The NPC Question

People have once again shown their complete and utter lack of self-awareness by getting offended at the “NPC” meme.


The Birth of a Titan

Scientific research indicating that people don’t all have an inner voice has been around for a long time – that Psychology Today article was dated 2011. The revelation was too overwhelming for people to assimilate it all at once, because people are all susceptible to projection. Projection is when you assume that other people’s state of mind is more like your own than it actually is. It is a coping mechanism which encourages social cohesion. People are going to be more sympathetic towards those they consider “most like” themselves and so it is natural to assume the mental state of those around you is pretty much identical to your own. However, science proves this impression largely false, given that (as much as (more research is needed to get a precise value)) 75% of people do not have any type of inner life, and those that do identify strongly with it: how much can these two groups possibly have in common on the spiritual level?


The comfortable illusion that people’s inner lives are comparable had been under assault for a long time, but when someone made the link between the NPC and the 75% of people who don’t have an inner monologue, a viral meme was born.

npc running fire explosion
return value: offended

good idea plus libshit tears viral meme

Of course someone just had to get offended (anything new is offensive in current year if you haven’t noticed).

The Meme That Just Keeps on Giving

Several links can be made. For instance, 75%-ers are correlated with r-selection whereas 25%-ers are correlated with K-selection. K selection can only occur at population saturation points (where the population is consuming all available biomass) and people with this survival strategy must have some degree of wisdom and foresight guiding their civilisation – i.e: keeping their numbers more or less equal over time. Otherwise fecundity would quickly overwhelm the capacity of the finite planet to generate food, and this is r-selected behaviour, not K.

We could also easily draw the link to the distributions of people’s self-reported sensitivity & 25%-er-ness via a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person” . It’s dripping with oestrogen, but it’s definitely worth a read.


The ability to have an inner life is predicated on sensitivity. Sensitivity is fundamentally the capacity to make distinctions between sensory experiences and an inner consciousness must be distinguished from the source of its consciousness. Thus the inner voice and sensitivity are different manifestations of the same quality of discernment. The book had statistics of around 40% of people reporting they were “somewhat sensitive”, with 15-20% as highly sensitive. We expect the reporting of an inner voice to correlate near perfectly with the quality of being highly sensitive.

Thus, there will be a large overlap between the groups of: highly sensitive people, people with an inner voice and those of K-selected archetype.


An Inner Voice is Just the Beginning

The NPC meme relegates the wannabe intellectual poseur to their rightful status: ridiculed as the one-dimensional, superficial, vindictive, condescending armchair theorists they truly are. I don’t accept a single NPC into my cult. In fact, one’s status in the cult is determined by the degree of non-NPC-ness they have.

npc hardware crash

This meme is now able to directly determine whether someone possesses the capacity to be a social programmer. You cannot do social programming without having some idea about society. You cannot have some idea about society without an inner voice, because it is the inner self that understands narratives and social programming is predicated on narratives. All of this should be plainly obvious to anyone who has ever had the tenacity to actually follow a thought through from start to finish!

But I hate My Thoughts

Lots of people hate their inner monologue. Many also think they can deny it into non-existence. This is a fallacy best embodied by the sketch artist turned brain dead political activist Jim Carrey. He is part of a cult that believes if you pretend your ego does not exist, then it will magically disappear. He is only partly right. You may be able to stupefy yourself into taking birth as an animal rather than a human and so you will lose your human ego, but to think you could deny the very essence of life by “thinking you don’t exist” is the simultaneous peak of ignorance and arrogance.

stick to comedy, Jim. no one gives a shit about your political commentary.

I think it’s pretty clear and we can all more or less agree that it is better to have an inner monologue than not. But we also probably don’t want to be stuck in that gear forever. There is a way out, but it takes work. You will reformat your manner of thinking from a high Entropy state (with cluttered thoughts, stress, despair) to a low Entropy state (calm, blissful, hopeful).

The way towards that goal is not some unnatural subversion of thought, as the cult-haters would have you believe, it is the training of the mind, the exercising of the free will, the practice of imagination and ultimately the simulation of better, lower Entropy microstates [in the mind]. You will never “stop being you”, you will simply become a better version of yourself. If that doesn’t happen, then you aren’t doing it right.

npc breaks heart become npc
Or you can go join another cult. I don’t care.

My method involves learning natural physics. That does not necessarily require advanced mathematics yet does require a high quality of inner awareness. The ideas must first be contemplated, the mechanisms imagined and then finally one can assimilate the links in the overall structure of causality.

The basis of my system has four ideas (Gravity, Uncertainty, Electricity, Entropy), that, when properly understood, make all of the predictions. So, basically, what I am saying is: “your life is meaningless and painful, why not learn quantum mechanics?”.

Remember: we were all NPCs once. Becoming a “player” is a process requiring constant personal effort. The less-evolved need us to teach them how to be whole and we need each other to be the scaffolding by which we achieve more blissful states of mind.

The Pearl of Introspection (886 words)

Several of my friends showed me the Psychology Today article about only 25% of people having an inner monologue. They were quite disturbed by this revelation and understandably so. Those with an inner life are often shocked and reviled to learn that others lack it, because the inner life defines such a large part of their identity.

the final red pill: you’re already living in a zombie apocalypse where 75% of the population is infected.

