Moralfapping is Lame

People have been “purity spiralling” since long before I joined the Internet (November 2015). It’s really annoying and it’s not something you’d do in real life because there would be inhibition towards the impulse to create that much awkward social tension. As we all know, people who “purity spiral” most ardently often also end up being total degenerates themselves.

I get annoyed when people obsess over the actions of other people. You only have so much attention. You should primarily be giving it to yourself. You should give yourself so much attention that interactions with other people are a joyful exchange and not a toxic burden.

Which Brings Me To My Next Point

You should run your opinions by me before professing them publicly if for no other reason than to avoid looking foolish in the future.

lets keep going we passed a point
errrybody needs to chill out

I Am Most Objective, I Am The Best Judge

There is a huge hate cult around me because I always speak the Truth. I don’t mind that, because I am confident that the heat generated by their hatred will burn away their illusions in time. I can deal with a gaggle of deriders: they don’t intimidate me. I enjoy the challenge. Anyone can have a personality cult, but it takes a lot of precision to have a good one. Part of having a good cult is having a permanent source of lulz. I don’t think you want to be a lolcow in my cult.

Don’t Take The Shadow Bait

We can envisage the “shadow self” as the part of oneself that one is unaware of. One is unaware of things because one is in denial. One is in denial because one’s consciousness acts in such a manner as to minimise the pain of ignorance. Ignorance causes pain because it places a burden upon the consciousness to simulate denial of reality. There is often confusion arising from these facts because the ego itself has an illusory nature. In spite of being illusory (in that it cannot be perceived directly), the ego, or “doer” is still a prerequisite for being alive. Celebrities denying this in unison does not change the fact that spirituality does not involve the active suppression of one’s core self. It involves learning about the deepest nature of the human spirit and eventually moving beyond the constraints of barriers of ego. At no point does this involve a fake smile, vacant stare nor concentrated shitty cartoon propaganda campaign.

oh wow, how original. sanctimonious prick!
jim carrey sarah huckabee sketch.jpg
et tu, Jim Carrey?

I don’t take people hating me personally because I understand that it is just a projection of their own self loathing. I have compassion because I understand that self-loathing is a terrible feeling. These people are in such denial about their true nature that their “shadow self” is eating up their non-shadow self. They are being consumed by their own demons and fruiting the putrid karma of interpersonal rivalries and egoic manipulation. Often, the consequence of this is becoming a lolcow.

Many People Fucked Up Bigly Lately

There’s a lot of people that aren’t worth being associated with. People who try to tell me who I can and cannot associate with anger me a lot, because I do religious work and I have to talk to people on a regular basis. If people stop talking to each other, that’s when problems start to fester and animosity builds up. That’s toxic. A refusal to communicate is nothing less than a decision to make peace impossible. Telling someone who they can and can’t associate with (and by association, be influenced by) is nothing short of terrorism when it’s paired with a threat (i.e.: forum censorship). “Doxing” is so general of a term that it can be used to blur the line between reasonable and unreasonable actions in such a manner as to greatly increase the chances of foul play. In fact, noted “polemic” Weev said it was his personal responsibility to “drop dox” because reasons:

As regards recent drama, the narrative that Weev is acting to maintain a monopoly on doxing has more merit than the narrative that doxing is categorically insupportable.

Don’t Punch Right? How About Stop Punching Yourself in the Face?

If we take the recent purity spiral pathetic LARP concerning the doxed Ricky Vaughn, most people virtue signalled by parroting media talking points: “Doxing bad!”.  Is it always bad though? Would doxing a spy be bad? Would accepting $2500 USD per month to shift public opinion in favour of paying candidates be good? Would selling databases of likely donors to politicians denounced as extremists be bad?

Instead of realising that this event is a perfect microcosm of morality in governance, people rushed to disavow, bandwagon hopped and generally chimped out. This is an error; what is good is to ask good questions. Good questions are those that go to the root of the moral values system. This process of inquiry is of central importance.

Should money be able to used to shift public opinion?

This is a nontrivial question.

What You’re Witnessing is a Cult Rivalry

There is an artificial cult of personality generated around Mike “Enoch” Pienovich that has been covered so many times I don’t care anymore. Don’t believe me? Have a look-see here that this group is computationally equivalent to a cult.

youre dissenting sven sontag
um… ok?

This lockstep morality is really creepy. It sounds like a new incarnation of Christianity, which relies heavily on guilt for “original sin” (or some permutation thereof, into which the guilt of original sin is transferred, in this case: “doxing”). You can contrast that with my cult, where it is a semi-joking cult and there are very few rules other than never disagree with me in public without a good reason and respect the origin of Knowledge as Vedic (revealed by God to Rishis and equal to the source and sum of all Knowledge) and that these were composed in the continent of what is called “India” in the modern day, but which was called Aryavarta less than 150 years ago.

