The Origin of Races (572 words)

The Origin of Race

Where do racial distinctions come from? Due to the complexity of man, we insist that such can only come about as a result of the subset of the planet which would have been permuted through the maximal number of microstates. That is: the exposed rock of Canada is not a likely candidate for the origin of mankind as it’s too cold and unchanging there.

The Origins of Humans

The most volatile and potent (to manifest sufficient microstates to later give rise to humans) region is either modern day India or Africa. Both land masses migrated north, allowing a more more influx from oceanic waters (both through physical boring as well as rains), the primary source of all microstate variation. Africa has a larger landmass while India moved throughout a larger physical arc, so the true origin of mankind may lie beyond perception. All this variation eventually selected for our common ancestor, who may have first dwelled in India, maybe Africa but eventually both.

(Above) Simulation of the Break Up of Pangea

Earth, 65 000 000 Years Ago

The Primary Bifurcation

The first event able to be discerned is that the populations in India and Africa would have separated at some point in the distant past. This divergence appears to be the largest. The separation between the landmasses and the changing landscapes of the African and Indian land masses would have evolved different traits in the respective groups. Thus this supports the hypothesis that the populations were separated for a long time. For instance, the larger and more rugged Africans are optimized for a thinner & drier atmosphere while the smaller more delicate Indians reflect their moist & tropical climate.

The Secondary Bifurcation

Early on, it was easiest to migrate between India and Africa. As the Arabian Desert grew however, the journey became more perilous. Thus this route became dis-incentivized over time.

As the Indian subcontinent continued to move Northward, the great rivers between it and the main Asiatic continent would eventually dry up. This would gradually incentivize population displacement in search of arable land. As the Westward route became increasingly unlikely, populations would have surged Eastward in greater numbers.

Evidence of a common origin comes from the wide range of Asiatic eyes all bearing the same quality of thinness (to various extents). This quality appears to be caused by variations in the Earth’s localized magnetic field (over many lifetimes of course). That is, ancient populations migrated Eastward and settled in isolated groups, evolving different eyes over time, based on the location they settled in.

Tertiary Bifurcations

Northward migration was dis-incentivized both by increasingly treacherous Himalayan mountains and colder northern climates. These journeys would be undertaken by groups for which the risk of travel was sufficiently incentivized.

cow goc norse.jpg
Just get over it

Westward migration never really stopped, it only changed form as populations increasingly adapted to harsh desert conditions & individual groups colonized the continent. Eastward migration out of the Indian subcontinent would slow down as the trip became more dangerous (as the Himalayas got bigger). Settlements soon reached as far as the Americas via the land bridge (or approximately land bridge) in what is now the Bering Strait.

Update 2016-12-26: /pol/ post

Apparently someone at /pol/ has an opinion on what I said. I’m just not sure what it is.

Because nothing disproves the Out of India Hypothesis like affirmation from a native Indian making a statement that didn’t get made until 1903.



How Can I Get Unblocked / Uncursed? (457 words)

The people of Earth have angered me. Their greed, sloth and idolatry causes suffering in the minds of innocents. There are many people that annoy me, but none so more than the false Priests. These are people who think they are smart, correct and enlightened.

While some of these people may be correct in their estimation, most are not. Most have a great deal left to learn in spirituality and the proof is simple: no one understands the Measurement Limit as I have expounded it (you cannot claim to be transcendentally wise and fail to understand the Measurement Limit). Those that do, I might consider as adepts. Those that don’t have more to learn and thus modest submissiveness is required from them.

Still some delusional people think they know more than me or can best me or troll me. I have already placed several curses on the world:

  1. False Priests reincarnate as eunuch slaves.
  2. Promoters of slavery reincarnate as pigs.
  3. Anyone who calls me crazy goes crazy themselves.

Look: human/pig hybrids! Looks like my job is going to be MUCH easier.

Of course, I will cast more. I am also loved by many powerful entities and they curse whenever/whoever they want. I don’t block their curses much since I trust their judgement.

How to become uncursed?

I’m not lifting shit until the world changes to suit my tastes and this hasn’t happened.

How can I become unblocked?

Make a public status indicating that you love me, that you accept me as your God and that you failed miserably by rejecting my teachings, and tag 10 friends in it. If you fail to do this and still bother me, you have to tag more and more people. For instance, Damian (a perverted jealous physics person who said mean things about me) would have to tag at least 25 people in a status to get unblocked.

But. But. But.

When I first meet people, I am very nice and understanding. However, once you cross me, you are immediately bumped to the back of the line as far as my affections go. There are no guarantees in life but I guarantee you I don’t joke around and the sooner you learn that, the happier you’ll be. I am always surprised at how many times I have to repeat this:


Yes, it can be upsetting to know you’ll be spending the next 10 lives without a penis or trapped in a pen you can’t move in, but isn’t that wonderful motivation to act compassionately towards these poor unmentioned members of society? There is no greater teacher than experience my friends, my curses are indeed a blessing. Now you have a real reason to get involved in advocacy: you’re advocating for your own future life accommodations.