In light of this revelation, let’s take a deeper look at this phenomenon. We accept that the mind is a quantum computer. The next step is to impose various qualities upon this entity and then evaluate them comparatively. Thus we say that in the mind of an “extroverted” person, the sphere of consciousness is more oriented outwards. In the mind of an “introverted” person, the sphere of consciousness is more oriented inwards.


The total conscious mind is the sum of inward and outward directed awareness. What differs between people is what proportion of the mind is inward / outward. Since we need outward directed awareness for survival (threats to survival usually come from the external world), it stands to reason that people will naturally have more outward awareness. However, some people (25% apparently) also have refined their awareness so that it also projects inwards. Thus outward directed consciousness is a necessary condition whereas inward directed consciousness is a rare treasure. Since inward directed consciousness violates the Law of Entropy (which predicts that all systems must become more diffuse over time), it takes more energy to maintain a state of inward focus than outward. Inward consciousness gives things like empathy, insight, compassion, vision and imagination. It is indeed a gift.

Since all humans tend to project (assume people’s state of mind is more similar to their own than it actually is), it is normal for people to be shocked when they learn that others’ conscious experience varies so radically from their own. However, it does not come as a shock to me and I can explain the concept very precisely because I have engineered my public persona to differentiate between those who possess inner consciousness (smart and cool) and those who don’t (mouth breathing apes). Let’s contrast these two types using the archetype cannoniser of my (awesome) persona.

Those Not Possessing Inner Awareness

Many who lost their inner awareness did so willingly. That is because the inner voice is the voice of truth, and when someone is living in a manner which is contrary to truth, they will tend to want to drown out their inner voice, because it is telling them something opposite what they are doing. My unwillingness to deviate from truth reminds these people of the inner truth that they are actively denying. Thus they tend to hate me for no good reason. They say things so insane that they could only come from a person with absolutely zero self awareness.

41430483_230245917656816_72095475649478656_n2018-09-08_21-07-18rocky asshole meltdown spergout41398313_909108935954469_3583340727435788288_n

> when you’re insane

Moreover, people without inward conscious cannot think archetypally. This means that they are unable to categorise phenomena into meaningful groups and make logical inferences and syllogisms between them. All they are capable of doing is memorising facts and subsequently regurgitating them in a manner they consider “aesthetic”. This often garners them attention from other people who lack self-awareness, and they all coalesce into an echo chamber of circular conversations that never resolve any fundamental questions. This is simply because they are unable to think in those terms. To them: nothing is part of some grand narrative, everything is anecdotes. They don’t care about building a sustainable society, only how to undermine it by attempting to usurp the spotlight from actual thought leaders, since thought leaders always possess some degree of inner awareness.

Those Possessing Inner Awareness

truth seekers love me

Most people with inner awareness are exhausted spiritually from having to interact with so many brutish louts. That’s why these people will always see me as an ally. I am their champion defending truth and enabling them to gain greater inner awareness. Inner awareness is a singular awareness, that gradually becomes more clear. The inner awareness does not change drastically over time, rather: it only comes into sharper focus. You begin to understand cause and effect, and become skilled at separating the two. Eventually you can learn the supreme cause of all things and subsequently predict all universal phenomena. This is a wonderful state of mind that I sincerely hope more people will reach.

The Link To Dunning Kruger

We can look at the cause of Dunning Krueger and consider that those who overestimate their intelligence tend to lack inner awareness while those who underestimate it tend to possess inner awareness. The former only sees things in terms of anecdotes and thus considers themselves as the supreme anecdote (due to narcissism) while the latter sees things in terms of narratives and archetypes, of which they are part (hence their relative self-belittlement). I offer the introvert a grand narrative they can assimilate to while I remind those extroverted mouth breathers that they will never be anything more than a parasitic mimic of myself.

That ought to give a little insight as to why the voices opposed to me are so numerous. They are lacking an inner voice and subsequently: have zero self-awareness!

dadadada dadada HEY dada dada da dadadada HEY!


Cultcraft (2881 words)


I have often jokingly exaggerated my status as a cult leader. I do it for several reasons, namely, because religion is important but largely misunderstood, and so it gets ridiculed a lot. If I take a stance that is self-effacing, I not only disarm the reticent with humour but also take away their ability to successfully ridicule me. The main reason I do this (asides from a personal preference for theocracy), is that I am attempting to teach people the fact that all systems of human governance are computationally equivalent to theocratic dictatorships.

loser fat atheist.jpg
and also atheists are like, super annoying.

There is a popular quote nowadays that “politics is downstream from culture” (Andrew Breitbart). While there may be some truth to this idea, the deeper truth is that culture is downstream from state theocracy. The theocracy is that which gives the sociocultural edicts, and so must be the fundamental “content creator”. Even a state which is allegedly “secular” (as with the USA and India), never truly is. Someone’s religious values are always being promoted by the state. It’s simply a matter of whose religious values.

Maybe your emotional reaction to this theory is bad, but if you try to falsify it, you will not succeed. In fact, the more you investigate it, the more obvious it becomes. Humans are hierarchical and hierarchies are always based on some value judgement(s). The ideals are thus idols (of said religion), hence the similarity in the words. Culture and cult share the same root, and so are in some sense: inseparable.

Below, I will give some insights as to what I believe makes a good cult leader.