Those are very easy rules. They don’t even involve emotional pleas like “protecting privacy”. Is one person’s privacy worth protecting if he is impeding the only person who can accomplish a goal from achieving the power to complete it? I posit that it is actually not that hard to know what is the correct answer to these types of questions, so long as all people discussing the phenomenon agree on a moral basis.

Moral judgements can certainly be made, but different moral paradigms exist. These paradigms are hierarchical, because there is one unique supreme morality. Some people cannot think past their own values and system to the true underlying universal one, but many can. Those that can should speak together to understand all angles of a phenomenon and put forth their opinions for general consumption to the public. That is how we serve mankind. Mandating disavowals using a crummy personality cult is not going to bring you any closer to that underlying universal truth you all crave. This appears to be a residual from the rigid (and often contradictory) morality of Christianity.

I’ve seen this type of transferance before in the female-heavy cult of “Kundalini Yoga” (as taught by Harbhajan Singh Yogiji). People start in a particular religion, in this case: Christianity or Catholicism. They become disillusioned over time, and decide to do something else. However, they carry the essence of their former religion into their new one and taint its practice with their unresolved subconscious beliefs. This dissonance will always happen when one is changing religions, it is unavoidable. Problems will arise however, when one attempts to become a theocratic dictator while still in this impaired state.

I don’t come down too hard on people for making mistakes based on previous illusions. It is not a sin to be an ignorant. It is a sin to continue to act badly when one has been shown better. And that is the difference.

“Fed!” “Shill!”

Glass Houses, Gentlemen

I could make anyone I want look like a buffoon. It is but for the grace of my discretion and desire to do nonharm that I don’t. Believe me, when I denounce a person or an ideology, that is going to stick forever. Since I understand consequences, I only act when I am certain that the harm caused by my inaction is greater than the harm caused by my exposing someone’s true nature.

Just because some bad things happened to you doesn’t mean you can treat other people badly and get a free pass on that. The covert or “bad faith” manipulation of public opinion is loathsome to all lovers of freedom and truth. People using drama to close ranks in respective personality cults are incompetent as leaders because a good leader doesn’t micromanage. Playing the gang-up divine & conquer game eventually leaves you excluded from the very power centre you seek because no one wants to be bound by arbitrary solipsistic protocols. People want a meritocracy where they can fit in, hone their strengths and eventually progress upwards through a well-defined hierarchy. They don’t want years of effort squandered because some “thought leader” decided their opinions were “dissenting”.

A piece of advice to wannabe dictators: “No one would blame you if you found something else to do for a while”.

Thank you

Update April 17th, 2018

Evidence has arisen supporting the hypothesis that the word “doxing” has been made into a bogeyman that will now be lobbed relentlessly without discernment. Establishment “cool guy” Jack Posobiec tweeted the following, using the term in entirely the wrong manner:

jack posobiec doxed hannity.jpg
ugh. no.


Commentary on Recent “Vice” Sharticles

I was recently drawn to two sharticles (racists are taking over atheism & muh racist pagans) on Vice in the manner common folk are drawn to the scene of a car wreck. Let’s have a look!

From the “muh racist pagans” sharticle:

Russian mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is one figure whose race-related writings from the late-1800s continue to be controversial. According to Gregorius, her idea was that humanity evolved from several “root races.” “The most famous interpreters of a more racist [view] of Blavatsky’s ideas about ‘root races’ are German Austrian esoteric writers [of the early 1900s] like Guido List and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, who is often seen as the primary founder of Ariosophy, a development of Theosophy that saw the Aryan race as divine.” Blavatsky’s work is also admired by modern racists like Tony Hovater, the “Nazi sympathizer next door,” who was profiled by the New York Times in 2017 and worked as an organizer for the recently disbanded Traditionalist Worker Party. 

Blavatsky, the poster child of feminist Yoga, is somehow the spiritual inspiration of someone in the TWP.

mfw people still follow Theosophy

I don’t know how this happened but I think it’s safe to say that whatever goodness that initially existed within the Theosophical Society has been greatly eroded in favour of some pseudo-communistic hogwash about equality.

Dame Blavatsky, who has been thoroughly discredited and disproven over 100 years ago, cannot be said to represent any type of “Pagan” (let alone Yogic) tradition.

The Vice article promotes Blavatsky as a core figure in Paganism because they don’t want people to discover the Truth about native traditional faiths.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 6.00.45 PM.png
… not suspicious at all

The teachings of the Theosophy Cult have been used in numerous aspects of modern ideology and give an excellent example of why people with no background in traditional teachings should not attempt to interpret Vedanta. This word means “the ending of Knowledge” and since people with no link to the teachings do not even have the “beginning of Knowledge” (& must be initiated by a master before they can start the learning process), it’s pretty laughable to think they could jump straight to the end. People who do this remind me of children dressed up in mom’s pumps with lipstick smeared all over their face playing “grown up”.

You’re not fooling anyone.

