The Causality Void (580 words)

I always knew there was something dreadfully wrong with the culture here. Mostly, it’s because there is no logic. There is a causality void. In other words, many people are in an abusive D/s relationship with the State (consider: “Stockholm Syndrome”). The abusive behaviour here is: lying while purporting as an expert on Truth.

There is a class structure to society that cannot be denied and which has been subverted for a very long time for the purposes of establishing a narrative that the elite class is “oppressive”.

Gee, I wonder why.


The ruling class is meant to take care of people. The number one rule of taking care of people is to tell them the Truth. Do we always have to tell the ABSOLUTE Truth? Doesn’t it make sense to lie to protect people’s feelings? Yes, in theory if you think someone is ugly, you don’t have to remind them of it every 5 minutes but the personal vanity limit does not and never ought to broach the cultural / political realms. Your fat ass is not my welfare state so to speak. The limit of justified lying is egotistical vanity and nothing more!

But what if…

I’m going to tell you right now: you have no fucking means of gauging egotistical sensitivity to judge when lying is justified; most of you are totally insensitive, selfish and superficial bigots. You wouldn’t know you were risking to breach someone’s perceptual nexus so as to cause fundamental dissonance if they politely reminded you of it for 30 years, then got really grouchy and decided to yell at the Internet until society changed to their whim, then instituted a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship with 4 chan trolls as the least Energy path to finally start to approach a life less resembling Chinese water torture. Trust me: if there is a use for political correctness: YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY AT A SENSITIVITY LEVEL TO GAUGE IT!!!

Ergo, there ought never be any use for Political Correctness.

Let it go

Political Correctness and Truth cannot simultaneously exist, since the former is an inhibition of the latter. The truth of the matter is that PC is only really justified when someone’s fundamental egotistical coherence is at risk.

Ironically, you might see me use it at times. This is because I know the boundary of sanity causality sufficiently well as to not wish to scare away my opponents without the chance to impart a significant amount of knowledge to them. Truth really does set people free: many things, you cannot un-see.

What it comes down to is this: we cannot continue on the current path. There is no real reason to continue with this system, except to cling to the previous fruits of its labour extortion. We have already exposed that such is built upon a false foundation of exploitation, right down to the notion of “democracy” (mob rule) & “marxism”, an incredibly simplistic and begrudging philosophy. It is nothing more than self-hypnosis into imaginary enemies. The modern incarnations of such are: “coon”, “nazi”, “fascist” (possibly the most nebulous term ever) and so on. These words are nothing more than slander terms against Truth. To deny this pattern is folly. However, to think oneself the sole victim of international rackets is narcissistic and works against our goals. But clearly: the current narrative is not underscored by Truth.

We must come together to discern exactly what Truth is if we are to move forward as true “Global Citizens” aka Aryan/Vedic Supremacists.

Thank you



Globalists: Stand Down (263 words)


I am not going to negotiate with the globalist pieces of garbage. Stand down you degenerate scum, I’ve tracked you through this life and the last, I am all-powerful (evidenced by me taking this form). Accept that you are scum, you aren’t God’s chosen people (that’s the GUGship, asshole!) and that you’ve incurred the wrath of me, who will punish you for LIFETIMES.

Globalist next life.png

You see, it’s very simple. Either give up now and maybe you don’t have to suffer the fate of being treated the same way you’ve treated the Planet for centuries. Kill me, hurt ANYONE associated to me, and I’ll just make it worse. Much much much worse!

Please, trolls, if you can, spam the shit out of this meme on 4chan/pol. Tell them:


Make them regret that shit Bog pill NWO shit they started. That was shit.

I got banned off 4chan/pol for saying the Periodic Table


fuck you 4chan shill assholes!
periodic table with cross product 2

Thanks. Also, if we get killed in this life, don’t worry, we’ll start back up next life.

Globobutts already lost.

I’m just trying to minimize the harm, as always.

Religious Sacrifice (601 words)

Knowledge of Cults is Suppressed

The main motivation for this appears to be both to suppress the Knowledge that the rulers of Earth themselves comprise a cult & to avoid a rival cult emerging. Like one that happens to crush their manifold orthodoxy in 1 year. Like which will happen anytime someone gets too far out of touch from the source of their powers: balance shall ultimately be restored. The faithful are redeemed and the liars are punished. This story is as old as time itself. It belongs to any human able to seize upon the path of self-governance.