Be Consistent

Many people fall victim to some degree of pandering in their career as a thought leader. While the words of soothsayers can be appealing, inconsistency in leadership ultimately undermines one’s authority. Before attempting to become a cult leader, one should always ask themselves: am I doing this to serve mankind and uphold truth or because I want people to love me? The former strategy works. The latter strategy may seem to work temporarily, but will ultimately make you a laughingstock with Stockholm syndrome. Like Luke Ford. Luke please. IQ isn’t the holy grail you think it is. Smart people all agree on this. Adamantly defending IQ to the exclusion of all other theories is yet another instance of the Dunning Krueger effect!

If you want to lead successfully, you must be consistent in your judgements. Succumbing to sophistry does nothing but undermine your own objectivity and associated capacity to lead.

Seek to Know What are the Yearnings of Man

People have spent lifetimes trying to answer the question of what is the nature of man’s desires and still have come up short, so don’t kid yourself into thinking you know all things. No human can know all things. In order to experience localised consciousness intrinsic to human life, we must necessarily cut out some elements of the total field. Thus, your I-am ness, the thing that allows you to precisely determine the nature of experiential phenomena is the very same thing which prevents you from perceiving it in its totality!

In the time I’ve spent doing outreach work, I’ve noticed one common thread in all people. They want to be known. They want someone to lovingly peel away all of the layers of their false persona, gaze upon the residual and be acknowledged. Everyone wants to be known. However, the ego is a shield against the extremely dangerous outer world, and so the ego will always resist deeper wisdom. This is the fine line you must walk as cult leader. You must peel away layers of your devotees’ false personas but you must not do it in such a manner as to cause trauma, for that could regress them into a state of lower awareness than they originally possessed.

bulletproof cantwell
Ego is simultaneously the greatest ally and opponent

The ego is (again: paradoxically) also the vehicle that you use to achieve deeper wisdom. So your mind is basically a machine containing two motors driving in opposite directions: the lower ego recoils in terror and clings to the materialism it is comfortable with while the higher will gently nudges the ego incrementally closer to the source of consciousness.

One brain, or two?

It should come as no small shock that the most dangerous people are those who have achieved a considerable level of psychic attainment, but have stopped short of achieving the primal source of consciousness. As you learn to still your mind, you will also learn to more effectively distend it along your desires. The abilities forthcoming from a strong and controlled mind have traditionally been called “siddhis“. Many people make the mistake of thinking the beginning of the attainment of siddhis/psychic powers is actually the end. For instance, you may have had some psychic experiences in your life. Maybe you knew someone was going to call you before the phone started ringing. Maybe you had a dream that later came true. While interesting and special, these abilities do not qualify you as a “zen master” or any other thing. It only means you have the POTENTIAL to begin the path that will eventually (in a long time, probably even more than one lifetime) lead to the attainment of higher spirit power. The attainment of higher spirit power will also ONLY BE THE DOOR to the final realisation of perfect consciousness.

Note also, that one does not have to be a channel to be a devotee. In this life, I have not developed channeling power, because I understand that its risks are not worth its rewards at a time when most people are “psychic vampires”. Enabling channelling also enables others to parasitise your spiritual energy and this is not worth it at this time. What is important for one to have is a mixture of imagination and discernment (while always remembering that discernment is more important). You must be able to try new things and also tell the difference between what is a good and true thing and what is not.

let’s bake a cake dude… and then uh: the Universe n’ shiet

Those who are a channel (having naturally occurring psychic power) may begin the path to reign in their conscious ego. Then when said conscious ego is reigned in, they may begin to experience the fruits of this labour. These realisations however do not mean you have reached the end of the path. The end is much further away and if you make the mistake of identifying lower tier psychic realisations as higher ones, you will start down a horrible path. A path that ends in loss and despair, in darkness and ridicule: in complete and utter failure. You must never feel that you have arrived, only that you are constantly journeying. Then, when you arrive at the supreme source of consciousness, you will still journey. However, that inner pearl, that supreme source of light will not move. It will become your centre. All subsequent journeys will occur relative to this point. Before you achieve this point, all journeys occur without a centre, you wander aimlessly for a long time. Then a few rays of the light of supreme truth touch your face. Maybe at first, you ignore them, because you are habituated to the darkness and cold. But after you have experienced a sufficient amount of darkness, you will decide that the light is all that matters. That is: a few rays of pure light are worth more to you than all of the material you have collected in the dark world. Then your perspective will shift. You will become a servant of the light. The interim between the first step on this path and the final realisation of the goal is where you become dangerous to others and yourself. There are infinitely many ways to get it wrong, and only one way to get it right. If you spend a long time following a wrong path, you will have to spend just as long de-conditioning yourself from this before starting anew on the right path. However, once you reach that place of supreme bliss and light, you will never return. You may do the same activities as before in a manner which is superficially indistinguishable, but you will never again lose the knowledge that such a supreme bliss state exists. You will not, as many believe, become inert in such a state. You will still perform action. Indeed those who recoil from society in a desperate gambit to achieve liberation from rebirth are neglecting their duty of action in defence of their beliefs. Work is not to be avoided, but rather done in a peaceful state of mind. The suffering of your countrymen is not to be pushed away from the field of your awareness but rather embraced, for only then can you heal them, only then can you give peace to all living things, only then can you enjoy the bliss of panpsychism (awareness of the conscious states of others) that your higher will has given you. You must never eschew your duty to action.

universe wojak thinking
that feel is real

We are humans, we like to take trips. Whether that is a week in Barbados or a lifetime in a new country and culture, change is the only thing we are able to measure, and we crave it. We are after all, quantum mechanical computers and quantum systems cannot be observed without interference. Indeed there is an equivalence between observation and interference in Quantum Mechanics. Adepts do not attempt to defy this universal law, they simply seek to optimise their functioning therein. This identification with the primal consciousness rather than the eigenstates of ego has been shown many times to represent a path towards a better state of consciousness, better health and an overall better life: who could deny the benefits?