The atheism article is somehow more retarded than the Paganism one. Here is a quote:

“Some have argued that the mere fact of being an atheist does not obligate one to denounce Spencer, because atheism is not a belief system and Spencer is not a figure within the atheist movement, so his position in relation to the average atheist is different from the position of an average Christian in relation to a bigoted Christian leader.”


This sheer idiocy proves that “denouncement” is central to whatever cult “Vice” / atheism represents. The good news is I think they’ve denounced everyone by now, all that remains is for us to denounce them and we can get on with the business of spiritual teaching.

One’s lifestyle practice should not revolve around “denouncements”. One should seek to foster a good community through righteous actions, not exclude anyone who does not conform dogmatically to demented behavioural protocols. Yet this is how both the controlled cults of atheism & paganism are run. People should not be surprised that these movements are rejected by common folk. With extreme prejudice.

Deniers of Race have a Saviour Complex

When one seeks to deny facts about race and biology, one will find nothing but opposition in common folk. Since these communistic antagonists thrive in environments of conflict, they always fuel their own victimhood narratives by setting themselves up as proponents of “social justice”. Since justice needs no qualification, “social justice” must, by its very definition, represent an injustice – everything which is not perfect justice has some amount of injustice.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.52.48 PM
who wouldn’t LOVE social justice?

Generally, people are good (empathy gives compassion for the suffering of others and thus a desire to decrease this suffering – this is good, in theory) and will spontaneously move to stop actions which are (perceived to be) unjust. Thus those promoting social justice can set up various businesses to extort money from this spontaneous good work. This gives a constant source of money (through motivation to oppose their evil) for those who identify as perpetual victims and a depressing descent into unadulterated chaos for everyone else.

We can see this article is creating a new “enemy” for those afflicted with perpetual victim neurosis: “racists”. I dislike this word a lot, and never want to use it. I wish no one used it. It is the same as every other false slander term: it promotes victim-blaming & prevents healing. I hope people will start contemplating better words than this one. The label “Racist” conflates truth seekers with bigots and therefore is not a word I would allow under dictatorship. While we accept the importance of freedom of speech in influencing freedom of thought and the importance of freedom of thought in the acquisition of Knowledge, we also accept the need to ban the promotion of false ideologies, because they actively undermine the ability of common folk to realise Knowledge.

Since the social justice cult has no rational/knowledge basis, only an emotional one, devotees of this cult equate their submission to PC protocols with their personal honour (what is referred to as “virtue signalling”). Onlookers grow ever more incredulous as increasingly obscene violations of causality are espoused, until the final maximum Entropy state of total nervous breakdown is reached. Whatever cult that is, it’s not traditional religion: it’s a flat out denial of objective reality.



Rather than fight me, people ought to look within themselves and embrace the final frontier of Knowledge: the mind. Before one can become cognisant of the deeper processes of the mind, one must eschew all false beliefs. All experience must wash over us without arousing denial. The cult of Social Justice is all about denial (of justice), so there can be no common ground with those practitioners of Truth Religion.

We must recall that the opinion of the sycophant matters little. No matter how many defamatory articles I have to rebut, and no matter how many idiots try to slow me down, I won’t stop saying the Truth.

Suck it, Vice!

Debate Strategy I

I just listened to a recent debate between JF Gariepy and a Christian who sounded like his diet consisted exclusively of soy shakes. I am very much enjoying J.F.’s contribution to the intellectual culture on the “pooblic spayce”.

There is a shortage of good role models out there for young people and J.F. has a talent for conveying complex concepts in a manner which is both engaging and entertaining to the listener.

I am writing this now to help people understand a bit more of the context of what they are undertaking. I have already established that the Theocratic Dictatorship is the structure of all natural organisms, transcending individuality and culture so we will take that as a given and explore the current goings-on in that framework.

slave master computer hard drive
Even this plug has a Master/Slave Dictatorship

The Internet, pre-GamerGate

The Internet was very “ghettoised” in this era. Unbeknownst to the general public, several talking heads on Youtube collaborated behind the scenes to establish a cogent sociopolitical narrative. They all focused on the same themes and ignored the same things. This is a means to control public opinion. Thus these “Youtube Atheists” fulfilled the same function as theocratic dictators, and so comprise the cult of Atheism (i.e.: Atheism is Unstoppable, The Atheist Experience, The Thinking Atheist). In this cult, any beliefs deriving from religion (mostly from Abrahamic cults) is endlessly derided. Thus the public opinion was largely that Atheism was the logical or “proper” position.

Gamer Gate

The phenomenon of Gamer Gate had the effect of radicalising fence-sitters because the manufacturing of narratives (of “sexism” by the “social justice” cult) hit home for them. They watched a resistance movement form online and be gradually undermined by what has become the “Liberalist” cult (led by SarGandhi) who first claimed to promote “ethics in video game journalism” but ended up mainly making videos mocking SJW antics. This caused a rapid increase in cynicism in the “silent majority” of the Internet (lurkers) and further radicalisation.