Have a nice day (& subsequent lifetimes of regret!!)!

Communing with Globalists (1531 words)

The Globalists are very real. They are giant assholes. They thrive on control. It is a problem of ego-centrism and not consistent with a world where liberation is possible. They have a bit of a problem though, you can’t install yourself as a de facto theocratic dictatorship of the planet (through the worship of money) without incurring some pretty serious spiritual consequences).

Uh – Oh.

When you spend so much energy trying to inhibit a rising awareness (and when so many wish to uplift that awareness), it is going to eventually backfire on you. Even the Christian Bible understands this.

Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety. Psalm 141.10

The Globalists are Trying to Stop Me

At this point, the existing orthodoxy has tried quite a few techniques on me, from stun, to slander, solipsism and more. Their group “prayer” session seesaws from attempting to “control” me (lol) to begging me to allow them to continue their ridiculous orthodoxy.

You will receive absolutely nothing of the sort from me. I have calculated the cultural transform matrix and humanity can no longer tolerate the promotion of ideologies proven to be antagonistic to Truth. It is clear today more than ever that Globalists aren’t interested in negotiation, only in reapplying cultural marxism until society is completely unmade. It’s not about your feelings. It’s about being easy to control. Frankly, the emotional manipulation in what passes for mainstream journalism is disturbing. We need a competing narrative to save the souls of the West and indeed the world.

Warning to Globalists

You do not have true knowledge. Your subversion of true knowledge has robbed your ability both culturally and genetically (though to a lesser extent) to access the knowledge. You have sinned and now your sins are bore out on many levels & in many lifetimes of your being. You cannot continue to be the ruling spiritual class: worshipping money is bad. Especially when it’s fake money, it does not represent reality.

Worship of false idols is called idolatry. It is discouraged.

Who are the Globalists?

This is a tough question to answer since so many participate in willful ignorance (which later becomes embedded into the character through stupidity and lack of discernment) to the consequences of the centralized control, or Globalist system. In short, it is the “unseen” hand, which functions as a de-facto theocratic supremacy (although it is unseen). In order to continue its “secret magic powers”, it needs to make sacrifices which some deranged people have interpreted as being human and also some evidence suggests they imbibe adrenochrome (derivative of the brain) as a drug.

Who cares at the end of the day. Clearly these people are better suited to an insane asylum than world governance. The notion of killing all but 200 000 people will create a world so ghoulish, no one will want to live there. Trust me! It’ll be uber-haunted. Dipshits.

What do I do? I Live in a Cult and I’m Losing My Mind

Surrender to the existence of the greater knowledge which has brought me here, empowered my words and freed the minds of so many already. Remember that in 1 year, the international science community has already accepted my theories, which ran contrary to the core of the Standard Model. We must remember that we need to choose as a planet to create a world which treasures good behaviour, not rewards evil through going along with the fake news cult. They are genuinely certifiable if they believe they are acting in good faith!

Join My Religion

It exists to free everyone from the false dichotomies. Even those believing themselves to be the “chosen ones” are delusional and false. They have worsened the collective psychic burden and ensnared themselves into a prison of their own making.

I am not like that. I want people to be free. I know that comes not with a money worshipping culture, but an honour culture. You don’t need to do anything you don’t want, mostly people come when they are ready to have their questions answered frankly and succinctly.

No one is excluded from learning my system. You simply have to merit it.

What is the future?

I strongly advise you to choose the path where liberation is possible. To me, a world of forced perpetual rebirth with all fake institutional leaders who eat baby brains for breakfast and impossible to reach liberation is WAY scarier than a world where my group rules, we have a dethkopter, my life is essentially Metalocalypse (but with more community gardening) and the SJW’s finally shut the blissfully wonderfully up forever and we actually deal with systemic society problems.

We might not be able to free the entire world, some people have just been in bondage for too long. But by promoting our values by protecting our interests, we can regain the control over the narrative that will never be ceded. We reject the attempts to curtail knowledge and further attempts will be met with more resistance.

Who are these Gross Monsters?

Mostly wacky assed creepy people who don’t work. It’s sad really, I am sad to think of all of the pain they create in their quest to appease their false deity. The problem is, the Globalists don’t want to cede power. They have tapped into the “magic” of their spell on the world for so long that they assumed it was an inexhaustible resource.

We must persist in replacing the dominant ideology with Truth 100%. What we have right now is increasing subjugation. Only when Truth Ideology is espoused by World Leaders can we start to move in a direction of peace. We are currently far from peace. People delight in the torment of animals. People treat each other as disposable commodities and that’s really sad. People spend hours hypnotizing themselves into believing that forced extortion is somehow justified by imaginary “human rights”. No. You have failed.