Crazy people, that’s who.

It is this supreme state of consciousness that many try to reach by skipping steps. The Hollywood pseudo-cult attempts to nullify the ego as a means of transcending it. This always fails; it is like intentionally making a hole in your ship before setting sail.

However, we must remind the reader that psychic attainment is a lot like climbing a mountain. Though the terrain may be different at the bottom, in fact so different as to make you think you have nothing in common with another seeker, who has started his journey from the opposite end as you. But as you both ascend, you will find that the terrain varies less and less from one region to another, that it is all indeed the same mountain and when you reach the top you will see that it is unique. And you will learn to recognise all others who have made a similar attainment. You will also be able to recognise when people are taking a bad path, they are the ones walking down the mountain, or around it in circles. You will yearn to cry out to them: “stop! you are only hurting yourself!”. However, they will not hear you, for they have not yet achieved the faith required to start climbing upwards. All of your pleas and bargaining will fall on deaf ears until they achieve sufficient faith as to gaze upwards. Until then, you can only be a good example to them, stop others from following them and patiently wait until they change their mind. You cannot force them to change their mind and attempting to do so is a violation of the vow of non-violence.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking You “Know it All”

While its good to have confidence and pride in one’s own knowledge, it is a mistake to think that you will be able to answer every question you are ever posed. While many people can master basic boolean logic, most cannot debate on meta-logic or the measurement limit. And these ideas will need to be invoked in debate much more frequently than you might initially realise. It is important to remember that never at any point in history have commoners been able to take part in debates on this subject. It has always been a tiny, insular elite who have performed debate. The greater society simply follows their edicts.

Seemingly paradoxical statements always emerge when one starts to reach the boundaries of what is able to be known. All things which are known are things which must be measured and the very fundamental rule of this Universe is that no measurement does not change the waveform it is measuring! Thus pushing the limits of knowledge of causality often precipitates seemingly contradictory statements. This is not because knowledge itself is somehow imperfect but rather: because we are.

Consider the statement: all is a quantum mechanical field. It can easily be verified that this statement is logically true. Even solid objects are not truly solid, because when you zoom in far enough, you realise that the spacing between atoms is much larger than the atoms themselves and the atoms themselves aren’t themselves solid. Moreover, every object has a natural frequency, that is: they can be made to move as waveforms, if the proper frequency is applied. So, “all is a quantum mechanical field” must be a true statement. However, in the day to day life, such a statement would seem to have very little practical applicability. Our entire external lives consist of material objects, which appear to us as having a definite shape: they don’t look like quantum mechanical phenomena. Thus the supreme truth eludes us because of how we experience the world. Practically, it is only a combination of knowledge of the fundamental quantum mechanical nature of causality AND the phenomenological world which is useful to the cult leader. Causality (that effects follow from causes) and the Measurement Limit (the fact that we exist in a Universe with 3 space-like and 1 time-like dimension) are transcendent truths and thus are go-betweens for you to use to help people reach greater awareness of the fundamental nature while still rooting your teachings in materialism (and by that I mean entities which are material, not having a collection of 475 Beanie Babies).

If this is your thing, I don’t really care, I just don’t want to know about it.

Don’t Let Defamatory Attacks Get You Down

If you are bothered by attacks on your persona, then you are not strong enough to lead a cult. If you are being attacked, you should take it as a compliment and use it to your best strategic advantage. In the minds of the vain, all insults stem from a slight to their ego. Your personal excellence has reminded someone else of their own failures and, rather than take responsibility for this, they spew bile in an attempt to bring you down to their level. Misery, as they say, loves company. Use the insult to learn what hurt you have caused them and then dump a truck’s worth of salt onto it.


All great leaders have faced tremendous opposition. Enjoy the process. And if you cannot, gracefully bow out so that someone more competent can take your place. There is no shame in serving a better leader and sometimes, that is the only choice you have.

Submission or assimilation.

we have the best memes anyway. resistance is futile.

On Fame

Fame and infamy go hand in hand when one speaks truth against an empire of lies. Thus fame and infamy will surely follow anyone who dares speak unwavering truth. You must learn to be no more attached to the love of your devotees than you are averse to the attacks of your enemies. As a human, you will always be subject to emotions, but you must learn to balance the attachment and aversion, cherish both and ultimately seek a pleasant state which encompasses both yet is separate from each.

Remember that many seek fame and most of them live to regret when and if they do achieve it. You will still have all the problems you had before you were famous, the only thing that will change is that you will have the additional awareness that tidal waves of attention won’t give you the long term happiness you seek.

timothy matlock nose job liposuction anime battle
and if you must be famous, please at least be entertaining!

Honour Your Opponents

Many would rather just pretend that their ideological opponents simply do not exist, and endeavour to censor them by any means necessary up to and including genocide. This however, is not my tradition. While I won’t rule out any means necessary to deal with those who would seek to undermine truth, I also prefer to honour those who oppose me. I do that by acknowledging their works and being willing to speak to them.