Poking the Bear & the Dawn of Internet Blood Sports

Since the SJW cult needs a constant supply of “gnat-sees’s” lives to ruin in order to continue to fuel the narrative that they have the moral high ground, further radicalisation was inevitable. It all came to a head when a popular Youtuber called Kraut and Tea deleted his channel after being ritually humiliated on numerous J.F. Gariepy livestreams and the server he was using to dox dissenters was leaked.

Up to that point, the influence of Liberalism and Social Justice was decidedly waning, owing to constant trolling by Alt Right and 4chan activists. Youtubers increasingly engaged in livestream “bumfights”, reaching for personal insults as frequently as actual arguments in their quest for debate dominance.

So-called “Internet Blood Sports”, a trend that has caught on following the “sacrifice” of Kraut and Tea, involve a rivalry between one or more people being settled in an informal debate-style argument on a Youtube livestream. The atheist Gariepy has thus set himself up as a theocratic dictator: bestowing judgement and prestige upon his subjects.

Next Steps – Analysis of Arguments

It’s important to remember that just because one debater is wrong does not necessarily mean that the other is right. A debate between a Christian and an Atheist about Government is frustrating because both debaters are wrong. However, we can still critique the overall debate and gain wisdom from this.

On Christian Nationalism

The Christian soyboy arrogantly claimed that Europe owes its ‘scientific advancements’ to Christianity. Many anecdotal instances are cited, such as “but so-and-so was a Christian” even though anyone who didn’t submit to Christianity would have been killed in those days (something that would come back if modern day Christians got their way and instituted a theocratic dictatorship, they’d be bound to slay “heathens” by their law). Another idiotic claim is that since a Catholic Priest came up with the idea of the Big Bang, that this means Christianity is validated by science.

big bang einstein catholic priest.jpg
do you trust these greaseballs? I don’t.

In fact, what is more likely is that the Big Bang was promoted in order to stunt people’s understanding of the Universe. The result of presuming the Bible to be true and trying to fit your worldview to that, rather than fitting your worldview to the facts, is always going to be psychotic cultural appropriation. This Christian debater claimed that Christianity originated science, when all evidence proves that Christianity took us away from science, away from our ancestral religion and away from nature.

priest cuts down sacred pagan tree
this is psychotic

The story of Christianity in Europe is a bit like that of Macbeth’s wife in the Shakespeare play of the same name. She cannot stop seeing blood on her hands and begins to wash them obsessively. Christians cannot tolerate the guilt of having slaughtered their pagan brothers, so they constantly wash their hands (so to speak): obsessing over physical cleanliness (i.e.: calling Indians “street shitters”) in an attempt to wash away their spiritual decay. Just like with Lady Macbeth, it never works, because the stain is on your soul. You must look inward to heal, not seek justification for your continued ignorance in superficial propaganda and empty ideologies.

Christians must engage in cultural appropriation in order to justify the violence their ancestors committed in the name of their religion. Perhaps, if Christianity originated science, then it was worth killing all those priests, intellectuals, philosophers and artists? This is not a fruitful path. Without accepting the truth, it won’t be possible to heal from the generations of harm that these cults have caused.

On the Argument that Non-Christians did not Practice Science

This argument is patently false. The knowledge basis of native religions was the Aryan Vedic religion, from which all knowledge originates. My body of work is the proof of this, because I was not able to achieve the Knowledge without guidance from this very body of Knowledge.

8 periodic tables
my religion can beat up your religion.

It is very insulting to lie about the origin of Knowledge. It is much better to modestly pray for guidance as to the deeper truths in the Universe. They will come to you only when your heart is open to receiving them.

On the Argument that Religion is Justified by Fecundity

I understand that some people are in an existential panic about the survival of their race, but more babies is not the solution. In fact, more than 2-3 children per couple is a violation of the r-K selection ideal and thus one cannot claim to support the scientifically validated r-K selection model AND also argue for eugenics to increase fecundity past replacement rate. K-selected civilisation is advanced because it can survive at the carrying capacity. This means no garbage nor toxic waste can be created, no unwanted children can be born and no unnatural (plant and livestock) farming processes can take place. In other words, the White Westerners who argue in favour of r-K selection theory are themselves behaving like r-selected idiots (consuming everything in sight and acting like their actions have no consequences).

A false religion does NOT improve the quality of society, even if it increases fecundity. Those who are born will be traumatised by the false religion and thus suffering will increase. We are not immune to the suffering of others and so this is an unwanted path. What we want is people being born into a society that can nurture them. We want people to be able to find their true path in life and follow it diligently. This goal is not aided by infinity reincarnation deniers who wish to infight about which of the million Christian cults is the correct one.

