Basic Logic (1134 Words)

The Potential both Exists and is Well-Defined ~ Love to Guruji


I was a tutor for 7 years. I learned at some point that lots of people can’t do basic logic. Not even:

All fish are blue
Jim is a fish

There is a logical conclusion to be drawn here. If you are logical, the answer comes so easily that it would seem illogical for anyone else to not see that too. However, that is the bias of ego projection: many people cannot intuit basic logic.

The logical conclusion (if it’s not obvious) is that Jim is blue. This is a basic first order deduction of logic. I estimate about 50% of people can get that on the first try.

Don’t believe me?

Well, science has the answer.

Understanding our World

I decided to post this after watching a video by Sargon of Akkad. He likened the “regressive left” to the brainwashed people from 1984 doing doublethink. He couldn’t understand how someone couldn’t understand their own logic fails. As a highly logical person, he can certainly understand their hypocrisy, but can’t relate to it. This is an effect known as projection: we tend to assume other peoples’ thought processes are a lot more similar our own than they actually are.

Illogical people can’t be reasoned with because they haven’t been taught to, nor had the chance to practice basic logic. When such people take up what can only be described as stupid causes, they are able to justify it because to do otherwise is not mentally possible. These SJW’s associate being a “good person” with “insert crap ideology/activism here” and thus not complying implies they are a “bad person”.

Sadly, illogical people won’t understand that argument either. 

A better strategy of approach is asking rigorous questions. You will have a groundswell of support: most people are reasonable. Remember: the (originally awesome) people who eventually turned into “regressive leftists” were only able to be subverted this way because they are kind people to begin with. Kindness can be abused, and be manipulated into foolishness, or being a sucker. This is a call to intelligent people to start asserting their logical dominance over imbeciles crying foul over nuttier than fruitcake reasons.


Below is the reddit opinion of my news story, where I called these very types “SJW’s and looking for a reason to be offended by anything they can find.”

not controversial

Why did I speak out? Because of people in positions of authority who are failing to use their full faculties, and awareness must be brought to this issue.

How did we even get to this point?

Understanding Ourselves

Aside from a few psychopaths, most people are naturally submissive and want to contribute to society (don’t believe me? See: the entirety of human civilization). Often, they develop other parts of their personalities, such as: kindness, helpfulness and intuition: noble qualities that don’t necessitate high discernment.

This is not a problem in itself and has its place, see Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras III.33-38.

It does however become problematic when such a person’s core existentialist hypotheses are both false and disprovable. At this point, people become personally offended possibly to the point of shock and ego trauma by FACTS. Again, not the worst thing that could happen but these same people turning around and blaming and attacking those speaking the truth?

I don’t think so.

I was fine before to just teach my volunteer class and quietly raise awareness about the cultural appropriation of yoga. But no, certain people decided I wasn’t “representative” enough. A local mediocre Yoga person (likely intimidated by me) stonewalled me and even went as far as to defame me publicly in a widely viewed post. She is behind the class getting cancelled. She spoke ill of me to God knows how many people, I hope she is ashamed. All this from a Yoga professional. Yoga teachers are supposed to be the best, smartest, most benevolent people in the world, not a weird creepy loser who censors me. I’m sorry but she doesn’t get to tell me how to be a Yogini, she does not represent Yoga.

I am now forced to speak on these issues.

Sadistic SJW’s

People are dangerous when two things mix:

  1. Lie-deology.
  2. Core existentialist hypothesis(es) hinging on blind adherence thereto.

Apart, these things are mostly benign, but infused together and into the elixir of social coherence makes for a dangerous cocktail.

For such afflicted, the experience of external objective truth can contradict the lie at the heart of their core ideology. When an existentialist hypothesis is so threatened, i.e. a person believing a lie (on a deep enough level) experiences a truth that directly contradicts it, the agent goes into shock. For continued  conscious coherence, either the quantum mind must be updated or the external objective must be subverted.  Many choose the latter, simply ignoring opposition.

“I can’t see it, it isn’t happening.”