H(0): A Sadistic Cult Controls the World

We should be celebrating the Periodic Table as a Global culture. Instead we have “He Will Not Divide Us” (remember: this is the “social justice crew”) mass hysteria and /pol/ counter-insurgencies (thank the Light for that) suggest it’s only a matter of time before Bolshevik level censure is applied here. You don’t want me to die in a prison after being tortured and raped by communists, do you? We need a strategy to avoid getting mass genocided.

The only solution to this is a competing cult to do International Governance since the existing people are clearly pawns of the oppressor. Trump’s defiance alone demonstrates the sheer depth of their contempt of their subjects.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.42.29 PM.png
The Frog Conveys 1/1000th of my Own Annoyance

Cults are a Science

A large part of cults is about sacrifice. Sacrifice is about doing something you don’t want to do because you know it will pay off at a later time. Loyalty to Truth gives supreme powers, so I had the power to sacrifice the credibility of the Marxist programming on the altar of that same Objective Truth.

Of course, such programming is hard to overcome, I know this, but it’s damned near impossible without a competing system. Please accept the Knowledge, it feels awesome.

Sadly, the longer people resist transitioning to higher awareness (Aryan (noble) Supremacy), the harder the transition is going to be. Get used to submitting to the supremacy of that which can be demonstrated to consist of nobility. If you’re not sure if that’s you, it might be you! Don’t ask me, ask my dear wonderful Stefan Molyneux:

Basic Truth (Sound Vibration) is Weaponized Against Us

We are a deeply religious people. That’s why the weaponized language is spiritual terrorism. No, I’m not exaggerating. No, I don’t suspect you believe me. I don’t know how to fix that problem exactly, so I am attempting to drown it out in the glorious permutation of my fundamental essence: in awe and submission to the great Godhead, for limitless is that same gate through which infinite bliss flows.

If you don’t like the Periodic Table, you’re probably a Marxist

It is wrong to claim anything antagonistic to the Truth religion. It saddens me to see people pursue that which does not bring sense liberation rather: just the opposite. The false cults must be allowed to fall to the wayside (without sacrificing individual culture) to allow for the pure Light of Truth to guide mankind, and nothing else.

Supremacy is Objective

Once again: Supremacy is not coerced, bribed, gerrymandered, promoted nor flattered into existence. It is earned. Now that you all have an objective standard for how to do this, I expect the religious infighting to calm down. Why don’t you start being afraid of the consequences of your actions, for all your future lives (as is proper) rather than paying homage to a false God of cultural suicide or ego vanity! This is not Vamamarga, this is simply vainglorious folly.
Thank you

Priest Hierarchy (218 words)

The Meme War of 2016 was a defining moment for Western identity: the first significant stance of collective identity against the ruling information orthodoxy (“the narrative”). That’s why anyone who can demonstrably prove they were involved in the GamerGate/Trump Election/Meme War/Truth Movement will be accorded as a Priest of the 1st order in my Church of Entropy if they are interested.

These would be the “Entry Level” positions, from which we can have other honours, or not. I figured I’d have at least 7 orders of GUG Priests. I also figure whatever I put out now is likely to change but loosely the order of Knowledge in decreasing Entropy is:

  1. Propagandist (Memes)
  2. Magician (Intention / Secondary Creation)
  3. Psychologue (Empathy)
  4. Economist (Calculation)
  5. Social Programmer (Scholastic)
  6. Microcanonical Electromass (Primary Permutation)
  7. Paramacrocanonical Electromass (Primary Creation)

Trust me, it’s not that complicated. I figured this all out in under 2 years: kind of rough but totally worth it. Just follow your intuition, ask any questions you wish, you will be just fine.

All I demand is my Theocratic Dictatorship is the Supreme Authority on Truth and all impeding this will be removed physically based on the honour code and system. I also demand that Truth be Supreme, attainable only through KNOWLEDGE, never ever to be displaced by any other goal for as long as dS > 0.


church priest hierarchy.jpeg


Love, Compassion & Empathy (507 words)

Guru once said he doesn’t believe romantic love is possible. He said love can only happen between a Guru and Shishya (devotee/student) and between a mother and a child. This type of revelation is probably pretty jarring for the average Westerner: bathed in impressions of idyllic love and “happily ever after”s. Communist propaganda is obviously a recipe for disappointment, unhappy marriages and social unrest.

State Religions Suck. Except Mine. Wink.

