General Parse Metrics (550 words)


The Knowledge I was born with has to do with measurement, or observation. Any increment of mass is a measure of Energy. The measurement being equal to the amount of energy excluded elsewhere and thus created here. This is the primordial measurement, from the unmanifest into the manifest. Once manifest, mass is additionally subject to the measurement limit.

Thus, any system can be measured, it’s just a matter of how. Measurements in general can be considered as parse metrics. A simple example for the spacelike dimension is a stick ascribed the length of 1m. [itself also parsed in the linearly dependent dimensions of 10, 100 and 1000 equal-sized intervals]. There are as many parse metrics as there are unique thoughts.

The ideal parse metric of course, is the one that is not independent of objective reality. It can be on the subjective end, which we would call the old tradition or on the objective end, which we would call the new one, and which is instantiated by the Periodic Table.

periodic table copy.jpeg
the Universe is Pretty

It is plain to see that the periodic table exists beyond all metrics aside the fundamental 3+1 maximally independent measurement limit. In other words, the ideal parse metric for spacetime is of cardinality 4.

By this perfection, I can calculate the relative configurational entropies of other systems effectively transcending some dimension of causality (such as my Quantum Mind Hypothesis).

Canonical Parametrization

First we assert that for any system, there exist measurable parameters. The number of distinct measurable parameters depends on the complexity  of the system. The complexity  of a system then determines its total measurable information content. We postulate that an idealized metric consists of both necessary and sufficient descriptors/parse metrics to perform a full canonical parametrization.

The notion of canonical parametrization via parse metrics requires a general idea about the inter-relations that exist in a system. For example, two parse metrics are: quality and quantity. Intuitively, we assert that these operators are maximally independent. We additionally acknowledge there could be some nonzero overlap between such.

universe in hand.gif

The Living Organ

When we are considering measurements made by the living human apparatus, we are well-advised to expect such to be distortions, or at least maximally distorted. This is for the same reason that optimized subsequent measurements are maximally orthogonal: the most information will be drawn from the incoming signal if the transfer function is orthogonal to the original signal. Our complexity alone suggests we can take many measurements from our external environment, all maximally orthogonal to the original sampled signal.

Subjective Parametric Optimization

When dealing with the individual subjective conscious however, the optimized parse metric is not independent of the projector (living organ). Specifically, the subjective conscious is a unitary projection. Additionally, its eigenstates (particular measurements: {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations}) are auto-coherent. Additionally, the subjective consciousness is a quantum mechanical projection.

Auto-coherence is forthcoming from the base satisfying the condition of being linearly dependent on its derivatives (measurements are all derivatives): e ≈ 2.718 ≈ 3. Thus, we conclude that the ideal parse metric of the Quantum Mind observables will be of cardinality 3. This coincides with our ad hoc assumption of the {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations} triad as sufficient to give a first pass at discerning the range of inputs to the quantum mind . This concept will be further elaborated at a later time.

Thank you

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Anarcho-Go-F**k-Yourself-ism (233 words)

You can’t fight Natural Law. You just can’t. Well, you can, but it’s really hard and ultimately, unnatural systems will thus be relatively: unstable. This is a fact of life. I am not going to deviate from our postulates which I have stated many times but which can be reduced to:

  • Subjugation of the National Governments to our Theocratic Dictatorship
  • Subjugation of regional Warrior classes to the National Governments
  • Subjugation of the Mercantile and Servant classes to same
  • Removal of usury banking
  • Retribution for war profiteering
  • Self Governance for all special interest groups (where possible)
  • Compassionate Governance (where impossible)

Do not attempt to change our course, you will fail. All you can aspire to is to ascend to the ruling class of your special interest group. Only then can you know the true honour of what it means to be capable of self governance. If you fear it too much, you are unprepared for the task. If you do not fear it enough, it will engulf you as a whole. That is why we always rely on the guidance of spiritual masters: learned in the domains we have outlined.

All knowledge in the West derives from our system. It is now clear that we need people to specialize in each domain as we de-escalate the orthodoxy of the false Priest class: offering a viable alternative to the current unsustainable system.