Really Interesting Stuff

I’m Done With Dumbness

Some commenter teacher on a website criticized me because my Guru “believes in astrology” and then tried to discredit me based on my scientific theories. This is just silly, and not befitting of a teacher (any teacher).

#1, from a cultural standpoint, this is completely inconceivable… Among many others, reading astrocharts is part of the Purna Ayurveda tradition. This immature person reminds me of the people who close their eyes and shake their heads when someone suggests Yoga is cultural appropriation.

#2, at the very least, we are affected by the Moon by a little something I like to call Gravity.

I wouldn’t care but this is a TEACHER saying this… Come on.

Using ideology, psychopaths have been able to take advantage of majority conformism, making many into zombies in the psychic war.

“… patriarchy is the root of all problems…”

“… let’s censor an experienced teacher because she is white…”

“…….braaaaains…. braaaaaaaains!” *drools*

I call them victims of the psychic war. You can’t reason with them. Their continued conscious coherence is predicated on their environment reflecting their egotistical beliefs… And woe betide you if you don’t play along with their fantasy!

You’re not crazy/stupid, so why let these people speak for you?

People are afraid of their natural submissiveness. They hide in ego and under the skirts of ideologies reacting protectively when any evidence contradicts their suppositions.

Wouldn’t things be better if we focused on demonstrable facts and logic and all embraced responsibility for our personal emotions and opinions? Western society is currently going in the opposite direction: we allow policy to be swayed by emotionally charged and logically vacuous arguments. Many people strike me as conformist in this matter: afraid to speak out against obvious abuses of logic and reason.

The time to speak is now.

The time to act is now.

Stop acting like it’s a choice between 1984 and Brave New World.


The Creation (410 Words)


Both the micro and macrocanonical ensembles: {x,y,z,t} exist in our world. The world itself exists on the boundary of manifest and unmanifest reality as per:

 The Creation

1. The set cardinality is 4. These orthogonal dimensions are 3 of space and 1 of time. In the macroset, the spacetime event is approximately measurable. That is: {x,y,z,t} are approximately independent (connected as light speed is approached as per special relativity). In the microset, the spacetime event is entangled (maximally indistinguishable although time is always maximally orthogonal to space). That is: chemical reactions are mediated by photonic exchange. Within and between these aspects of manifest reality do Gravity, Electricity, Uncertainty and Entropy act.

2. One (eigenstate) in the [mass] potential, or unmanifest
Ψmass is formless: ∃¬(Ψi)|[(Ψi ⊂ Ψmass)^(aΨi ≠ Ψmass)] a ∈ ℜ
That is, the potential space of mass exists outside of realized reality, or ‘elsewhere’. This unobservable realm has one unique eigenstate. Within this and between this and the manifest realm do Gravity and Uncertainty act, (n.b.: this Uncertainty is twofold, additionally subject to exclusionary principles of the subordinate manifest realm (3) and not equivalent to the unmanifest quantum state exclusion). That is: the unmanifest realm exists above the manifest). Descent from unmanifest to manifest is thus precluded by the massive arrangements of the manifest. I.e.: the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy is not independent of itself.

3. Fermion Quantum State Exclusion
Within both manifest and unmanifest realms, two different fermionic waveforms cannot occupy the same quantum state.

4. The Law of Entropy governs all transitions.

δ(S) ≥ 0
For all of observable creation, dt ⇒ dS.

5. The microcanonical electric manifestation (the Periodic Table) is dualistic (electrons occur in pairs, or: the microcanonical spacetime event is permeated dualistically).

This system contains 1 time event in the first S-Orbital atop which rest three subsequent time events: rows 2-3 (ℜ1), 4-5(ℜ2) and 6-7(ℜ3).

postulates of quantum chemistry 3jp

Both the initiator event (t of ℜ0) and subsequent spatial events (t of ℜ1, 2 and 3) are intrinsically dualistic. Additionally, the subsequent spatial events are consequently dual. The physical dimensions (ℜ1,2,3) above the initiator event (ℜ0) are dual both inherently and consequent to said event, that is the initial creator event is different from the subsequent spatial events.