The word “Islamophobic” means “afraid of submission”… Uhhh… I don’t think anyone isn’t afraid of submission! It forms who we are on a fundamental level. How do we reconcile this with our yearning for individual self-determination?

Church of Entropy is: Active Pure Objective Truth, is the answer. Associated to this is an honour code. You can see an example of such a code here.

While I still believe some measure of romantic love is possible between two people, I believe the unrealistic expectations people have of each other are often the cause of strife in relationships. That’s largely because we don’t cultivate proper friendships. Such are rooted in a love of an external phenomenon (like Truth, in my case), not emotional pandering. As soon as emotional pandering enters the equation, we are separating cause from effect in that we are assuming responsibility for their inability to manage their own emotions. It’s the subtle form of total power exchange (TPE) the government engineers people into basically from birth. It also explains the pervasiveness of vanilla sexuality (everyone is the governments “sub”, thus fulfilling their inner desire for domination/submission or: D/s).

It’s not surprising people are so vanilla.

What is love?

Most people can’t love because they are just too vain. They use others exclusively as proxies to fuel their ego. I am sorry to say that but it is true for most people. In order to start to grow your soul, you must surrender to the Truth that attachment to the outcome of action causes suffering. This was said by the Buddha himself, and I am not one to contradict the teachings of the great masters for nothing!

Love, in my opinion, is to do for someone something that is good for them, and to know them well enough to know that this thing I give them is sufficiently unique as to maximally distinguish them to themselves in a manner which is primarily self-propagated.

If you don’t like me, you can fudge off.

Whole love does not usually “feel” great (unless you love Truth beyond all else). That’s because it removes from you the things that impede your ability to love completely. Loss is painful: always.

Well, that’s depressing

Yes, that’s why you want to work on YOURSELF. Project your BEST SELF. You cannot control others when you are in a state of ignorance. You won’t want to control others when you are in a state of Knowledge-awareness. The rest is just “administrative details”, so stop crying about having to serve a temporary role you aren’t sure you are yet ready for.

The alternative is simply too terrifying!

Shills, Doxing & Public Image (1141 words)


I know people are suffering and I am here to direct your efforts towards that which can be sustained. Trust me when I say that you cannot win if you attempt to play within the enemy’s system (Central Banks). We have to get rid of the fake Priest class (unqualified degenerates playing the role of the Priest) and institute an appropriate one: one that can be scientifically demonstrated. The question of community  building is then drastically simplified.

You have to place faith in your own people to self-assemble in the absence of the oppressive system, rather than forcing them into what appears to be a more oppressive system. Extremist infiltrators would like us to believe that our only options are the status quo or a puritanical “National Socialist” dictatorship. I don’t dwell on mistakes of the past. I don’t care about labels, only actions. I want to win the psychic, not endlessly fight with allies on the enemy’s terms. Let us not fall into the ideological trap of self-righteousness but rather be grateful for this unique opportunity for collaboration.

Transitioning From Channer to Politician

We have see their future plans (genocide): this gives us no choice but to resist them. It’s challenging to ascend to a new level of responsibility and I am here to help you with that.

H(0) = Shill

Yes, everyone you meet is potentially a shill. Maybe they are shilling for money, maybe for their own greed, vanity, ego… It’s a bit of a catch all. Not to mention no one is perfect, we all have attachments and illusions: don’t explain by shillage that which can be explained by good old fashioned stupidity.

Ypu have to accept that some people are obsessed with milking others’ sympathies. We are genetically programmed to submit to the authority of the Priest class, which has more sensitivity and compassion than the other classes. That’s why people submit to the “authority” of the SJW/communist nut jobs: they fake emotions to get what they want from people who don’t doubt their sincerity. That’s why they are the false Priest class and guilty of the worst sins.

You, the new Priest Class (intelligent, sensitive, loving) have to accept the weakness of projecting your ego on others. The healthy approach is to place self-love above all else, and gradually trust people more over time. Accept that most people don’t actually have the gift of logic and are thus more animal-like (needing to be herded, like sheep).

Remember: We must judge by actions not words. Reputation matters.

Recent Dox Wave

The most recent wave of media meltdowns appears to be a scare tactic to inhibit progress and de-legitimize our movement of meme-ing 4chan into a political party.

Get used to it! It’s C U R R E N T Y E A R

This might sound strange but the number of shills on 4-chan provides evidence to support the hypothesis that Globalists are R A T T L E D. That’s a good thing… Admit it: #pissgate is pretty hilarious! You’re not going to be a happy person in the rough times ahead if you can’t laugh at the sheer stupidity of it now.