Atheism is Good

It is also true that a society without a state religion will fail. This is because the highest Entropy state of any social group is a Theocratic Dictatorship. Thus to deny the existence of a theocratic dictatorship is to deny the very nature of all systems of governance. Even in the modern day, cults dominate democracies, albeit in secret. Thus, as a social movement, atheism is always going to denigrate culture, because at its core, it is denigrating government, namely any authority of priests (the rightful leaders of government).

im offended the amazing atheist
unless you count this as culture

Thus a state religion is required, but a false religion is always going to cause atheism. If you want to get rid of atheism, you have to get rid of the cause of atheism. The cause of atheism is a failure of religion to explain universal phenomena. That is why I suggest my science religion be instituted as the global dictatorship. I already have a scientific framework which can answer all questions about causality.

Democracy is Good

There is absolutely no argument to defend democracy. It is mob rule with the most degenerate cult leaders one can imagine. If you want proof of that, just look anywhere.

Literally, anything anywhere proves this hypothesis.

Theocratic Monarchism is Good

Monarchs were defeated by communists in the 19-20th centuries. They were defeated because they were weakened by false religion and decadence. A theocratic monarch is a nice idea, but frankly, no one is qualified for this role. All humans are weak to the appeal of materialism and egotistical gratification. Even my own Priest fold is not immune from the desires of ego. However, when a priest collective exists, it dis-incentivises egomania. That’s because we are all in a competition (of sorts) in the domain of religion. That means we all aspire to move beyond the confines of that which causes us suffering. But because we do not all have perfected consciousness, we cannot always know what causes us suffering. Thus we rely on the Priest collective to check our spiritual blind spots.

Thank you

Is Physics Subverted?

The challenge of finding a perfect theory of material physics is that you must first transcend material reality. If you want to transcend the nature of reality, you must make an intellectual inquiry. Since all inquiry is framed through the lens of one’s own ideology, how can we ever hope to understand what is going on outside of that?

We first start to understand things by imposing a model on them. Over time, we retain the models which make predictions and (hopefully) discard those which do not. Even language is a model: sounds are used to convey the nature of the human experience. The prediction of this model is that it is indeed possible to convey this experience.

How Physics Models Reality

Even if the mechanism we use to understand reality makes verifiable predictions, we cannot be guaranteed that it is objectively true. We will see below that two systems with extremely different structures still make a majority of convergent predictions.

Theoretically, physics is the practice of designing and fine-tuning a physical model satisfying the following criteria:

  • The model makes all predictions.
  • The model is minimally complex.

This is my definition of a complete physical model. Taking this definition as correct, we can use these requirements to evaluate the Standard Model as well as contrast it with my own Fourfold Action Model.

How Ideology is Formed

Often, people are quick to reject the idea that theocracy is natural, instead appealing to some other system. However, if we accept (take it on board as an hypothesis) that all forms of governance are computationally equivalent to theocratic dictatorships, we can start to predict who the associated “cult leaders” are. Thus, the hypothesis that the spontaneous state of government is a theocratic dictatorship makes verifiable predictions. These predictions further elucidate the nature of government, creating additional knowledge.

sargon evolution
i.e.: Sar-Gandhi’s Liberalist Cult isn’t working out too well.

Generally a theocratic dictatorship has a leader. The leader may have several associates and delegates and beyond them there is a larger, more superficial following. Anyone else is considered outside of the cult. This shape (of a cult) is manifold, and so we can observe it on all levels of human interaction. For example, a small group of 3 people will have a “leader”, even if no one explicitly agrees to it. Even on the individual level, there are two “cults” vying for control of the mind: the wolf and the monk. The wolf craves hot blood gushing into his mouth from a fresh kill and the monk desires to move beyond the prison of existential angst. Two rival cults, with different natures, perpetually vying for control of the biomass is a transcendent meme: which means it is true on all levels of magnification.

Modern Cults

Cults rooted in communist ideology share a similar pattern. There is always a single leader whose opinion is vociferously defended to the point of being unquestionable. As such, the cult of modern physics has led to a great number of uneducated folks endlessly quoting one-liners as anecdotal evidence of their condescending assertions. For example:

  • Gödel’s Theorem (somehow) proving the Christian God (lol wut?)
  • Karl Popper’s assertion about unfalsifiability somehow meaning that unfalsifiable posits are unscientific.
  • Evolution being unquestionable, even though it is technically an unfalsifiable hypothesis!
popper meme fraud

It is quite ironic that every possible means is employed to justify that no theory can ever be proven with certainty (because all scientific theories must be falsifiable) while certain models are completely unquestionable within the “peer review community”, making them de facto unfalsifiable! But self-consistency is not the goal for these people, the goal is power.

Was Einstein a Fraud?

The question of the legitimacy of various scientific theories was of interest during the third reich (see here). After WW2, Einstein was promoted as the sole leader of the Physics cult and his theoretical framework was elevated to the status of Godhood.

There is absolutely no question that the political affiliation of Einstein was zionist and there is no question that he did not originate the majority of what is attributed to him in the modern day.