6. One duality in ℜ0 and two squares of duality per nested microcanonical physical dimension.

In the first (and subsequent) event is time, in the subsequent dimensions are space. An individual waveform is in permanent vibration (potential) and thus subject to the waveform exclusionary (Uncertainty) principles of the microcanonical ensemble (spacetemporal dimensions) in which it vibrates.

∀ i ∈ {0,1,2,3}, ∀ j ∈ {0,1,2}, ∃ (ΔpiΔxi)| (ΔpiΔxi)≥ ℏ|ℜj⊂≠ℜj+1}

Thank You

Mind as Quantum Computer (218 Words)

Me every time I have to debunk “The Singularity”


The mind is a projection of the body: a quantum mechanical projection. It is written that we are “beings of light” but this is hard for most people to believe. It is technically true if we consider the “micro” light intrinsic to chemical reactions. Our body must access this chemical potential in order to live. All bodily reactions result from chemical or electric potential difference and thus who we are is at least partially mediated by photonic exchange. The question is: in what ways is this “wet, warm & noisy” projection photon mediated?

We can see from experiment that the observed frequency is up to twice as high in some  meditators, suggesting the projection is twice as clear (as it’s projected 2x as frequently). Obviously the competing hypothesis: that the meditator is “thinking twice as fast” as a non meditator is too easily falsified by the testimony of a meditator.

I just made a video to demonstrate the QM hypothesis: the frequencies I generated interfered directly with mine. I don’t know if it works on people without a fully formed ego. I welcome feedback. And techno remixes (nothing that sounds like a mosquito getting tortured please).

Thanks to Stuart Hameroff for all of his work in this domain.

Yoga and Feminism (875 Words)


Update 2016-05-14

My Guru has posted an article which I invite you to read. Here is a salient quote:

As another example, while the system of Hatha-Yoga today has been possessed by females en-masse and used as a form of social-exercise for the elite of society as well as a point of conversations of snobbery in country clubs – the original heirs to this system are the fearful warrior-people, the Gurkhas of Nepal, whose aggressive and rajasic natures, dress and such as military-people employing such originally (developed) as a part of their flexibility and agility regimes for martial-arts and military traditions fall short of these modern female avatars that also hide behind the sphere of feminism to support their stronghold on asana, but have no historical strength to fight it beyond these ‘Social Justice’ regimes; such women are not military personnel, nor even could be, beyond swatting the fly in their Yoga class at best – catching even a mouse would have them on “desk-asanas“, fearing for their lives – and here you’d hear no mantra of these brave “feminists” and their Asana-yoga over their high-pitched screams due to an animal smaller than their hand! Brave indeed and “warrior-pose”, indeed, ladies!


Modern Feminism = Controversial

Although great in theory, modern day, or third-wave feminism is increasingly unpopular. I think we can safely say that this is not due to misogyny, but rather because its third-wave ideology is so flawed that increasingly many struggle to grasp its merits.

Yoga = Not Controversial

The scrutiny that I fell under during my stint in the media was a learning opportunity: the vast majority of people support me teaching a free “Introduction to Beginner’s Yoga” class. I also learned that most people do not support censorship of that which cannot be  categorically demonstrated hate speech.

But what about the people who saw the censorship of my class as a good thing? What is their problem? Well, let’s take a look at the evidence.

Who Lauded the Cancellation of My Yoga Class?

When my story went viral in November, I took up the charge to represent my love: Yoga. For the most part, reporters were total sweeties to me…With the exception of one, whose coverage of the event can be found here. This blog post was lauded by some (less than intelligent people) as the “debunking” of my yoga story. His post concludes that “my class was canceled due to low attendance”, therefore: stuff.

My “Poorly Attended Class”, Fall 2014

This dishonest reporting is truly pathetic considering I actually took the time to explain to this person that the only reason attendance was zero in Fall of 2015 was because the (ideologically brainwashed) students refused to promote it. Why then, was he willing to misrepresent the facts of the story?

Could it be that his ideology is so desperate to find facts to suit its narrative that he is willing to attempt character assassination on me as a means to distort the facts of the story to match his belief? How can anyone justify sacrificing a practitioner of Yoga on the altar of (false) ideology, much less another “practitioner of Yoga”?