There could be any number of reasons but the synchronicity of recent events suggests several “controlled” opposition groups were instructed to “go nuclear”, apparently with the goal of sewing dissent & limiting scope of influence. In other words, someone had dirt on TRS and chose this moment strategically to leak it so as to cause the most damage.

Social Media Crackdown on Right Wing / Truther Groups

Recently, a large Facebook group called “Cult of Shrek”, formerly “Cult of Kek” purged a large number of legitimate activists and posted a scary picture of a dead Pepe shot in the head. Now the admin appears to be purporting as God and has “purged all normies”. It’s a wee bit creepy but still sheds light into the nature of the enemy. Infiltrate and emulate!

Too bad I am impossible to imitate 😉

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.14.49 PM.png

Karma is a Bigidy-Bitch

The longer you deny cause and effect, the worse things get. That’s how reality works. When you try to hide things, the light eventually finds them. Diffuse light is the highest Entropy state. To avoid Truth getting out, work must be done to uphold a state which is not the highest Entropy state.

You cannot hypnotize a people into accepting the blame for the actions of others to “redeem” their “sins”. This is wrong, given that the primary sin is ignorance. People must accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. No more lies. No more false attribution death cults. The future of our species is at stake here.

retarded trump.jpg
This is really how these nutjobs see any opposition. We need to end Democracy.
alt media.jpg
Update – Alt-Media “re-memening” \^v^/

The “New World Ordure” has no Future

Therefore their agents simply want to bugger up the progress of emerging movements. This shouldn’t be a shock, given the idols of the scumbag communist religion. I don’t think everyone acting on behalf of the NWO is “in the know”. I estimate up to 95% are useful idiots in total denial of the desecration they are carrying out on native lands. The rest are just greedy selfish creeps. None of this changes the fact that this system must be removed.

Recent events suggest the ego of the MSM has evolved from petulant child to bratty teenager. Don’t underestimate the danger of this organization. They want to scapegoat anyone they can. It’s the only way they can avoid taking responsibility for their crimes against Nature: it’s not right… It’s very very wrong. If they aren’t stopped, they will continue using their agents to promote their insane wars ad infinitum. We should have acted against this a long tiome ago. To continue without action is irresponsible, this poor woman looks like she is held hostage (largely by her incompetence!)… Stockholm Syndrome much??

2030 crazy.jpeg
I’m not sure she’s convinced.

I Want to Serve Mankind, the Rest is Your Ego Projection

Just remember: increasingly immoral laws must be enforced by increasingly unsavoury people. Oppressive moral enforcement (by immoral agents) brings forth the same oppression you are now trying to free yourselves from.

It’s not possible to subvert my movement, I spent my whole life preparing for my mission. You can either align yourself to the Truth: my cause, or you can get the hell out of my way of implementing my Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship of Earth. Accept that you’re already in a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship and agree that it’s shit and we need to replace it.

Once again, I don’t want a public life but I like helping people learn and it is working so: there you go. I have nothing to hide. That and I need Priests and also the World’s armies to submit to my command. Anytime you’re ready.

Thank You

Dangers of Empathy, Democracy & Hate Speech (2038 words)

Of all the things we misunderstand about each other, empathy is one of the worst. The most empathic people tend to be ridiculed into permanent dissonance with reality. We can take the resulting insights from the modern-day destruction of the orthodox (sponsored) narrative for example.

We are told that “Empathy and Sympathy” are not the same things. But from what I can see, there isn’t much difference for most people. Most people are always projecting onto others their own minds. The interaction of personalities exists on the level of myself interacting with my simulation of you and you interacting with your simulation of myself. These waveforms can’t pass information between them unless the waveform simulations are coherent. For most interactions, they are not coherent and we don’t really know how to tell if they are so: for most people, empathy and sympathy are the same eigenstate (causing confusion). This is not the case for psychics and proto-psychics however. They tend to receive a blend and such can be vexing when logic is not operating on the same level. So they are under the mind control of evil Plutocrats who wish to see us destroyed.

“They” don’t want us to be smart and happy

Social programming epitomizing “Empathy” is dangerous when the teacher does not exemplify empathy . As such, it’s very unhealthy to teach this mythology to children: it will pitch them into perpetual cognitive dissonance, explained in more detail here. It leads to emotionally rooted (“social justice”) laws, like the current atrocity Janice Fiamenco is embroiled in. She, along with the now-manifold red-pilled Dr. Jordan Peterson are not being treated with the proper respect. People are advised to take a big step back and take a “chill pill”.

