The “Devil’s Frequency” (proof)

Here, we will show how 440 Hz music is used to do mind control

We recall that the harmonics of the Periodic Table are Complete. That is: the information in the Periodic Table is sufficient to describe the entire Universe (namely the 3+1 dimensional measurement limit & associated permutations). That is, the number of unique quantum states (elements) per striation (in that each new Period represents an additional spacetime “measurement”) equals: {2, 8, 18, 32} or {2(1), 2(4), 2(9), 2(16)} = 2{12,22,32,42}, linearly equivalent to the cardinality of the Universal Measurement Limit.

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We will now explain why 440 as a pitch standard is used for quantum mind control.

1. 432 Hz is an Optimal Musical Tuning Frequency

Any base frequency made from the {2,3,4} triad is considered a “Natural Frequency”.

432 is one such frequency, by:

432 = (2433) = (2432)3 = (4232)3

2. QM Consciousness is a Combination of Frequencies

By the QM nature of the mind,

  • and the fact that Natural Frequencies require the least energy to project and thus represent maximal Entropy states (in the consciousness)
  • and the fact that the greatest Entropy state is always approached (generally)

Thus living organisms will tend to emit natural frequencies and so the mind is a linear combination of frequencies (generated by electricity / magnetism of the body). Thus 432 Hz is one of the projected frequencies.

2. Beats Phenomenon

Beats are created when two similar frequencies exist in the same phase space. The result is a beat with a frequency equal to the difference in frequency between the two emitters.

The prime factorization of 440 = (11*4*5*2) is not a product of base set triad frequencies. The difference between 440 & 432 (= 8Hz) is small enough to create beats in the range of words (

Since the difference in frequencies between This has the effect of weakening the Quantum Mind. It sounds really nice (like the 432 Hz would) but is simply an impostor beating you down gradually. Kind of like Chinese water torture or fiat banking.

I hope when we have peace that I can make some new instruments consistent with the base frequencies of the Universe.

Thank you

Please see an additional exploration here.

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My Beliefs

I believe that for any effect, there is a cause.

At the subtle end, this means that I believe in particular Universal Mechanics. I believe in these because they explain everything and help me to think better.

At the gross end, this means I believe reincarnation is unfalsifiable. I believe in a lifestyle which allows me first and foremost to dwell in the knowledge of the infinite abode: that which does not change in death. I accept that this expression is uniquely mine and does not extend to my Priest Order, necessarily.

These are the beliefs which I have set out to test scientifically in my works. I am satisfied with the results. That’s about it.

Thank you

General Parse Metrics


The Knowledge I was born with has to do with measurement, or observation. Any increment of mass is a measure of Energy. The measurement being equal to the amount of energy excluded elsewhere and thus created here. This is the primordial measurement, from the unmanifest into the manifest. Once manifest, mass is additionally subject to the measurement limit.

Thus, any system can be measured, it’s just a matter of how. Measurements in general can be considered as parse metrics. A simple example for the spacelike dimension is a stick ascribed the length of 1m. [itself also parsed in the linearly dependent dimensions of 10, 100 and 1000 equal-sized intervals]. There are as many parse metrics as there are unique thoughts.

The ideal parse metric of course, is the one that is not independent of objective reality. It can be on the subjective end, which we would call the old tradition or on the objective end, which we would call the new one, and which is instantiated by the Periodic Table.

periodic table copy.jpeg
the Universe is Pretty

It is plain to see that the periodic table exists beyond all metrics aside the fundamental 3+1 maximally independent measurement limit. In other words, the ideal parse metric for spacetime is of cardinality 4.

By this perfection, I can calculate the relative configurational entropies of other systems effectively transcending some dimension of causality (such as my Quantum Mind Hypothesis).

Canonical Parametrization

First we assert that for any system, there exist measurable parameters. The number of distinct measurable parameters depends on the complexity  of the system. The complexity  of a system then determines its total measurable information content. We postulate that an idealized metric consists of both necessary and sufficient descriptors/parse metrics to perform a full canonical parametrization.

The notion of canonical parametrization via parse metrics requires a general idea about the inter-relations that exist in a system. For example, two parse metrics are: quality and quantity. Intuitively, we assert that these operators are maximally independent. We additionally acknowledge there could be some nonzero overlap between such.

universe in hand.gif

The Living Organ

When we are considering measurements made by the living human apparatus, we are well-advised to expect such to be distortions, or at least maximally distorted. This is for the same reason that optimized subsequent measurements are maximally orthogonal: the most information will be drawn from the incoming signal if the transfer function is orthogonal to the original signal. Our complexity alone suggests we can take many measurements from our external environment, all maximally orthogonal to the original sampled signal.