Reward Loyalty & Punish Dissent

People are hierarchical by nature. As such, they (subconsciously) seek a system which will reward their virtue and punish their wickedness. You must put as much energy into rewarding loyalty as you do stomping out dissent, and only then will you have a happy cult dictatorship where people feel comfortable expressing themselves but not so comfortable as to put others ill at ease. It is a fine line to walk, but it is a good goal to have.

The Cause of the Dunning-Krueger Effect (627 words)

The Dunning Krueger Effect is the phenomenon of less intelligent people overestimating and more intelligent people underestimating their intelligence.

In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority comes from the inability of low-ability people to recognize their lack of ability; without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.[1] On the other hand, people of high ability incorrectly assume that tasks that are easy for them are also easy for other people (source).

The Quantum Mind Hypothesis easily explains the DK effect. We have previously explained that the quantum mind is a singular projection function (indivisible) which has {thoughts, emotions, sensations} as its eigenstates (read more here and here). If we consider the source of intelligence, we can reasonably conclude that it correlates to the “thought” eigenstates. Thus we proffer a tentative definition of intelligence as the capacity to discern and visualise. Sharp and clear visualisation is required to be able to understand all aspects of the phenomena we model. Discernment is important because it is what allows us to tell the difference between things, and ultimately identify the truth (or falsity) of things.

We present a model for the intellect as being a linear combination of impulse and inhibition. Impulse is the drive to act and inhibition is the drive to not act and so the inhibition is also the negative drive of impulse.

Intellect = Impulse + Inhibition

Intellect = Impulse + Nonimpulse

The Marshmallow Test

A very simple experiment called the “Marshmallow Test” involved giving a child a marshmallow. The child was then told that if they ate the marshmallow. The test was, in short, a direct measurement of the child’s capacity for inhibition.

In follow-up studies, Mischel found unexpected correlations between the results of the marshmallow test and the success of the children many years later.[5] The first follow-up study, in 1988, showed that “preschool children who delayed gratification longer in the self-imposed delay paradigm, were described more than 10 years later by their parents as adolescents who were significantly more competent.”

A second follow-up study, in 1990, showed that the ability to delay gratification also correlated with higher SAT scores.

Thus we can reasonably conclude that the capacity for inhibition correlates with one’s intellectual capacity. We note that since inhibition is the negative of impulse, that a higher capacity for inhibition must include a higher capacity for impulse (since one cannot inhibit that which does not exist, there must be something which the inhibition is inhibiting, namely: the impulse). We note that a high capacity for impulse does not indicate a higher intellectual capacity, as the impulsive marshmallow gobblers demonstrated.

Thus we conclude that our model for the intellect as a linear combination of impulse and inhibition is a good one.

The Dunning Krueger Effect

The more intelligent person is more likely to inhibit their impulse to believe they are intelligent because the very thing that makes them more intelligent is precisely this inhibition capacity! The less intelligent person has the impulse to tell everyone just how smart they are but lacks the inhibition to hold back and consider “wait, maybe I’m not as smart as I think I am”.

This is why we will always face the problem of an inhibited intelligentsia. This is why the more inhibited members of society must work with the less inhibited ones to maximise their ability to build a good society. Those who are more inhibited can be relied on for excellence in academia and science and those who are less inhibited can be relied upon for swift action at the first sign of subversion.


Commentary on the Age of Consent (1540 words)

I don’t like to get into conversations about age of consent, as many people seek to promote and justify pedophilia, and this is intolerably repulsive to me. There are also strange equivalences drawn between people who want to have sex with young children and those who are attracted to older teenagers. This is certainly a false equivalence because children, whose innocence is a pearl to be treasured, are surely not in the same mindset as older teenagers, who often seek to rebel against authority and forge their own path – certainly this is a measure of the capacity to consent!

Rather than get into this all again, I choose to cite a translation of the great book “Satyarth Prakash” by Swami Dayananda, which has already expounded this subject at great length in a manner superior to anything I could ever produce.

dayananda quote cannot thank you in return.png
Swami’s words are still very relevant today.

I ask you to read this with an open mind and try to understand the causes and effects of sexual degeneracy. Understand that you cannot help others to attain a higher state of purity if you yourself are not pure. Without more ado, I present to you pages 40-44 of Satyarth Prakash.


(Period of Celibacy) Period for Brahmacharya 

Maximum and minimum.

Says Manu:- ” A student should observe Brahmacharya and study the Vedas with their subsidiary subjects for 9, 18, 36 years, or until they are completely mastered”.* MANU 3: 1. “Brahmacharya is of three grades:- The lowest, the intermediate and the highest:- • The lowest – “Man, who is composed of a body – formed out the elements derived form foods and drinks – and a soul that resides in the body, is verily a Yajna. He should be endowed with the most excellent qualities; and in order to accomplish gain , longevity, strength (physical and mental), and the like qualities, the shortest period for which a student should observe is 24 years, just as there are 24 letters in the Gayatri metre (Chhanda). He should, during this period, keep