(metaphorically: the white pill)

The problem isn’t in caring about others, but how we care about others. If we do so by insisting we know what others think (as is suggested many times to me by communists and others seeking to curtail free speech in the interest of covering up their own corruption), we are opening the door to “thought crimes”. This is not good. Here is how to transcend legal causality:

  1. When laws deviate from Natural Law, they will attract the wrong “enforcers”.
  2. The more a law deviates from Natural Law, the more unsavoury the enforcer.
  3. Modern man is enslaved to fiat currency modulated through a spiteful false Priest class in such a manner as to incentivize evil in law, or: victim blame.
  4. The false attribution of (3) is exacerbated by near-constant (currently funny) levels of marxist (victim-blaming => justifies violence against innocents) programming in the media, education and government.

I need you to team up with me to be the GUG Theocracy

The current Theocratic Dictatorship sucks. It has no means of self-modulating. Whereas I am always consistent with the Truth and will always admit if proven wrong (using LOGIC, you blobs!), the current management is quite happy to genocide the upper class, then spend forever fighting their citizens with increasingly shit-tier lies. No wonder they have a victim complex! How could such cruelty ever be made permanent, retaliation is inevitable in an exploitative system!


It’s not that hard, just relax into your role in society, if you’re smart: that means you have to crush the self-esteem of any leftist competing narrative dominance and show them without question that they are the one who is wrong, you are right, and make them acknowledge it.

That is the alternative (low Entropy) way of doing things. When people get out of hand, we simply channel the great Christopher Cantwell and be done with it! Then social interaction can go back to not being equivalent to nails on a blackboard anytime the cult seeks to sacrifice their will to the emotional programming by discussing – Kek forbid – the “news”. Group rituals are an important part of spirituality of course, so we will replace the old ones with scientifically validated new ones. It shouldn’t be too hard with the Kek cult operating full steam and more. This will require that the nature of the programming be addressed, and so I am putting out a lot of information that is being disseminated quite impressively to date. This will help you in getting the leftists to hopefully forever self-censor.

autism 1.jpg
Or maybe it really is a real thing!? ~~ not.

Clearly, people are not being well-served by the propaganda matrix. It’s actually causing painful levels of cognitive dissonance. That’s because the leftist’s emotions are real but so too is the “autist’s” emotional reaction to the lie in simultaneous awareness of the dissonant Truth… So, smart people get used to your new role. Unless you want to get genocided by commies. Ya. Didn’t think so. Get over your stage fright or your genes go extinct.

Your choice.

Democracy + Communist Propaganda = Danger

Here is an interesting article exploring some longstanding mind control techniques. Does this suggest every Marxist transcends the Social Programming Canonical Ensemble (are guilty of generating a false narrative)? I do not think this is very likely. They don’t know why the social programming works, only that it does, and so they are inclined to use it again. And again. And again. Sort of a push button, get banana type of deal.

This is why we always see the “Left” (also known as the emotionally subjugated to the authority of the State brigade) self-destructing. They attempt to induce guilt to achieve their ends, and it eventually fails for one of 2 reasons:

  1. You can’t get guilt from a psychopath (and they are all somewhat deranged if they buy into the theology in the first place, which breeds numbness from dissonance and from this breeds boredom, sadism and generally being a psycho).
  2. People eventually wise up and reject the programming.
IslamoMarxism: The State Theocracy of the New World Order

Previous Success of Leftist Narratives Ought to TERRIFY You

The tendency for breeding a lot and being stupid that comes with being r-selected, coupled to the intentional gerrymandering of mass immigration is a recipe for financial collapse. Those whose fruits of their labour are extorted through taxation will eventually revolt in one way or another (whether by force or by labour strike). Those who always depended on the extorted fruits of labour will in turn “chimp out” as /pol/ calls it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise why: we’re currently in a shit-tier r-supremacy from Hell.

k supremacy.jpg
Leftists please: shut up, you’ve done enough!

