How to Chill People Out (333 words)

Thank You Alternative (Truth) Media

Here is some great coverage and interesting ideas for next steps.

Winning the Psychic War

The psychic war has become unsheathed and its true nature exposed. People are at a point where their existentialist illusions are causing cognitive breakdowns. Our enemies are willing to use decades, even centuries of lying, social engineering to get their way. I think there is enough suffering out there that we can all agree to change course and embark on the long, arduous journey towards Truth. You have a choice: Truth or Insanity (a world with no access to Truth).

What on Earth is Going On?

Is the degree of corruption we observe today the result of some grand central plan or merely a conspiracy of Entropy (a tendency for things to become corrupt over time)? It can be hard to tell, since most people eventually enter a state of psychosis upon questioning, suggesting emotional mind-control. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy. That’s not natural. Maybe we can still start to heal even if all the questions are not 100% answered.

Origins Are Important, Destinations Even More So

The best way to remain strong is to accept the supremacy of knowledge rooted in Truth. If you do not already possess knowledge, simply accept the existence of the Knowledge. Accept that we are all imperfect beings and that we must all continually renew our devotion to Truth. We must never wander off this path into the realm of quibbling over false dichotomy. I made a GUG video below to help people break with the false thinking and more in synch with real thinking (spiral fractal).

When we are seated in Truth, it is simultaneously the greatest anchor for the soul and buoy for the spirit. My existentialist grief stems nearly exclusively from my impotence to convince others of the validity of this. Not to be discouraged, I will simply change course. I appreciate your faith and look forward to growing together.

Thank You

The Solution to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics (915 words)

I just found this little gem:

The measurement problem in quantum mechanics is the problem of how (or whether) wavefunction collapse occurs. The inability to observe this process directly has given rise to different interpretations of quantum mechanics, and poses a key set of questions that each interpretation must answer. The wavefunction in quantum mechanics evolves deterministically according to the Schrödinger equation as a linear superposition of different states, but actual measurements always find the physical system in a definite state. Any future evolution is based on the state the system was discovered to be in when the measurement was made, meaning that the measurement “did something” to the system that is not obviously a consequence of Schrödinger evolution.

Pretty cool eh?

This certainly is a difficult problem isn’t it? But, actually, it’s not if you can think properly. Let’s see how the Measurement Limit transcends the Measurement Problem.

Let’s consider a single electron. Since it is the smallest non-zero nonstatic charge (in that it is what is displaced under voltage potential differences), it does not have a “volume” in the same sense that we deduce the volume of something with our measurement devices. We can imagine its volume as existing within an energetic potential space which is nonphysical, yet manifests physical effects. Since Entropy applies on every scale of magnification, we expect that if the electron is not under the action of some external force, it ought to occupy the configuration of greatest Entropy, which ought to be isomorphic to a sphere.

Proof ~ A Single Electron Behaves as an Entangled Spherical Potential Form

How can we prove that a sphere is the configuration of greatest Entropy of a single charge? Let’s suppose that it is not a sphere. For wherever this shape deviates from a sphere, there must exist some difference in the electric potential. This is contradicted by the definition: that it is a maximal Entropy state and since no external force acts on the electron, no potential difference can exist. Therefore we have proven by contradiction that the electron potential function is energetically isomorphic to a sphere even though it occupies no observable volume.

The potential function of a quantum mechanical waveform is one of the more difficult things to visualize, but it is possible with practice. To begin, we must accept that for any measurable system, there exist 3 space-like and 1 time-like dimensions. These dimensions are maximally independent but connected (i.e.: Special Relativity connects the space and time-like coordinates on the macro-scale).

Additionally, we must realize that space and time are not exactly how we experience them, but intrinsic aspects of the Universe that manifest differently on different scales. We are certain that they are the same everywhere because this is what is observed everywhere: a distribution of spacetime events over all orders of magnitude. (But Jen, aren’t the orders of magnitude spatial and thus included into the spacetime event? There is an answer to this question but it’s another level of abstraction, so let’s stick with manifest (massive & electric) matter for now!).