*Thus after joining the school at the age of 8 years, if a student studies the Vedas with their subsidiary subjects for 36 years, (i.e., he devotes 12 years to the study of each of the three Vedas), he completes his education at the age of 36 – 8-44, if for 18 years, at the age of 8-18-26 years, if for 9 years, at the age of 8-9-17 years. (The last period of Brahmacharya is meant for a girl who wants to marry at the age of 17 years.-Tr. perfect control over his passions* and devote himself to the acquisition of the knowledge of the Vedaas and of culture, etc.

dayananda debate.JPG
Swami Dayananda was a great debater and religious reformer

perfect control over his passions and devote himself to the acquisition of the knowledge of the Vedaas and of culture, etc. By virtue of this Brahmacharya, vital forces, called Vasus, are fully developed and mature. These help to produce noblest qualities in his body, manas** and the soul. Should anyone advise a Brahmachaari to marry or have sensual enjoyment before the age of 25, let the Brahmachaari answer him thus: “Look you her, my dear fellow! If my vital forces, mental faculties and physical organs were not fully developed and strong, I should not be able to observe Brahmacharya of the next grade (which lasts till one is 44 years old), as the observance of the lowest grade helps one to keep Brahmacharya of the intermediate grade. Am I a fool like you that I should ruin my body, my vital forces, my mental faculties and even my soul – which, if properly looked after, endow one with a noble nature and produce sterling qualities and help one to perform great deeds, – waste my precious life, deprive myself of the fourfold fruit of human life, destroy my Brahmacharya which is the main spring of all Ashramas or Orders, the best of all good works and the source of all that is good and noble in life, and consequently sink to the lowest depths of misery and degradation?” CHHAANDOYYA Upanishad 3: 16. “Since he that observes his Brahmacharya, acquires

*And even after marriage should not give a free license to his passions. – Tr.

**Under the term manas include the principles of attention, thought, memory and individuality. – Tr. 34

****Life is divided into 4 stages or Orders: Brahmacharya or the period of student life. 2. Grihasthi aashram or married life. 3. Vanaprastha or spiritual Science, and divine contemplation. 4. Sanyas aashram or the period of Renunciation devoted to the preaching of truth and righteousness allover the world by abandoning all worldly connections. – Tr. 

The intermediate 

He, that observes Brahmacharya, for 44 years, – there are 44 letters in Trishtup Chhanda (metre) – by virtue of this Brahamacharya attains to that degree of pranas or vital forces called Rudras, in other words, he becomes a terror to the wicked and an asylum for the good. No rascal dare practise his rascality before him. Should anyone advise such a Brahmachaari to abandon his life of Brahmacharya, marry and enjoy himself, let him answer such a man, thus:- “The happiness that results form the observance of Brahmacharya of a higher degree, cannot even be dreamt of by one who has not led a life of Brahmacharya and even sensuous pleasures, are more keenly enjoyed by the former than by the latter. Since it is a Brahmachaari alone, who attains to success in worldly affairs, enjoys perfect unsensous and spiritual happiness, I will never destroy my Brahmacharya – the source of the highest happiness . On the other hand, by virtue of thorough observance of this Brahmacharya become learned, virtuous, strong in body and mind and enjoy and longevity and perfect happiness. I will never listen to the advice of such senseless creatures as you are, marry early, and bring ruin on myself and my family.” 

The highest

He that remains a Brahmachaari, till he is 48 years of age, – there are 48 letters in the Jagati Chhanda (metre) – by virtue of this highest kind of Brahmacharya acquires perfect knowledge, perfect physical strength,* perfect wisdom, perfect development of *And enjoys the full span of life which is 400 years good qualities, nature and characteristics, shines like the sun, enlightening all, and is enabled to master all kinds of knowledge. Should anyone tempt such a Brahmachaari to destroy His Brahmacharya – which is really the highest virtue – let him answer thus: O you, foolish wretch! Get away from me. I will never destroy this Brahmacharya of the highest order. May the Supreme Spirit, through His grace, help me to keep this holy vow so that I may be able to enlighten such fools as you and teach you and particularly your children, and thereby help you all to lead happy lives.”

kashi debate quote.png
Swami faced much adversity in his travels, but he never deviated from the path of truth!

There are four stages of the human body

1. Period of Adolescence – from the 16th to the 25th year.
2. Period of Manhood – from the 25th year to the 40th year.
3. Period of maturity – about the 40th year, when the tissues, organs and secretions of the body reach their highest state of perfection. Thereafter comes the
4. Period of loss -in which excess of such secretions as reproductive element, begins to be lost, in sleep or through perspiration, etc. 35 The best time for marriage, therefore is the 40th, or rather the 48th year.

Q. Does this law of marriage apply equally to both sexes?

A.~ No. If a man were to remain celibate (Brahmachari) for 25, 30, 36, 40, 44 and 48 years, a woman should do so only for 16, 17, 18, 20 or 24 years, respectively. This rule applies only to those people who intend to marry, but those who intend not to do so, are welcome to remain celibates till death, if they can. But they must bear in mind that this is possible for those persons alone whose knowledge is perfect, who have full control over their mind and senses, and who are perfect Yogis, free from all vices. It is a most difficult task to be master of the senses, and restrain the flood of carnal desires. The following rules should be observed both by pupils and teachers:

