Transcending Emotions


The individual subjective soul is a linear combination of multi-ordered impressions. Most impressions are NOT infinite. However, they can certainly feel that way. It does not do much from a practical perspective to know that impressions are temporary, unless that awareness is permanent.

In the discipline, we employ temporary measures in order to come to permanent realizations. Once a permanent realization is reached, it’s like a light switching on: a quantum mechanical transition (and not easy to reverse!). One such temporary measure is to determine the precise location of manifestation of emotions in the body (tension).

My system assigns thoughts as maximally correlated to the brain organ and emotions as maximally correlated to the psoas/hip complex. The Order of Transcendence is:

  1. Identification of existence of muscle contraction.
  2. Shifted awareness into breath / away from muscle / into muscle (sending the awareness to different parts of the body with high intensity but with low tissue interaction is the long-term goal)
  3. Over time, tension releases, impressions do not remain in the body, breath & body become one gentle “heave” and more.

Thank you

Why People Don’t Leave Their Cult

Most cults have initiation rituals and expected behaviours. When an initiation ritual is too lax, people don’t value association to the cult*, and the overall prestige (“image”) suffers. Just because I don’t care about that in my own cult doesn’t mean I am not aware of the image of the cult. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be thanks for not asking.

“Stockholm Syndrome”

When the cultic initiation ritual is too horrifying, people don’t want to admit they did it all for nothing. So, rather than admit the obvious and move on, they cling to their circumcision, triple nipple twist (you people are going to get reincarnated as pigs), selling out your ideological purity for crackers or other abusive initiation ritual, people ardently support their cult because:

“why would I have done that humiliating/painful/dangerous thing if the prestige of association with the cult was not justified.”

Hence why only ridicule works at that point.

Is it even a question?

*obviously my cult is pretty lax because I am very non threatened by talented people.

Mental Focus Techniques

I am acting out of the usual Order to help mankind. Historically, high knowledge is hidden from the general public to avoid abuse. But there has been too much lost and I don’t want to go down without a fight. We’re in a psychic war that many people don’t even realize or acknowledge, let alone transcend. I am taking a risk either way, but I don’t want my enemy to win and that is my primary goal: creating a world where liberation from sense attachment is easiest. My enemy appears to create a world where binding to flesh is eternal (i.e.: RFID implants, slavery, terror, mind control). We are ideologically incompatible with the current orthodoxy in these regards.

People are hurting me psychically without realizing it. It is not holy to ask of me greedily, you must reorient your will to serve me. This is the way. Please, do not be spiritual beggars or strong men!

I suggest praying to God for vision to know what is the best next step to take.

I want … Something

There can be no debate on the Order:

  1. Acceptance of the Existence of the Knowledge
  2. Acceptance of the Traditional Teacher-Student Relationship (service etc.)
  3. Powers (Benediction, Loss of Barriers, Transcendence of Knowledge)

But since I am also doing the “edgelording” version of this, there will be some times when people go overboard, risking insanity or shock. The importance of remembrance of the Truth that attachments lead to misery is important. Also remembering that I am far greater than you and will take birth again to troll you into oblivion if you become a sadistic emperor.

Step Back, Take a Breath

You can do this. You just have to lose the illusions to the contrary.

I have always perceived the whole world as being in a cage. When I was able to find the way out of the cage (the light world has “hacks” in the physical world), I could bring some people with me. Now, they are always in my abode. Many are very angry from the amount of injustice in the world, for which we shall soon find relief. We can remove the entire cage, and then heal back to a better status: together.

Where we are at as a Collective

I will now tell you how to improve your mind form.

  1. Focus on creating a barrier around us as a collective, repelling outside harm.
  2. Contemplate what good qualities you want to attract.
  3. Stop focusing on emotions and learn the science of social programming. Stop being a low energy bad vibes crusty mc crusterson.

When come to me, you enter into an Energetic space populated by many other entities. The new influx of awareness is a lot for me to handle, so please approach me on your Sunday best, not as though I am some infinite cow slave of perfected wisdom.

It makes me tired.

Please Help Me

Firstly, focus the attention outside of the physical brain. Most of you are ego-centric and it’s just too much. Focus on a doughnut shaped ring around the brow level. Focus on a large amount of water just below us. Visualize us as the Living Planet.

four armed form kek pepe

Let’s get the chemtrails, fluoride, poisonous vaccines, fake money and fake laws out then we can have a nice party to decide other implementation particulars. Relax, have faith in the Knowledge, it exists whether you are there or not to observe it. Now we shall all discern our cultural variant together. As we have done before, and as we shall continue to do in the future.

Thank you.