What is less clear is the extent to which unseen forces played a role in the creation of the modern day narrative of physics. While it may be impossible to know the precise causality, we can nonetheless compare the principal tenets of the mainstream narrative of physics with that which can be demonstrated in my scientific formalism, which is demonstrably better, because it is both simpler (less complex) and makes more predictions.

really cool predictions

The Standard Model

The Standard Model holds the following tenets:

  • Matter is fundamentally comprised of 17 (?) particles (see chart below).
lol wut
  • All accelerated reference frames are equivalent (General Relativity).
  • Charge-Parity-Time Symmetry is true (if the charge, parity and time of a system is reversed, then the new system will be symmetrical (possessing the same physical properties).
  • The speed of light is constant, for a constant medium (Special Relativity).
  • All forces are mediated by fundamental particles which travel at the speed of light (see: Feynmann diagrams).
  • The observable Universe came from a singularity: the Big Bang, which happened some 13 Billion years ago and at which point the laws of physics didn’t apply (bc “reasons”) and from which the entire observable Universe originated.
  • Chaos is fundamental, order is imposed.
  • Singularities are true.

What predictions does this formalism make?

  • Gravitational Lensing (light bending under the influence of gravity).
  • Unlimited flavours of fundamental particles (hence: CERN).
  • No limit to the number of elements on the Periodic Table.
  • Stellar and Planetary “accretion” (space gas magically self-assembling into planets and stars. because reasons).
  • GR-derived GPS calibration of satellites to correct for the force of gravity being lower in orbit.
  • Universal Background Radiation (supposedly, but not really*).

The Fourfold Action Model holds the following tenets:

  • {neutrons, protons, electrons, photons} exist.
  • The Measurement Limit is true for fermions (predicts the Periodic Table / Chemical Reactivity / 118 Elements in the Periodic Table).
  • Matter is fundamentally composed of waves.
  • Special Relativity is true.
  • Gravity acts instantaneously at a distance on all waveforms attractively (predicts gravitational lensing & gravity effects).
  • Uncertainty governs all instances of the transmutation of matter (predicts Nuclear Reactivity).
  • Electricity governs all other energy potentials.
  • Entropy acts upon every system (dt => dS).
  • Order underlies all chaos.
  • The Universe is uncreated.
  • Planets are created by Stars, which are created by Neutron Stars (before you start crying, it’s been demonstrated).
  • Singularities are false.

This model makes all predictions (meaning its constituents can be used to describe any physical system).

These are basically polar opposite theories. These results support the hypothesis that physics is indeed subverted for the goal of preventing people from understanding how the Universe actually works.

If people are truly science-minded and not ideology-bound, they should seek to understand my scientific system and abandon the false one. The Standard Model devotees endlessly promote that “little is known”, “we don’t know everything” and even “we can’t know everything”. It is very nihilistic and causes a loss of knowledge because people cannot coherently observe that which they do not believe in. My world view promotes that it is possible to garner information from a system, that this information can be optimised and that the only limit on measurement are the 3+1 dimensions of spacetime.

At this point, whether physics was subverted or just unfortunate is not really relevant. Because now we can all enjoy the quantum mechanical periodic table together:

8 periodic tables.jpg
Quantum Mechanical Periodic Table, Artistic Impressions

I really like that meme. The Standard Model does not have that meme.

eating einstein
Come over to the dank side.

Ideological Differences Between Physical Models

How, if the observations of material reality are the same, can these models be SO different. The reason is that the Standard Model is fundamentally wrong. However, because its (fundamentally wrong) assertion that there can be any time symmetry is approximately true on the microscale and thus results can be produced that appear to validate this hypothesis. Let’s find out why:

In my system, we accept that time travels in a unique direction. That is the direction of increasing Entropy. Our formalism summarises this in the following expression:

dt => dS

Which means that for every infinitesimal (smallest nonzero) increment of time, there will be a corresponding infinitesimal increase in Entropy. Outside of Standard Model particle physics, this is not even a controversial statement. Thermodynamics, which expounds the laws of heat transfer, explicitly teaches the so called “arrow of time” (time can only go forward, not back). Yet the SM teaches that if we reverse charge-parity-time, then we will end up with identical physical systems. This is false.

The truth is that Entropy always increases and it does so in a manner which is strictly not symmetric. However, on very small time scales, the increase in Entropy will be correspondingly small. Thus proponents of the Standard Model are able to generate experimental results which appear to have CPT symmetry because the time interval over which they are measured is so small that the increase in Entropy is not detectable.

we're all spacetime events
don’t make me have to meme on you.

Belief in the Standard Model ideology undermines one’s understanding of nature. Everything originates from the Zero Point Waveform. If you don’t believe that this waveform exists, then you won’t be able to perceive it. Belief in existence is a necessary condition for understanding and assimilating the Zero Point Energy Knowledge.

*Because the Big Bang is a singularity and singularities are regions where the laws of physics break down, they make all predictions (both true and false) and thus are tautological.