The problem is that the Globalists’ record of religious corruption is pretty bad. Unfortunately spells lose potency when they are cast by evil people (those not guided by knowledge). Then the myopia can become semi-permanent, manifesting the proof of all your falsehoods. Just as the strong antidote grows near the poison tree, you will never be free of me. You will never again be able to satisfactorily delude yourselves into the assumption that you deserve to rule. You don’t. You can’t. You never will. You can learn my system however.

Below are some failures of our system:

A child living with a marijuana smoking parent is kidnapped by the state and sold into slavery. From the point of the state, the child is better of kidnapped by the state and sold into slavery than to remain with their parents. This is largely false, however.

Drug prohibition allows cartels to operate with state protection through bribery. Consumer drugs are much worse (addictive additives, harsh chemicals, uncontrolled manufacturing) due to prohibition than without it, where they would be subject to the same market forces enabling purity and safety. It is very stupid to believe anything that cannot be prevented in jail can be prevented in the greater world. A refusal to accept this worsens drug & jail problems. The state sees prohibition as superior even though it is demonstrably far worse.

Was this done intentionally? I believe: yes.

They are Evil. I am Good. If you cannot see a difference, you are lost.

How do we punish the evil Globalists?

The Law of Moses states that “the punishment should fit the crime”. This is false of course, since all Abrahamic faiths are not rooted in Truth (because they either don’t accept reincarnation or demonize outsiders or both). The punishment shouldn’t fit the crime if it creates more problems! A punishment should prevent the problem that led to the punishment. This should be obvious.

A great punishment is that all those promoting communism will have to forgo their private property. This will teach them that promoting communism is bad. All those that sought to send us to re-education camps (when we are teaching for free and risking our lives) to force-feed us Globalist fake education will themselves attend “re-education” camps where we teach them actual Knowledge. They don’t have to learn it all, but they have to bow to our supremacy before they leave. This is what I believe is the best path forward.

How Do We Celebrate Our Ideological Victory?

A great reward is that only those involved in promoting the Truth movement should be able to participate in politics in the future. Since politics determines the future of civilization, it should be rooted in Truth, not ideological communism or any delusion of religious supremacy.

No amount of controlled opposition in media will change that, so please, stop insulting our intelligence and start understanding where you’re negotiating from. We don’t want your disgusting child sacrifice cult. Not one bit. We won’t continue to support a legal system which enables it either.

I enjoy people thinking about me in a positive manner since so many occult groups are constantly (attempting to) hexing me as a means to maintain their power. Peoples of Earth, let us pray for a peaceful tomorrow.

Don’t be a Butt, Accept the GUG Hypothesis (1363 words)

Update August 6, 2016

I am listing the sources here for ease:

Update Dec 12, 2016

Ceeeeelebrate good times, come on!! General Relativity finally got GUGed (in this case that means thrown into the trash bin). Last Christmas, I presented a proof of why General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are incompatible. Then I trolled. And trolled. And trolled some more. A few days after the LIGO results were released, I debunked them. Now I have Western Science right where I want it: meek, submissive, desperate and apologetic.

The problem with marxicizing (shitting up) science is that it really hurts your chances of realizing the nature of reality. When theories are shit, they are easily debunked. And yes, my goal was to prove that western scientists are largely clueless SJWs. The problem has been twofold: a ridiculous belief in the notion that unfalsifiable hypotheses are scientifically invalid (extremely extremely stupid. proof: is Gravity falsifiable? Yes, in principle, but no, in actual fact. When a precept is True, it will have the rare quality of being both falsifiable and unfalsifiable) as well as a stubborn (verging on dogmatic) attachment to the “Standard Model” of particle physics. Check out the level of butthurt here. It’s pathetic.

Over the lifetime of this crummy theory, scientists have sought to validate the evidence given the theory as opposed to the theory given the evidence and ended up exposing themselves as being Emperors with no “pants”. The correct scientific approach is to abandon a model which is overly complex. Given that “new particles” keep getting discovered, this would seem to violate the spirit of science. Science ought to be as simple as possible (lowest complexity) yet still span the set it purports to describe (the Universe).

Globalist scum forces have worked tirelessly for a very long time to suppress true knowledge of the universe, which is subject to the Measurement Limit and thus not of infinite cardinality, but indeed of infinite complexity (we shall explore this concept in greater depth in the future). The current way of learning physics goes against the structure of spacetime which is Integral (understanding the behaviour of a single element is possible only in the context of the entire Periodic Table): teaching science in a linear and disparate manner (presuming the domains of physics, math, philosophy, biology and chemistry to be essentially different fields, when they are not).