We emailed back and forth many times, culminating in a one hour long phone conversation that ended with me breaking down crying. He was pushing me to say that I am not qualified to teach because of “intersectionality” (still coming up as a spelling error). I challenged him: “if a more knowledgeable teacher can be found, I will gladly step aside: this is not about race.” It didn’t matter: he had his mind made up about me long before we started communicating. “I’m white, I should stay out of the discussion.” Since then, I have had the chance to speak with other self-identified feminists, one an asian woman who directed me to a “white yoga teacher” with whom I could discuss these “important issues”. I have offered several times to speak to this white woman and she has not yet found the time. I wonder why? Maybe it’s the same reason as this.

What I worry about these “intersectional feminists” is that they don’t seem to be able to do anything but malign and censor opposition. This is not the yogic way, these approaches are categorically incompatible.

This, combined with a quote from a recent interviewer: “Have I found one of the only yoga enthusiasts/instructors in the western world who isn’t a radical feminist???” and the fact that the inexperienced teacher who replaced me at Ottawa U has a minor in women’s studies concerns me deeply.

Is Your Yoga Teacher a Fraud?

Given the massive cognitive bias and rampant hatred tolerated (sometimes even lauded) by several influential modern day feminists, I (and you should) question the authenticity of a Yoga teacher who identifies as a third wave feminist.

Third wave feminism has brought us such failures as:

  1. The Patriarchy. Not only a gross oversimplification and strawman, but also a violation of Dharma, the one true social structure. One cannot be a Yogi(ni) and also support the belief in existence of a “patriarchy”: the path of Yoga begets only truth. One cannot live in truth and also engender false attachment.
  2. If you’re trying to convey a movement of hope and peace, you’re going about it the wrong way.
  3. Google it for 2 seconds.

My complaint about many ideological zealots is that they seem to whine 24/7 about social problems yet offer no viable solution. In so doing, they only manage to create additional problems. Just like you cannot buy your way from debt, you cannot use the same entity (ideological hate machine) to solve a problem that entity created.

And in light of such awesome people as Milo Yannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and others, righteous anger towards spoiled brats running the show has proven powerful enough to shift general social attitudes. Phoneys hiding in plain sight behind ideology are warned to take a look at their core hypotheses of ego. Are you working for the greater good, or just your own?

If it’s not making you happy, it’s not Yoga

I am not a hater. I am pleased to report together we will work to bring feminism back to having a definition we can all support and be proud of: one based on logic and facts. Let us work towards a world where feminism is as uncontroversial as yoga.

Thank you

Understanding LIGO’s Results (1234 words)

Update 2017-11-23

Someone actually managed to point out an error I made – I mistakenly reported that LIGO had found a lower bound on the rest mass of gravitons when it was actually an upper bound. I have reworked the article.

An upper bound on the rest mass of gravitons actually supports my theory, so…


These are my opinions.


S = Entropy
dS = small, nonzero Entropy, corresponding to:
dt = small, nonzero time interval
c = the speed of light (~3.0 x 10^8 m/s)
LIGO: Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

What is Mass?

Mass is universally attractive and instantaneously interconnected. In an attempt to unify all fields: gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear force, scientists are searching for the particle which mediates the gravitational interaction.

My book will demonstrate the strong and weak nuclear forces fictitious, hopefully indicating new directions for particle physics (ones that can actually benefit mankind). I hope that what follows will cause people to question the results recently shared by LIGO.

What happened at LIGO?

Mass is everywhere interconnected by the physical superposition of massive and potential massive realms: the manifest and unmanifest. Totally manifest would be considered absolute zero: no particle movement means that the positions (of atoms relative to each other) are completely known (since their momenta are zero). Such a system must be unobservable because the act of observing it requires us to measure reflected photons: surely to change its state when it absorbs part of their energy! LIGO is probing systems that are near this unobservable rest state, so it is very hard to detect them.

Why do I question the “gravitons” detected by LIGO? Simple: General Relativity is based on the false premise of Time Reversal Invariance.

See more here.