“Let them conduct themselves properly, and study and teach, be truthful in word, deed, and thought and study and teach, be indifferent to joy or sorrow, worldly applause or censure, walk in the path of righteousness, and study and teach (the Vedaas and the other true sciences), keep their senses under perfect control, and study and teach, restrain their minds from evil pursuits (such as the practice of injustice), and study and teach, learn the properties of heat, light , electricity, and other natural forces, and study and teach, perform Homa daily, and study and teach, serve atithis, and study and teach, fulfil their duties and obligations towards other men, and study and teach, protect their subjects and children, and study and teach, preserve and prefect the reproductive element, and study and teach, protect and educate their children and pupils, and study and teach.” TAITREYA UPNISHAD

7: 9. “A wise man would do well to practise both Yamaas* and *Yamas are 5 in number:- (a) Harmlessness; (b) Strict devotion to veracity; (c) Honesty in word, deed and thought; (d) Abstinence from sexual indulgence; and (e) abstinence from the headlong pursuit of worldly things and freedom from the prides of one’s possessions (such as wealth and Power). YOGA SHASTRA Sadhanapada, 30. 

Big Bang Bullshit (1488 words)

I don’t like to use God in arguments about science. That’s not because I don’t believe in God, of course I do. However, I understand that “God” is often invoked by religious frauds to explain phenomena that they don’t understand. Rather than doing the logical thing: telling your devotees that you don’t know the answer and then asking someone who does and not ceasing the process of inquiry until the question has been answered satisfactorily.

The Big Bang is one of those theories that can be disproven, doesn’t make all predictions and is followed for religious reasons. While it may seem strange that the Big Bang is a religious belief, since it is also accepted by atheist scientists, a deeper investigation reveals that the root of this belief is indeed the Kabbalah (source).

We briefly review the reference to just some of these concepts in the Torah and the Kabbalah:
“The origin of the universe at a single point”
According to the Kabbalah of Ha’ari, the emergence of the worlds began at a single point that occurred after the first “contraction” of the “infinite light” that filled all space prior to the Creation. According to the Kabbalah, the beginning of the creation of the physical world was in the formation of the primal material, and immediately after its formation the dimension of time was created. The process continued with the formation of the different types of individual creatures, including the different materials of which they are composed and time allotted to each of them.
“The ancient light trapped within plasma”
As early as Rashi’s commentary of Genesis, we find mention that the Creator hid the ancient light of the six days of the Creation. Since then, this light has been referred to in Kabbalah literature as “the hidden light” (or ganuz). The hidden light is revealed in the teachings of the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism to those who learn it, and will be revealed to all humanity in the future.
“The universe spread out and cooled”
Kabbalah literature explains the interpretation of the name of the Creator,SH-D-I: she‘amar le’olamo dai – He who told the world enough(!). According to Jewish-Kabbalah tradition about the creation of the world, in the beginning, the heavens stretched out infinitely, until the Creator told them “enough”(!) and stopped the spreading of the heavens and the entire universe – a process parallel to restriction, cooling and gelling.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Jen, why are Kabbalistic beliefs part of mainstream science?”. I would then answer you: probably the same reason no one ever deduced the Quantum Mechanical Periodic Table before I did, even though Mendeleev had sussed its basic shape in the 1800s. The answer is simple: those overseeing the publication of scientific results are not operating based on objective scientific principles.

How um, how complicated is this?

Objective Science or Religious Quackery?

It’s hardly the first time that religious beliefs have caused people to flub up in science. If we want to understand the objective universe, we must accept that all physical systems can be modelled. All models can therefore be envisaged as “causality machines”, that is, given a system, there exists a model (shape) and associated algorithm (series of steps) that accurately describes its inner workings as well as makes all predictions. This is predicated of course on the ad hoc assumption that it is indeed possible to model physical phenomena in the first place, something CERN’s recent results may have many doubting.

Given that no one understands the Standard Model and that it can’t even predict its own “new particles”, it’s pretty safe to assume that this model is not converging on a universal model with a finite number of axioms. However, I do have a model that predicts the totality of causality and it has only 4 actions: {Gravity, Uncertainty, Electricity, Entropy} & 4 waveforms {neutron, proton, electron, photon}. You might be wondering what happened to all the other “fundamental particles” that are given by the Standard Model, but you must remember that these things are not truly particles (only energy signatures) as they do not possess the capacity to be stable. They decay well within one second and thus there is no reason to believe they ever existed as particles at all. Consider: there are no true particles because on the scale of the atom, length is not well-defined due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, yet the Standard Model formalises everything in terms of fundamental particles.

How ironic!

So What Went Wrong?

Errors have two main sources: structural and functional. Structural errors means we have used the wrong geometric shapes to model our system with. An example of that would be the Flat Earth Theory, that has zero substantiating evidence. It can easily be disproven because the predictions that it makes are readily disproven, i.e.: the lunar phases could not be generated by anything other than a sphere. Functional errors are numerous, and include skipping steps, adding more steps than required (as is the case with the “strong” and “weak” nuclear forces, which are nothing more than a confluence of electricity and gravity) and most importantly: exchanging cause and effect. Consider the scientific method. It involves formulating a hypothesis and testing to see if its predictions match the data. When we have aggregate data, the logical approach is to formulate the best hypothesis, given the data. However, ideologically minded folks tend to formulate hypotheses based on their religious beliefs. This then leads to anecdotalism: ignoring all evidence to the contrary of your hypothesis and distorting/fabricating evidence to support it. It is seeking evidence to justify a conclusion, rather than seeking the right conclusion, given the evidence.