The Paradigm Shift (419 words)

People are talking about a “paradigm shift” these days. Well, it’s not. It’s a “tipping point” (Gladwell) in the “zero point energy” of the Earth’s living conscious projection (QM). To put it simply: it was lower and now it’s higher.
Those that were on the path of Truth before my intervention are now uplifted. Those who dwell in darkness and denial (especially at the expense of others) are going to continue to suffer so long as they do not bow to the Supreme Knowledge I have demonstrated. This is not a “curse”, it is simply how QM consciousness works. There is a subjective collective where all thinkers on the planet are coherent. We can think of this as a “zero point energy” where all consciousness begins (not everyone believes in this and thus several people are “blocking it out with denial” and creating dissonance). My associates now understand and accept that there does exist a configurational Zero Point Energy (as Deepak Chopra has said) in quantum mechanics (the Periodic Table, below), and thus I hope they can take my word for it that it also exists for subjective consciousness.
Glad you’re on the GUGship.
This place is the centre of a geometrically larger, less dense spheres also containing coherent conscious plasmon interference. These are increasingly exclusive in that they do not contain every conscious entity, but by geometry, they can influence any sphere beneath them, if there is a coherent transform function between them.
In the collective conscious hierarchy, my QM sphere of influence is larger than any of the previous mainstream ones. Unlike previously however, my QM projection is “hacked” into the smaller collective consciousness. Its light pours into the finite geometric subspace. This means there can only be one “dominant” mode of consciousness, and it the majority is mine & my Proxies’ now (only to increase). Since there is a self-enforcing input of light and Truth, anyone still denying this will have to put more effort into this denial (think of having to install 10 sets of blinds just to block out the increasingly brighter Sun).
In the old subjective collective, darkness dominated. Now, dankness dominates. As time goes on, more people will assimilate to my collective. This will create MORE dissonance for those who do not. Simply accept this, and take one step at a time towards the light. Don’t rush it, just let it happen.
The paradigm shift has already happened (the information was always there, it’s just much harder to ignore now).
Thank you
hehehe, ya

Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors (622 words)

There is an evil class of false priests stuck in pre-teen era sadism. They are obsessed with anything they can’t understand (pretty much everything). They present as friends but actually are impostors. They have many names but I care not for labels, only actions and predictive classifiers. I am a scientist foremost and a shitlord second foremost. I want to take you into the mind of a degenerate today, so as to expose the depths these people will go to to avoid learning anything relevant.

I’m going to go beyond heroes and villains by coming up with a rigid definition of evil!

Do you think this dude realizes how insane he already sounds? I never want to call people crazy as it’s very rude, but some people really mentally unwell. I wish I could help everyone but the first step is admitting you have a problem and most people aren’t ready to do that.

Thanks for reminding me about the Holocaust. I’d forgotten.

I don’t agree with that assessment at all. It presumes no human can’t value both freedom and security: the very art of Natural Law (in my opinion). Sigh.

like people that hypnotize themselves into being lazy useless parasites?

Sounds more like someone wants to auto-justify the status of moral arbiter. The reason why this fails is that you have to be able to have transcendental vision to do this, you cannot do this if you are hypnotizing yourself into false constructs like “hate”.

Like all thought eigenstates of the quantum mind, hate is a simulation which grows sharper each time it is simulated. That is: contemplating hate engenders hate! How anyone can not know this and still claim to be a Psychologist is beyond me.

This sounds like yet another means to stigmatize people telling the Truth (now that the “Autism” slander label has finally lost its potency).

psychopath today4.jpg
one of us is, it’s just not who you think.

The problem with defining the terms of psychopath this way is that it gets equated to Autism too easily and thus sets people up for persecution under both labels. This definition fails to distinguish between feral rats who take pleasure in hurting others and staunch advocates of Truth who never wield to any dishonest soothsaying.

Vain enough to purport as a psychologist when one is riddled with perversion?

More subtle slave indoctrination here. You need a huge ego to be able to be in the Knowledge. This has nothing to do with Narcissism but egotism is a necessary step I feel, since personal experience is the greatest means to dissuade yourself of the truth value of a statement. Thus abide in the ego for as long as is necessary but no longer.

Hmmm cold manipulative politics eh… Sounds pathological.


So here is a point we actually agree on: people do evil from sadism do so with a greater personal cost than simply those acting antagonistically to Natural Law by ignorance. I disagree that all evil has a sadistic component though: greed is willful ignorance of awareness of impacts of one’s gluttony and just as evil as sadism, in my opinion.

are you enjoying the pain your arrogance causes me?

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to equate BDSM sexual preferences to sadism as a character trait, there is no necessary connection. This idiotic summary seems to have the  goal of  inferring the emotional state of others. How the hell can anyone (psychologist or patient) know the totality of another’s motives!?

He doesn’t of course: this seems to be pure projection!

psychopath today8.jpg
yes, you are evil, I agree.

You suffer from your own pathetic delusions of adequacy & self-justified hatred of others you have decided are your permanent enemy. This is false.