Subjective Parametric Optimization

When dealing with the individual subjective conscious however, the optimized parse metric is not independent of the projector (living organ). Specifically, the subjective conscious is a unitary projection. Additionally, its eigenstates (particular measurements: {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations}) are auto-coherent. Additionally, the subjective consciousness is a quantum mechanical projection.

Auto-coherence is forthcoming from the base satisfying the condition of being linearly dependent on its derivatives (measurements are all derivatives): e ≈ 2.718 ≈ 3. Thus, we conclude that the ideal parse metric of the Quantum Mind observables will be of cardinality 3. This coincides with our ad hoc assumption of the {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations} triad as sufficient to give a first pass at discerning the range of inputs to the quantum mind . This concept will be further elaborated at a later time.

Thank you

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Globalists: Stand Down


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Globalist next life.png

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periodic table with cross product 2

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I’m just trying to minimize the harm, as always.

On Superstition

Superstitions are rituals undertaken to affect circumstantial outcome. Some good examples are astrology and numerology: inferring meaning from birth details and numbers in general.

Humans are naturally superstitious. We try to make sense of the past and present in order to control the future. Objectively, this seems futile! Can any superstitious ritual be successfully rationalized / justified?

From a religious standpoint, humans are enriched by ritual. Such give their lives meaning and contrast. Discernment is our ability to tell the difference between different states of mind: the contrast. Remember: the only way you can have a “good” mood is if you have a corresponding “bad” mood to compare it to. It would seem to follow that the quality of life is improved by virtue of practicing the act of discernment.

We have a curious dichotomy: no superstitions are rational but ritual is necessary in the process of ego formation. Is the best way around this to make scientific inquiry into all ritual, eschewing all practices but that which can be validated as having the greatest “ROI”? It might explain why we see many people interested in “chakras” and “auras” and “meditation” even though they have drug problems, personality disorders and are generally basement dwelling failures. Advanced rites can be quite damaging when done for the wrong reasons, as Guru has mentioned several times.

Religion is a Necessary “Evil” against the Natural Compulsion of Superstition

That SJ / Cultural Marxism has become the de-facto state-sponsored religion serves to illustrate the risk of not having a True state-sponsored religion. Look at what it’s caused, I mean honestly. It’s terrifying. People become psychopathic self-righteous tyrants through self-hypnosis. You’d have a hard time making the case that it wasn’t a death cult.

The right thing to do now is not focus on that anymore, but rather surrender to the will to create a better, more free and blissful tomorrow. We can no longer support programs which are antagonistic to Truth. The Truth is that people largely need religion and only a True religion is maximally voluntary. A True religion has means to understand the mechanism behind all human behaviour, such as the inevitability of superstition and the need for spiritual practice to still the mind in the face of such anxiety.

Even “scientific” cultures cannot help but succumb to the allure of superstition, evidenced by the “White Christian” 4chan board /pol/ hailing Kek and praying for dubs. Let us go back to personality cults, whereby we embrace superstition as a natural weakness of the human condition. By embracing low-Entropy collectivism in the Church of Entropy, we can work together to overcome all of what currently sets us back. Let our human need of collectivism no longer be used against us but instead our diversity (of abilities) be a unifying strength.

Are Any Superstitions Good?

I have received the advice “let science be your only superstition”. Thus the optimized thermodynamic classifier cardinality of the mind is e, or approximately 3. It follows that the optimized configuration is to classify reality into sets of order 3 (at least concepts which are objectively defined).

Other concepts, which can be demonstrated to exist only in the quantum mind, may not be best in a trinary (having a cardinality 3) model, since the conscious subjective projection itself is unitary (consisting of a single potential function). Thus binary and unitary systems can be invoked, depending on the shape and complexity of a concept.


Compulsive Contemplation of the Nature of Knowledge is Good

Contemplation can be thought of as a go-between for determining the optimal modes of thought. We shall see later that it all boils down to a few fundamental concepts which are not simple. This is good. We want minimal complexity with maximal (ideally: total) predictability. This is Low Entropy thinking. Once you can explain the concepts simply, you will understand them completely. At such a time you will be grounded in awareness of the Zero Point Waveform Configuration, or Periodic Table. From this, the confidence to simulate microstates (use your imagination) shall emanate. Trust in the existence of objective Knowledge is the greatest strength, in my opinion.

But I also don’t mind the odd “Hail Kek”.