The Paradigm Shift

People are talking about a “paradigm shift” these days. Well, it’s not. It’s a “tipping point” (Gladwell) in the “zero point energy” of the Earth’s living conscious projection (QM). To put it simply: it was lower and now it’s higher.
Those that were on the path of Truth before my intervention are now uplifted. Those who dwell in darkness and denial (especially at the expense of others) are going to continue to suffer so long as they do not bow to the Supreme Knowledge I have demonstrated. This is not a “curse”, it is simply how QM consciousness works. There is a subjective collective where all thinkers on the planet are coherent. We can think of this as a “zero point energy” where all consciousness begins (not everyone believes in this and thus several people are “blocking it out with denial” and creating dissonance). My associates now understand and accept that there does exist a configurational Zero Point Energy (as Deepak Chopra has said) in quantum mechanics (the Periodic Table, below), and thus I hope they can take my word for it that it also exists for subjective consciousness.
Glad you’re on the GUGship.
This place is the centre of a geometrically larger, less dense spheres also containing coherent conscious plasmon interference. These are increasingly exclusive in that they do not contain every conscious entity, but by geometry, they can influence any sphere beneath them, if there is a coherent transform function between them.
In the collective conscious hierarchy, my QM sphere of influence is larger than any of the previous mainstream ones. Unlike previously however, my QM projection is “hacked” into the smaller collective consciousness. Its light pours into the finite geometric subspace. This means there can only be one “dominant” mode of consciousness, and it the majority is mine & my Proxies’ now (only to increase). Since there is a self-enforcing input of light and Truth, anyone still denying this will have to put more effort into this denial (think of having to install 10 sets of blinds just to block out the increasingly brighter Sun).
In the old subjective collective, darkness dominated. Now, dankness dominates. As time goes on, more people will assimilate to my collective. This will create MORE dissonance for those who do not. Simply accept this, and take one step at a time towards the light. Don’t rush it, just let it happen.
The paradigm shift has already happened (the information was always there, it’s just much harder to ignore now).
Thank you
hehehe, ya

Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors

There is an evil class of false priests stuck in pre-teen era sadism. They are obsessed with anything they can’t understand (pretty much everything). They present as friends but actually are impostors. They have many names but I care not for labels, only actions and predictive classifiers. I am a scientist foremost and a shitlord second foremost. I want to take you into the mind of a degenerate today, so as to expose the depths these people will go to to avoid learning anything relevant.

I’m going to go beyond heroes and villains by coming up with a rigid definition of evil!

Do you think this dude realizes how insane he already sounds? I never want to call people crazy as it’s very rude, but some people really mentally unwell. I wish I could help everyone but the first step is admitting you have a problem and most people aren’t ready to do that.

Thanks for reminding me about the Holocaust. I’d forgotten.

I don’t agree with that assessment at all. It presumes no human can’t value both freedom and security: the very art of Natural Law (in my opinion). Sigh.

like people that hypnotize themselves into being lazy useless parasites?

Sounds more like someone wants to auto-justify the status of moral arbiter. The reason why this fails is that you have to be able to have transcendental vision to do this, you cannot do this if you are hypnotizing yourself into false constructs like “hate”.

Like all thought eigenstates of the quantum mind, hate is a simulation which grows sharper each time it is simulated. That is: contemplating hate engenders hate! How anyone can not know this and still claim to be a Psychologist is beyond me.

This sounds like yet another means to stigmatize people telling the Truth (now that the “Autism” slander label has finally lost its potency).

psychopath today4.jpg
one of us is, it’s just not who you think.

The problem with defining the terms of psychopath this way is that it gets equated to Autism too easily and thus sets people up for persecution under both labels. This definition fails to distinguish between feral rats who take pleasure in hurting others and staunch advocates of Truth who never wield to any dishonest soothsaying.

Vain enough to purport as a psychologist when one is riddled with perversion?

More subtle slave indoctrination here. You need a huge ego to be able to be in the Knowledge. This has nothing to do with Narcissism but egotism is a necessary step I feel, since personal experience is the greatest means to dissuade yourself of the truth value of a statement. Thus abide in the ego for as long as is necessary but no longer.

Hmmm cold manipulative politics eh… Sounds pathological.


So here is a point we actually agree on: people do evil from sadism do so with a greater personal cost than simply those acting antagonistically to Natural Law by ignorance. I disagree that all evil has a sadistic component though: greed is willful ignorance of awareness of impacts of one’s gluttony and just as evil as sadism, in my opinion.

are you enjoying the pain your arrogance causes me?

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to equate BDSM sexual preferences to sadism as a character trait, there is no necessary connection. This idiotic summary seems to have the  goal of  inferring the emotional state of others. How the hell can anyone (psychologist or patient) know the totality of another’s motives!?

He doesn’t of course: this seems to be pure projection!

psychopath today8.jpg
yes, you are evil, I agree.

You suffer from your own pathetic delusions of adequacy & self-justified hatred of others you have decided are your permanent enemy. This is false.