Why the cancellation of my class struck a nerve with Canadians and worldwide (489 words)

Hello. If you would like insight as to why the cancelation of my free accessible yoga class outraged so many people, I have made a video for you.

me in an airport

Getting Bullied Sucks

I am totally Canadian.

I grew up in a primarily French suburb of Montreal (Rosemère). I didn’t know how to speak French, so I had to learn in school. I don’t need to tell you: I got bullied a lot. I took special classes to learn French (“t’es cave!”) and until grade 3, didn’t speak the language fluently (“tête carré!”).

Once I learned French, I fit in: my accent sounded like theirs, I started to make some friends: I finally felt like not a total loser. Those were some good times.

When I turned 11, my dad moved our family to Belleville, Ontario. I decided to attend English school in grade 7. I didn’t anticipate being an outcast all over again, but I was! “frog!” “frenchie!” “scharfy!”

Amidst the controvery, I won the lead role in the play: I got to be the princess 🙂

Of course the whole experience was tainted by the jealousy of some of the other girls: why was I (an outsider) the princess? Surely they deserved it more than me! I got bullied a lot – I still remember pulling “spitballs” (chewed up paper balls) out of my hair after the bus ride home.

It probably also goes without saying that my love of physics/math didn’t propel me to new heights of popularity either.

In short: I’ve been getting bullied my whole life. I have learned that self-advocacy is absolutely necessary to maintain psychic health in this culture.

Being a Bully Sucks

In the end I don’t resent anyone who pushed me around or bullied me. I am sure they were hurting far worse than I was. But this experience gave me a unique opportunity. It gave me a chance to be a voice for so many others that feel downtrodden, used and generally hurt by thug/bully types.

Many sensible, reasonable people have voiced similar concerns to me. Why do low-karma types (thug/bully/ignorant) have so much sway over how high karma (sensitive/intelligent/compassionate) types experience their lives?

The shared mourning of the loss of my class reverberates more deeply than one single instance of injustice. I hypothesize that most of us have felt my pain on more than one occasion: trying to do the right thing and getting stonewalled by petty, ignorant thugs.

People have asked me how I feel about this whole experience, and I tell them: I feel amazing! How lonely I have felt all these years, eager to serve and share knowledge with my community: now I have a voice. Your reactions to this story inspire me: you give me strength to continue on: both with my yoga journey and serving humanity. Most of us are not bullies, and we must not become the sorts that tolerate them.

thank you


Quantum Chemistry Teaser (643 words)

Update March 30th, 2016

More information about Quantum Geometry!

Quantum Mechanics

As opposed to the fine (teensy) scale of QM, our day to day world is realized. As such, we are able to define things like distance, momentum, energy and time.  As such, we often struggle to contextualize and understand the results of QM, for which these observables are not independent of the act of observation. Metaphors such as: “the moon doesn’t exist until you look at it” are patently wrong. The moon is a solid, it exists whether or not we observe it.

It seems we have obtained some results in QM but that our understanding is incomplete.

It is difficult to conceptualize QM because on the fine scale, the concepts of distance, momentum, energy and time do not have meaning independent of the act of observation: they exist in potential until observed. Nonetheless, we expect that if we experience 3 dimensions of space and one of time in the macrostates (arrangements of solid mass) of our world, so too should be observed in the microstates (atoms and arrangements thereof).

The Periodic Table

Currently, the periodic table is imagined as:

old periodic tableSource

The main problem with the old formulation of the periodic table is that it makes a division where there is none (the noble gases ought to be the centre as they are the stable, or maximal Entropy, states).

Below is my alternative formulation of the periodic table. The orbitals are shown in different colours.

black microstates circle approximationQuantum Mechanical Periodic Table (Energetic)

Each circle represents 2 electrons (fundamental dualism is a key aspect of our world). In total, there are 7 sections to this diagram: one for each row of the periodic table. We can see that in the first portion, there are two elements: Hydrogen and Helium. In the next two there are 8 = (2*22), next there are 18 = (2*32) and finally 32 =(2*42) elements depicted.

Since an individual atom is a quantum mechanical (QM) system, this diagram sheds light on the nature of reality on the quantum level: it looks a lot like Skittles. I postulate that each dual layer (layer where there are two sets of Skittles) represents one physical dimension and that the primary layer (H & He) represent a single “time” event ushering in three distinct spatial events. We can imagine the first time event as matter starting to exist from nothingness, then ascending to the first physical dimension (Li-Ar) and spiraling up from there. Subsequent dimensions are not independent of the ones beneath them as they all vibrate in the same configuration space.

postulates of quantum chemistry 2Swirly Interpretation of the Periodic Table

Mass spirals up from the fundamental dual through the microcanonical physical dimensions. Since we are on the microcanonical scale, these dimensions are indistinguishable: all three physical dimensions of space are permeated when matter pushes into existence.

To assist in understanding, below is a physical interpretation of the QM periodic table shown above. The yellow portion represents the noble gases. The table starts in the middle, H and He are the yin-yang symbol in the centre and spirals outward. The earth metals are just under the noble gases, the halides span across the top, the transition metals are on the middle right and the lanthanides and actinides are squeezed in close to the adjacent S-Orbitals (to the right of Ba & Ra).

Quantum Mechanical Periodic Table (Physical)

We can see that on the QM level, there is less physical space accorded to higher energy orbitals. This is why there is less variation among the properties of actinides/lanthanides than the transition metals and less variation between the transition metals than the halides.

More interesting than the particular shape of the periodic table is: why does it have this shape? What is the power of this formulation? What predictions does this interpretation make?

All these questions and much more will be explored in my book.

Thank you all again for your love and support.