This brings me yet again to an important point: Democracy must be removed, but we need a competing hypothesis to replace it with. The best way is with a Theocratic Dictatorship in the Truth Religion. If you already possess the Truth, you have nothing to fear. If you do not, you have no right to rule over your countrymen. None whatsoever. We must understand that a Theocratic Dictatorship arises spontaneously regardless of whether one is officially instituted or not. Just look around to the secular religions of statism, money-worship and ego worship! These have risen to prominence because the existing orthodoxy does not want to compete with the Truth Religion & so offers a cacophony of false ones and engenders fake religious wars between them! Fake cults cannot compete with Truth Religion. It is just impossible to mistake the parasite for the host once once has tasted the nectar of Transcendental Bliss Knowledge

Transcendence soooo good.

False Cults Must Actively Suppress True Form Knowledge

We must accept that there was a time in the (not too distant) past where much more knowledge was in circulation. Ethnic cleansing in Bharat (India) over the lifetime of the Mohammedan death cult destroyed much of the proof of that, sadly. Even today, many still under the spell of the more recent cults believe culture / science originated in Europe. What a sad joke! We must accept the whole Truth, not just those facets which are pleasing to our ego. We can access the ancient Truths if we abandon the false cults.

If we devote our whole self towards Truth, then all revelations of Truth bring us bliss. In other words, if Truth does not bring you bliss, then YOU still have work to do before you can ascend to the Priest class, to preside over the entire world with me. Knowledge of Truth is the best way to make the outer reality beautiful. All those seeking to do social programming without being accepted by me are warned to CEASE and DECIST. You are not a Master like Guru. You are not like me. You will either be accepted & directed by me or you will be thwarted.

You are in a Manifold Time Mind Control Matrix

Photo on 2016-12-18 at 12.34 PM.jpg
I’m not stuck here with you, you’re stuck here with me.

We have changed a lot since the Knowledge was conceived by the ancients. Our language itself is much harsher and less musical than the root knowledge (that which is consistent with the massive eigenfrequencies optimized for perturbing the Subjective Conscious Projection). We can inquire if this was intentional, but it’s unlikely that we could disentangle causality for that one, since language develops steadily over generations and is influenced by many factors.

Social programming works and people tend to trust authority. We just need to give them a reason to do trust our authority over that of the false propaganda narrative. The existing orthodoxy has been in control for so long, by virtue of their impure social programming, such eventually causes the system to malfunction. It is very likely that the original knowledge is NOT held by them in any meaningful way, because of paranoid secrecy and dwindling lineages. They have some low-level psychic attacks and proxy sabre rattling but their spell over the public is finished and they are fully exposed for their inner nature now.

We beat them with better, more pure Knowledge / Magic

Sure, any grinch with a grudge can access the lifeless pages of a grimoire, but they will never receive my blessing if their intention is away from Truth. The Root Knowledge seals out the poison fruits of false worship. In return, it asks that we must all worship the Knowledge, because: Science. If we cannot, then we can render service unto the creation of a better tomorrow for all of mankind. If we cannot, we can shitpost on the internet and perpetually meme better versions of reality into existence. You won once by calling out the merchants of fake empathy, and you can continue to win, insofar as you obey the Natural Law. We’re in for rough times, so the sooner we transition to a Knowledge-centric Theocratic Supremacy, the better. We can neutralize those who stand opposed to Natural Law and become ourselves enforcers of all that is good and righteous in the process.

Disclaimer: If someone or some group gets too powerful, mean, oppressive, jerkly, assholish, neurotic, self-aggrandized, stupid, corrupt, stubborn and destructive as the current bunch of dipshits calling the shots, I will return. I will spend 30 years planning, then in 1 year, make you look just as bad as I am now making the current batch look (remember, I started in November 2015).

Even my close associates can’t understand why I won’t enjoy it (I’m not sadistic), but I will enjoy the laughter of my new competing cult I shall amass to crush you with. Trust me, the current group of Priests delights in the destruction to no end, which pleases me indeed!

I am the fierce: I do not fear. I do not indulge sadism for I know it drains my power!

So let that be a warning. Go forth with the magic, but know that none is more powerful than the ultimate enforcer, and such will can never be imitated and must always be tempered with submission towards the Greater Knowledge. I never expect from my devotees what I myself cannot manage (unlike Moloch Mc Murder cult) and this is precisely why I will win and they will fail. Voluntary submission is always better than forced subjugation.

Devotion to Truth is the best way forward. That’s why the shitlords are all welcome as 1st order (Propaganda) Priests in my Church of Entropy. They did the duty they’d be doing anyway so, why not welcome them to the fold?  \^v^/

Thank you