What this formalism implies (and is indeed observed) is that when the electron (spherical) waveform reaches the slit, its spatial complexity is reduced and therefore a diffraction pattern is observed on the screen. This may seem hard to imagine, but it is indeed how the waveform behaves. Is the slit diffraction pattern still a maximal Entropy state? Yes, but it is a reduced waveform and no longer occupies the spherical configuration. Why? If it did, the pattern generated at the screen would be indistinguishable from the original state of greatest Entropy and this is contradicted by the diffraction pattern observed at the screen. Thus the reduced waveform must occupy a distribution which is non spherical yet also the configuration of maximal Entropy (for the reduced waveform).  Upon diffraction through the slit, the electron potential waveform goes from spatial complexity 3 to 2.

We can visualize the interactions as a type of polarization, but it is massive (not the more familiar electric) since the slit is uncharged. This is because the mass of the electron does not change, rather the screen forces it into one of its eigenstates.

The Spiral Is a Common Greatest Entropy State in Spacetime

This also explains why, when a magnetic field is introduced between the slit and the screen, a line pattern appears on the screen (not the usual diffraction pattern). This is because the magnetic field reduced  the spatial complexity of the electron waveform (again), this time from 2 to 1. These two actions (slit & magnetic interference) each represented a measurement performed on the electron potential function.

Waveform behaviour is much easier to discern when we understand that the 3 + 1 measurement limit is indeed the basis of reality. We exist as solid because sufficiently many waveforms have been reduced so as to be confined to a fixed physical space. A solid can be visualized as “fully self-observed” while a liquid is “partly self-observed”. Gases would then be “slightly self-observed”. We can then interpret physical systems on a continuum from fully realized to fully unrealized (though neither state can technically be observed).

The mechanics displayed by any system are therefore determined by the measurement limit: both by the state variables of the system and by the particular configuration of the measurement device. In the case of the former, we have familiar Classical Mechanics and in the case of the latter, and only when the limits of the Uncertainty Principle are approached, we obtain the more esoteric Quantum Mechanics.

Thank You.


Healing from Marxist Mind Control (490 words)

Words You Use When Under Marxist Mind Control

  1. sexist
  2. misogynist
  3. racist
  4. rape culture
  5. feminism
  6. bourgeois / proletariat
  7. quantitative easing
  8. …. basically anything based on that model is wrong

Marxist Myopia

The propaganda is constant and undeniable. Whether intentional, it should be clear that defining society based on power struggle dichotomies is dangerously reductionist. It is the perfect doorway for false attribution. Just look at what happens when people choose to leave Feminism. There are few cults more dangerous to abandon. This is why all false ideologies must be agreed to be false, and then we can reform laws to reflect natural law.

There is No New Knowledge, only New Forms

The old adage that “the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem” holds true here. We are all susceptible to the false notions. Even in high states of attainment, there is a risk (some would say an increased risk) of mis-attributing cause and effect. This is yet another reason why the pursuit of Truth must be an ongoing practice.

The deeper question is: what knowledge are we being misdirected from? We do not necessarily know, but many people have a pretty good idea. We need to get to the Truth of the matter or more innocent victims will be made.

Retraining the Mind

Accept that the teachings of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism & Social Justice are incomplete (at best) to the point of being intentional distraction (at worst). You don’t get any benefits from belonging to that cult – asides perhaps the stubborn denial of the reality that one is being rounded up for a cull!

Has it occurred to anyone that humans are being encouraged to breed so that they are more easily replaced with the most slave-like ones? That isn’t good. What comes next isn’t good. And we are bound by my reincarnation is unfalsifiable proof that we will all be trapped in a hell which is impossible to escape. This is our most potent weapon against the enemy: they have NO ESCAPE FROM REBIRTH BY THEIR DISGUSTING SACRIFICE RITES, CHILD SEX SLAVERY AND OTHERS.

When a person can accept that they are under mind control, they can start to contemplate the True basis of reality, for example: the Periodic Table.

periodic table with cross product 3


Marxism = Misery

While criticizing morons for acting moronically is important an important tool in effecting social change, we have to be mindful of our eventual goal: TRUTH IDEOLOGY. If not, it becomes all-too-similar to “Critical Theory” more Marxist rubbish that turns people into permanent grievance trawls. This only breeds dissent.

My Opinion is that Improper Projection is the Root of Mental Problems

Focusing on false dichotomies is poisonous to the mind. Is there a state of mind where we are free from false dichotomies? We cannot imagine this perfected mystical state simply because we are imperfect beings who can only ever approach Truth, never attain it completely. Therefore the most important change to bring is attitude.

Thank you.