Time Reversal Invariance is False

There is a notion that physics has embraced for a long time: CPT symmetry. It states that if the charge, parity and time are “reflected” (their sign changed), then the laws of physics should still apply. Unfortunately, although it can appear that way for systems interacting over a very small time interval, TRI is not ever true for observable systems.

This is because for observable systems, dt => dS (all increase in time yields an increase in Entropy) and so t => -t is never accurate, although it may be approximately so when t is very very small.

what is the superior coordinate system?

TRI is Only Approached by Systems for Which dS is Approximately Zero

In fact although the TRI approximation approaches truth in ideal circumstances (as by colliding black holes, which possess no chemical nor nuclear potential differences by definition), TRI is never actually true in the event of an observation (whose duration is by definition nonzero). This is because time is coupled to Entropy in the observable universe.

Under what circumstances could TRI appear to happen, then? We know by the teachings that Entropy always increases with time. In the case of observable changes, we say that dS > 0. Thus the extreme conditions which could precipitate results consistent with TRI can be approached on two fronts: dt is approximately zero and dS is approximately zero. The former is true on the micro-mini level of QM and the latter in systems with no Entropic differentials (i.e.: chemical and nuclear potential).

Unfortunately GR is based on the false premise of TRI and can never truly depict reality. Consider the time evolution of the distant system under observation. The part of it that is observable will obey dS > 0 (by definition). I believe this is what has been observed as a “non zero rest mass”: simply a consequence of observable Entropy bound to increase.

What Was Observed Then?

I postulate that the oscillations observed are localized to the event itself, not indicative of wavelike properties of gravity, but rather of the wavelike properties of the entangled massive system. That is: LIGO was sufficiently sensitive to measure the time-varying configuration of the colliding system: that which increases Entropy (however minutely) with time. This minute change in Entropy represents a change in the information within that system, and since information travels at the speed of light (gravitational observations are excluded by the instantaneous interconnectedness of mass), such vibrations could conceivably be observed (with sensitive enough instrumentation).

While we have previously faced challenges observing systems near the boundary of dS = 0 (such as the colliding black holes), the interferometers and sensitivity of LIGO allow variations in the supermassive system’s intrinsic (information) Entropy to be observed. In other words, throughout the event of their observation on Earth, the configurational Entropy of the black holes changed sufficiently much as to be observable. This is easy to imagine since the observation of the system is accomplished by two interferometers. The time interval between observation of the system at either interferometer is nonzero thus we expect a nonzero change to observable Entropy. This increase allows for physicists to infer a nonzero rest mass to the “mass mediating particle”.


Although the TRI of GR prevents me from embracing it, the degree of instrumental precision achieved by LIGO is still impressive. It pushes the limit what is known in the universe.

However, we must build the universe from that which we know to exist, imposing additional complexity only when absolutely necessary. We can thus say that modern physics is not completely incorrect, but that its approximation of TRI only approaches the true state of instantaneous interconnectedness of mass (via its potential function, known to be entangled in all but unobservable systems). We can also say that the equations of GR make good approximations to such states, but that they are not truly indicative of the structure of spacetime. In fact, GR can only ever be true in systems near the boundary condition of observability (dt or dS very near zero), or nearly classical systems. This is since the shape of classical structures does not change with time. Their movement in space is TRI by definition (even if the colliding black holes aren’t, since they are near the state of dS =0, they very nearly are).  This explains GR’s success as a classical theory: the Entropy of an ideal “rigid ball” does not change with time.

I ask those who would like to dismiss what I have said here to do so only after they have shown the extent to which my theory deviates from observational values, and what that implies in terms of computational complexity and Occam’s Razor.

Thank You

Wisdom vs. Ideology (83 words)

Your passion is the source of my strength, Ved Kovid

Ideology seeks to enforce its illusions by imposing them on others.
Wisdom seeks to liberate false associations of ego.

Ideology is insecure: it must connive, convince and convert.
Wisdom is confident: seekers of truth automatically self-assemble.

Ideology drains: it takes a lot of energy to promote lies.
Wisdom sustains: speaking the truth is invigorating.

Ideology takes many forms to disguise its deceit.
Wisdom is universal and ubiquitous: beyond form.

Ideology talks.
Wisdom listens.