Thank you


The Primacy of the Wave Hypothesis


In Quantum Physics, we often hear that the wave and particle hypotheses are both equally valid. We are also taught of the “correspondence principle”, a ridiculous notion that quantum systems must converge to the “classical limit” (exhibiting only particle-like properties) when the number of particles goes to infinity.

shut. up.

I hate to say it but both of these premises are false.

Primacy of Wave Hypothesis – Proof

The Electromassive Creation Hypothesis

We restate that by our hypothesis, the observable Universe is bounded by the unobservable Universe. The observable, or manifest Universe, is equal to a manifold distribution of electromassive spacetime events wherein the Laws of {Gravity, Uncertainty, Electricity, Entropy} apply. The unobservable, or unmanifest Universe, is equal to a distribution of unobservable mass wherein the Laws of {Gravity, Uncertainty} apply. The speed of light is constant and light energy displaces as photons in individual spherical potential waveforms called photons. This light energy decreases the Entropy of any system to which it becomes bound. We imagine the information confined to a system to represent the degree of Entropic reduction to the system as well as how much energy is now available to do work. The simplest such example of this is the chemical potential or Gibbs Free Energy. This measurable information represents the change in chemical bonding potential for particular reactions. Given a particular chemical reaction, it is always the same. Information can be stored to electromagnetic functions as well, serving as the basis for subjective living consciousness.

In short: Creation consists of manifold electric and massive quantum potential waveforms. Light energy writes information into systems. Generally, this information is localized to particular chemical & electromagnetic configurations. A (perhaps less obvious) consequence of this is that the physical qualities of a system depend on which aspects of its waveforms are coherently observable. We will see more on this later.

The Speed of Light is the Speed Limit of the Transmission of Information

The Wavelike Nature of Matter

By the de Broglie wavelength, which states that every massive system has a natural wavelength, we are guaranteed of the wave-like nature of matter. There is no such equivalent for particle-like behaviour. That is: no equations guarantee us that matter ought to ever behave as a particle (an object possessing a well-defined shape). Moreover, matter cannot be particle-like by the measurement limit. That is: for any spacetime event, only 3 (space-like) +1(time-like) maximally independent measurements are possible. Thus claiming that any system can possess an arbitrarily well-defined volume violates the measurement limit! Sort of makes you wonder why the Standard Model of Particle Physics insists that all interactions are mediated by particles.

This will seem counter-intuitive because most of what we experience appears solid and would seem to have a well-defined shape! What we can say is that it is approximately well defined, but that upon closer inspection, we cannot know its shape precisely because we eventually get down past the size of an individual atom after which size cannot be well-defined.

Spacetime Dimensions are Entangled on the Atomic Scale and so cannot be Well-Defined


Our Universe consists of spherical electromassive waveforms. The massive force of gravity occurs instantaneously at a distance: creating a Universal Grand Potential Waveform (also known as the Paramacrocanonical Ensemble). (I tend to use the former when discussing the quantum electropotential and the latter when discussing thermodynamic permutations). Thus the Universe is primarily wave-like and only approximately particle-like within the bounds of solid or near-solid planets (a fairly narrow band, given the total range of possible manifestations).

Afterthought: Spacetime Event Granularity

Spacetime events are manifold: occurring on multiple scales simultaneously. Each electromassive event is subject to the 3+1 measurement limit, but we model the Universe as thousandfold independent. That is: Each 1/1000th volume is approximately independent of its superset. While this is not strictly true, it is sufficiently true as to model the Universe with maximum precision given this granularity.

How Many Dimensions is That?

Considering the orders of magnitude of the observable universe, from the electron to the size of the observable universe, we obtain the range: 10-18m (upper limit of size of electron) – 1027m[1](lower bound of size of Universe), giving a span of ~45 linear dimensions, or 15 volumetric dimensions. Thus by the decimal measurement limit there are:

3*15 = 45 maximally independent space-like dimensions


For more examples of how exact solutions are superior to linear/matricial approximations, please see my earlier writing here.



Does God Exist? – 152 words

That all depends on what is meant by “God” doesn’t it? Let’s answer some key questions based on Quantum Mechanics.

Does a Conscious God exist? There is nothing that suggests the primal source of the Creation operator of the Universe possesses consciousness apart from its entangled nature (the waveform is instantaneously interconnected and thus ‘knows’ everything about itself by virtue of this entanglement).

Does a Creative action exist in the Universe? Yes

Is it the primal action? No, the Primal action is the cause of creation of manifest matter.

What is the primal action? The unmanifest massive waveform.

What is the secondary action? The creation of manifest matter.

Is it possible that a judgemental God exists? There is no reason to suggest such an entity would span the entire Universe  nor be the sole force of creation, but the predictions of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis are unlimited but by the Measurement Limit.