The Alien Dictatorship

A Bit of My History

When I was younger, I had complex visualisations of magnanimous proportions. I saw a distant object made of light populated with an advanced civilisation of priests and warriors. All the entities living in this light world worked together to hold together its structure: all together they projected it. In my fantasies, they came to Earth to bring me into their light-ship and teach me their mystic Knowledge. When they arrived, they turned on a machine that made time stand still. They could then separate me from the rest of humanity in the time vortex and impart their sacred teachings.

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They had many things to teach me, most importantly was that we were under attack from a nefarious alien spaceship. As a protective measure, the entities from the light ship selected the genetics of certain humans to be born with special abilities, imbuing their DNA with rich light. But the evil aliens managed to poison the DNA, which diminished the capacity of most of the gifted children. The light-ship beings explained this to me and tasked me with the duty of defending the planet from this threat.

As I grew older, I assumed my visions were whimsical childish flights of fancy. However, in recent times, I am not so sure anymore. I am starting to think that this information was metaphorical wisdom conveyed to me by light-beings (in a manner a child would understand). I think the warning about genetics getting poisoned is about vaccines. These have a far deeper impact on well-being than most people realise. Moreover, we are literally under attack by a foreign people who seek to poison our bodies and our minds.

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On the Existence of Light Realm Conscious Entities

Many people wish to deny the existence of conscious entities in the light realm. People sometimes even go so far as to deny that the mind is a quantum computer (which is of the light realm), in spite of all the evidence supporting this hypothesis! However, all advanced aspirants accept that  consciousness endures between lives. This is because as one progresses spiritually, one’s consciousness becomes stilled to the point that memories of previous lives are not lost upon rebirth.

The conscious entities of the light realm are simply the consciousness of people who are not alive at this time. Just as you can gradually learn to hold your breath longer and longer, so too can ascended masters learn to avoid taking birth again, but still retain consciousness between lives. Since this consciousness is now outside of the domain of the living, it does not change with time like the human consciousness does. Remember, the living body is what changes the consciousness. It changes the consciousness by sending stimuli (received from the environment) to the mind which is then modified by these stimuli. These modifications range from thoughts and feelings to perceptions and imagination. [*The mind also modifies the body, but it does so over a different time scale. As this subject is vastly more complicated, we will leave that discussion to another day]. Non-living conscious entities do not undergo such modulations, unless of course, they manage to interact with living consciousness. They can then piggyback on living consciousness, modifying it to emulate their state. This is an uncommon occurrence and so these conscious entities are largely unchanging.

The Grand Canonical Transform

I was recently reminded of the light-ship machine that made time stand still. As narratives converge, people are noticing their sense of time is different. Often, a month feels like a year, simply because so much has happened. Rather than focusing on the passage of linear time, people are focusing on structures (religion, ideology, science, society, politics) and narratives (summaries (“stories”) of longer time intervals): both of which are of the Information domain. There are two aspects of reality: the domain of {space,time} (manifest) and {Entropy, Information} (unmanifest). In my science religion, we learn the mathematical formulas to transform between these respective domains.

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Mathematics is the language of nature

We are physical beings experiencing a consciousness which is quantum mechanical. This conscious waveform can experience all facets of reality, but the unmanifest attributes are significantly harder to perceive. Everyone can perceive space and time, and some people (special people) can perceive Entropy and Information. Entropy is the degree of disorder in a system and information is the consolidation of individual data (stimuli) into well-defined archetypal structures (read more here) such as words, ideas, visualisations, concepts, algorithms and knowledge. My science religion teaches people to maximise the amount of information they can extract from mental processes by employing the mental process of lowest Entropy: ordered thinking means the mind can expend less energy thinking (because it is not devoting any energy to simulating falsity or redundancy).

So-called “memes” are images which convey meaning. The meaning itself can be intellectual, emotional or both. By promoting ideas (of the Information realm), the consciousness is redirected from the realm of time and space (what is called “mundane”). The loss of ignorance promulgated by Internet culture has brought people from a mundane and materialistic life to a light realm of ideas and knowledge. Time appears to slow down as we all bring our focus together to the task of forging a better tomorrow.


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Sociological Archetypes

Although it may not seem like it, there is something out there which is worth living for. That precious thing is what we are building today.

The current ideological system based on false concepts about sexual identity & exalted victimhood. It is nothing short of a violation of Natural Law. Many wish to engender a cult-like status by having an offended-off: whoever gets the most offended is the “Queen”. This is degenerate.

General Natural Law Class System

We have come so far from Truth dictating policy that some believe emotions ought to dictate policy. Whose emotions exactly are more important? How can we tell? Aren’t we all equal (i.e.: shouldn’t our emotions factor into policy not at all)?

Inverting the Natural Order (as by bestowing false authority) has numerous negative consequences. One of such consequences is that, rather than getting the numerous blessings of my wonderful and perfect objective science basis of reality, the existing Order (cult) endures the humiliation of being usurped by myself and my global order of Priests. I can tell you that if you dislike me, then you will probably not like my GUG Priests either. Funnily enough, I actually don’t care about that.