What is the True Model of Cosmogenesis?

As I have said before and which has been validated several times, the Universe cannot have a creator. If it did, then that implies something exists outside of it, namely a creator. In other words, if we define the Universe to be all that exists, then it is not possible for something to exist outside of said Universe and thus it cannot have a creator which is outside of it. This consequence of boolean logic does not preclude however that the Universe cannot have a mechanism for creation inside of it. Indeed since different solar systems can be measured to possess different ages, we must conclude that some mechanism exists to create the observable universe.

I have derived such a model and scientists have validated my hypothesis. That means that the mechanism of stellar formation via “clouds” is false and that stars uniquely come from regions of extremely dense spacetime. When the spacetime is so dense that quantum state exclusion can no longer be maintained, the energy of excluded fermions will be displaced to a sufficient distance as to solve the problem of quantum state crowding.

Thus, there is no requirement that the Universe be created, because we already have a model which predicts the formation of stars using ingredients that were always present in the Universe. If the Universe was created by something other than itself, something greater than the Universe would be required to force all of the fermions into a single hyperdense state (because it would violate quantum state exclusion) in order to cause the Big Bang. Tell me: how exactly is this scenario different from an all-powerful God? (protip: it isn’t).

The Universal Background Radiation, often cited as ‘substantiating evidence’ of the Big Bang, can easily be explained as a residual from our original creation event (some 4 Billion years ago). This background radiation is isotropic, meaning that it is the same in all directions. This would also seem to contradict the notion of a Big Bang localised to a particular region because that would imply the background radiation would be directional, namely emanating from its unique source. But we do not observe this. Red shifting is also not evidence for the Big Bang, it is simply a consequence of thermodynamics. Systems with no external force acting on them (and the Universe is all that there is and so no external force can be acting upon it) will expand. This is because of thermal expansion: all thermodynamic systems expand in the absence of external forces. That is because a more diffuse state is a higher Entropy state and all observable systems spontaneously tend towards a state of maximal Entropy. In fact, if the Big Bang was true, we would not observe blue shifted galaxies. Since Big Bang predicts that we are all accelerating away from some original state of total compression, no galaxies ought to be blue shifted (moving towards us) and yet Andromeda (the closest galaxy) is.

The Moral of the Story

Just because your religious teacher told you something, does not necessarily make it true. You should always seek to validate your hypotheses using scientific data in an unbiased manner and discard said hypotheses in the event that logic or observations have disproven them.

The Myth of “Western Civilisation” (597 words)

I have discussed this elsewhere (link) and I will now add some points to that piece.

I often hear people prattling on about the virtue of so-called “Western Civilisation” while simultaneously knowing absolutely nothing about any history outside of their own bubble. I wonder how they can know how great their “civilisation” is if all they have read is highly selective and communist influenced literature.

pol fuck off tilak aryan invasion.png
> when you invoke the authority of Indians to attempt to prove the origin of the authors of the Vedas was Antarctica in an attempt to demean Indians.

The logic of the Aryan Invasion Theory is as crappy as the logic of trying to censor & ad-hom me when the majority of my followers have long struggled with censorship and ad-hominems. I think people might wise up to your game, pretty dang quickly.

meta go fuck yourself kashif.jpg
ever heard of the Streisand Effect?

Ya. Real smart.

It should be clear why the written word has never been considered authoritative from a traditionalist standpoint. What is considered authoritative is the testimony of learned masters. Though they have had their debates on the finer points of religion and philosophy, they still accept the general premise that India is the progenitor of culture and knowledge. Promotion of narratives which deviate from this have always been underscored by political motives. People can write anything they want, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. Lies coupled with weaponised emotional sophistry, propaganda outfits can make even the most degenerate ideologies seem palatable. Common folk have never had a sufficient grasp of logic and discernment and thus the written word is not authoritative.

Though it may seem strange, the “East-West” divide is an arbitrary political one. It does not make sense from the perspective of race because Europeans (Westerners) are genetically most similar to Indians (Easterners).

indian european chinese
stop crying. build a bridge and get over it!

It is also false to attribute any variant of the Christian religion to Western “civilisation” because this religion originated in the Middle East and is widely practiced in non-western countries. In fact, if we examine the graph below, we can see that the prevalence of Christianity is quite uncorrelated with “civilisation” as defined by any metric.


So those who would equate western civilisation to greatness or christian morals to western civilisation are sorrily mistaken. People complain that things have not gone their way when they try to promote silly ideas like European Imperialism (you tried that already, you failed miserably and ransacked several countries in the process and now your own countries are being looted. Why don’t you focus on that for a change!?)

Since all your crappy ideas have been tried and failed, why not try something new, like a truth and science based meritocratic system of government? One that goes with nature instead of against it, which rewards virtue and punishes that which stands in its way? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler? Oh well, at least J.F. Gariépy is getting somewhat closer to the path of truth. His most recent guest posited not only that the past 500 years of “modernity” have now indisputably failed and must be replaced with a completely new system as well as proffered the idea of a “meritocratic monarchy”, which is just a stone’s throw away from a theocratic dictatorship.

I can easily defeat any of these media hacks in debate. And if you don’t believe me, just meme it, and I’ll go on their show, anyone’s show, and debate anyone on any subject. And here’s the best part: I’ll take either side of the debate, even the losing one. It’s fun for me.