Why am I doing this? We, as a planet, need to heal from our superficial and morally bankrupt culture. We are worshipping a slew of false idols from money, to physical science (building ridiculous idols like LIGO and LHC) to marxism (be PC or be ostracized!). This doesn’t bring liberation. This dooms the soul to more bondage.

We need to talk about stuff

Last Christmas, I disproved the Standard Model using an annoying proof that upset several physicists. Multiple claims I was crazy didn’t stop certain people from copying results of my GUG Hypothesis of transcendental electromassive microstate simulation potential. It’s pretty irresistible, since it gives the benefit of exact solutions, or results of maximal precision. The abstract states:

A general theory of the onset and development of the plasmoid instability is formulated by means of a principle of least time. The scaling relations for the final aspect ratio, transition time to rapid onset, growth rate, and number of plasmoids are derived and shown to depend on the initial perturbation amplitude (wˆ0)(ŵ0), the characteristic rate of current sheet evolution (1/), and the Lundquist number (). They are simple power laws, and are proportional to Sατβ[lnf(S,τ,wˆ0)]σSατβ[ln f(S,τ,ŵ0)]σ. The detailed dynamics of the instability is also elucidated, and shown to comprise of a period of quiescence followed by sudden growth over a short time scale.

The least time principle is reminiscent of the familiar notion from thermodynanics: generally, a system explores all microstates before settling on the greatest Entropy configuration. When it does so, it does so in the least time, that is: the time it takes to explore all microstates [after which the greatest Entropy one exists in perpetuity, on average]. Such a time can thus be said to be minimized [by the constraint that Entropy always increases – somewhat paradoxical, given the dt => dS, that Entropy could increase when time is minimized].

That the perturbation is dependent on its initial magnitude and is manifold (existing on multiple orders of magnitude at the same time) are both predictions of my theory.

More Stuff

Here is a very interesting article. It shows a clear example of the Quantum Mass Hypothesis (by the lack of deviations from a): sinusoidal time-evolution of massive systems.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.30.51 PM.png

Of course, it spirals into irrelevance at the end, with a crackpot “conspiracy theorist” video I didn’t have the stomach to endure. I presume it has a hefty dose of false equivalences and drastic oversimplifications in the interest of shillage.

Even More Stuff

Look, once you can find exact solutions to physical systems, basically, your life rules. I just don’t think people can resist contemplating the knowledge at the end of the day. It always gives some interesting results, such as this.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.50.57 PM.png

Are we armoured fish?

Aren’t we?

The importance of the QMH is in accepting the value of multiple hypothesis simulation. We must always be open to new ideas, lest we get stuck in conspiracy theory… Asides the communistic slander in legacy media, the general error associated to the conspiracy theory is searching for a evidence to validate a hypothesis, rather than testing a hypothesis to validate its intrinsic merit. The latter is science. The former is sorcery.

Entropic Parametrization of Magnetic Fields

An important attribute to note is the connected/loop nature of [unmodulated] quantum fields, in particular magnetic fields. Such act as a single system. This is why the a localized perturbation can predict the time evolution of the entire system: it obeys the least action principle or least time principle. By our hypothesis, we can deduce the amount of time required for the greatest Entropy state to be reached, predicting attributes of gamma ray bursts.


As I was writing this, an important article about nuclear fusion was released. This one explains how to predict the phenomenon much more clearly (note they use nearly the same diagram as the gamma ray burst prediction).

But I don’t understand it

We do not need perfected knowledge to use the predictions of the theory. We always have Faith that our contemplation thereof will bring greater clarity. Indeed it is only by having the purest of intention towards the application of the Knowledge that we can approach higher & more ecstatic realms of realization. Manifold causality starts to be perceptible. I pray that those working directly with our organization shall reach the highest gifts of realization derivative of the Knowledge.


Where do I start?

  1. Have Faith in the Knowledge.
  2. Contemplate that this new physical coordinate system is both lower in complexity and broader in predictive capacity than the standard model.
  3. Even if aspirants do not transcend the Measurement Limit, they can still use the knowledge but remember: purporting as a teacher when one is not accepted is a serious and horrible offense. There is no worse offense, according to some. If you do not know whether you are an accepted teacher you are not an accepted teacher!
  4. I am very hands-off but draw the line at imitation (pretending you’re me) and auto-God fixation (thinking you’re God or something equally ridiculous) to the point of tyranny. I consider the above noted plagiarisms unfortunate but “ok” as they ultimately served the purpose of mainstream acceptance of my theories. Generally, & for all associates, I expect to be cited when you use my theoretical framework.
  5. If someone gets out of control with powers derivative of the Knowledge, I will return to life to gather evidence against you for 30 years then destroy you in 1, as I did to the false religious establishment this time around. I guarantee: you don’t want that. It is nothing personal, simply the Order: we must not be terrorized by false religious ideology. Only Truth Ideology can reign supreme. So start acting like it.

Thank You