The rival cult may have started these hysterics, but I am ending them. If you don’t like my method, and attempt to reproach me for it, you might just catch me on a bad day and you probably, really, seriously, don’t want that.

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never talk to me or my babies ever again.

Sample Sociological Archetypes

One of the most precious sciences is social science. Being social animals, we enjoy each other’s company and derive satisfaction both from designing and ascending socio-cultural hierarchies.

In order for people to (start to) learn this knowledge, here is a sample of archetypes of people in the movement.

The Statesman

grandiose, compassionate, emotional, practical, strong inner fire

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 10.45.37 PM.png
Left: US President Donald Trump, Right: Christopher Cantwell

Donald Trump and Christopher Cantwell are both Statesman archetypes. Being older and more experienced, Trump is more restrained than the young buck Cantwell. The result of this is that while both are passionate, Trump is more measured/vengeful & Cantwell more impulsive/forgiving. Trump’s ego is also more externalised (evidenced by his numerous commercial successes) while Cantwell’s is more internalised (evidenced by his recent meteoric rise in knowledge / rhetorical efficacy).

The Memer / Dreamer

enjoys solitude, introspective, complex, creative, anguished

Not necessarily a content creator, but certainly an avid & discerning consumer, this archetype is often lost in the world of ideas. They have the potential to access higher teachings through their imaginations, but must be careful not to get carried away in flights of whimsey. While useful, their perfectionism can cause inaction & neurosis.

Most of my assembly fits this archetype.

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something like that


The Pillar

contemplative, inhibited, caring, measured, strong, committed

Though not a big talker, the Pillar archetype listens and internalises very well. Their emotions run deeper than average. They are a loyal companion and dedicated friend.

me smiling in bedroom
I am beyond many archetype systems, but not all.


These archetypes are a starting point for self-understanding (within our cultural context). The goal is not to limit ourselves to any particular archetype or system, but rather to study all archetype systems. This is how we can know ourself, independent of archetype systems.

Thank you




Lifestyle Advice

The good news is that it is not too hard to get huge gains. The bad news is that you basically have to forget everything you think is true. I already took some time to debunk the “food guide” here

Firstly, we must accept that physically (mannerisms, habits, diet), only incremental changes are lasting. Secondly, we must accept that quantum mechanical (consciousness, knowledge), changes are (near) instant.

An example of a physical change would be gaining muscle or i

Lifestyle Improvement Tips

  • Eat calmly, slowly & not too much. It is sad to me when I see people eating like its an endurance sport.
  • Eat the largest meal at lunch and don’t eat too much at supper.
  • Drink water before a meal, not after.
  • Learn what foods are appropriate/inappropriate for your constitution & gradually increase/decrease the relative proportion of each in your diet. Our Guru specialises in this discipline.
  • Get enough sleep. When in bed, focus on “feeling tired” rather than “trying to sleep”. You are either trying or you are sleeping: you can’t do both simultaneously – they are quantum mechanically incompatible.
  • Eat enough fibre (pooping should be enjoyable, not a horrific struggle).
  • Accept that the posture is the boundary between the physical and quantum self. Work to improve your posture by visualising a thread attached to the base of your spine and leading up through the top of the head. Imagine someone is pulling upwards on this string.

Mindset Improvement Tips

  • Learn something that isn’t a pile of garbage shill hack job cryptocommunist demoralisation scam (harder than it sounds – please contact me for more details).
  • According to recent research, the complexity of the mind is 11 dimensions. The physical world is 3 dimensions. Thus the upkeep of the mind is more important than the body, specifically (11/3) ≈ 3.67 times more precious. Plan accordingly.
  • Accept to learn the Knowledge & also to engender an attitude of equal parts open-mindedness & discernment. Lasting knowledge cannot be achieved without both of these ingredients.
  • Decide which of the categories of Knowledge is most interesting to you. Learn it, and practice it by disproving rival ideologies. Your ability to explain why competing ideologies are false is (for the time being) more important than your ability to comprehend all the facets of our ideology (to think one could know all things that constitute “Truth” in a single lifetime is also unrealistic). No one knows everything, you must simply have faith that everything in our ideology is as true as possible. Our ideology also makes all predictions. This does not mean that someone couldn’t come along tomorrow and propose and even better ideology. I would certainly accept it if it could be proven to be of lesser complexity (4 actions over 4 orders of magnitude) and sufficient cardinality (enough distinctions to make all predictions).
  • Practice the art of visualising shapes & dividing a shape (line, circle, sphere…) of constant size into identical sized segments. Practice the science of linear algebra (particularly matrix multiplication, eigenvalues / vectors & row reduction).

Remember, the sooner I am in charge, the sooner every woman will seek to emulate me, rather than just be skanking it up 24/7 & the sooner we can put garbage like this in the rear view.

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Disgusting. But at least the argument is over.

Thank you