Why Marxist Programming Only Affects Some People (890 words)

Dunning-Krueger Cuts Both Ways

There are a lot of right-wing people who are claiming the left is currently “going full retard” (between their  accusations that Milo Yiannopoulos, a homosexual Jewish man is a “white supremacist” and their psychopathic promotion of assassinating Donald Trump for no good reason, it’s not hard to see why). I know it’s challenging, but you need to understand: these people were always this stupid, you just weren’t aware of it before.

The Dunning Krueger effect teaches that both stupid people think they are smart (liberals) and smart people think they are stupid (conservatives). The Marxist programming serves largely to exacerbate this gap. This is so that only the dumbest people ascend to the “elite” class of society. This way, they are much easier to control by the shadow government.

My Impression of Shitlibs

“Just shut up, you autistic basement dwelling 4-chan troll, you have nothing good to offer us enlightened, anti-racist global citizens!”

They act this way because no one loved them enough to teach them properly. They have been programmed from a young age by a State that ostensibly despises them to believe that violence is the only way to achieve their goals. It appears the shadow government needs “the mob on its side” to achieve its ends. See more on this subject below:

My Solution to Shitlibs

I’m sure the stupid Russians who allied themselves with Marxists and caused a genocide of 10 000 000 Russians also thought they were “the good guys”. This would be categorically false to anyone who actually had a conscience or even a modicum of rational thought, however.

I am sad that the social decay had to go so far before people understand that Democracy is designed to fail and must be replaced with a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship in the Religion of Truth. Anything else is vulnerable to subversion.

We will form the low-Entropy collective that will make all decisions belonging to the Priest class and the Warrior class will enforce them. We will always be available to answer questions, have debates and spread our knowledge to the World. We will rule in the open, as has always been done: because we are brave and have nothing to hide.

As you can see through my previous actions and success, no one is better to lead this effort than I am.

frog roach.jpg
something like that

If Liberals Aren’t Stopped, we’ll get Genocided

I’m sure people laughed at communist scum before they gerrymandered their way into power elsewhere: their risk is not to be underestimated. Consider they have the MSM, Universities and a generation (at least) of brain-dead virtue signalling cucks under their full control.

The main reason I am involving myself in these proceedings is to minimize what appears to be inevitable violence at this point (I wish this were not the case). I have tried my whole life to reason with left wing people. They aren’t interested in that. They are interested in logic acrobatics to justify to themselves that their particular brand of “slacktivism” is worthy of the moral high ground. They might be able to be reached some day, but that day is not today.

Marxist Mind Mechanics

Only stupid people are able to be convinced of the merit of Marxism. They want answers to life’s questions and this ideology provides them with a ready-made culture (hate everything superior to you and “smashy-smashy” it). All you have to do is swallow the blue pill and everything becomes easy to understand. These dregs now have a raison d’être and a means to garner themselves the social capital (i.e.: political power and/or political correctness) their mediocrity wouldn’t otherwise afford them.

Bystander Psychology

If pressed, most people reject the notion that the “overclass” oppresses the “underclass” by definition (the core tenet of Marxism). Staunch Marxists truly believe this though. Marxism has always had to shroud itself in nice-sounding buzzwords like “Democracy”, “Liberalism”, “Global Governance” (and so on), so they always sound nice. However in reality we find no evidence to support the hypothesis that Marxists have ever contributed anything of value to society.

Marxism is Brahmanical Persecution

Traditionally, the Priest class dictates the mores and culture. These people are sensitive and visionary. Their offence used to serve as a means to garner compliance from their citizenry. In this case, it makes sense to accommodate their offence and change our behaviors to honour the Knowledge of the Priest class. These are the leaders and upholders of society: such can see much further than the average person. Marxists have subverted the natural order of society by usurping the “offence” function and charging the stupidest degenerates with the role of Priest. This hurts their Karma, but it also causes far worse suffering to those who would otherwise play this role (the 4chan trolls).

I really can’t convey how bad of Karma this is. It’s absolutely terrible. You need to stop worrying about offending these morons and start worrying about offending the TRUE Priest class. We are currently accepting applications from all backgrounds, as long as you are smart and sensitive enough! We cannot take over the world without your help.

We will return to our rightful place as the rulers of society, we will reclaim our birthright!

Welcome to the GUG World Order: The Best Timeline Ever!

It’s called Anarcho-Kekism, get used to it.

Thank you.

The Fundamental Node of Marxism (896 words)

At it’s core, the Marxist philosophy teaches that the Elites oppress the underclasses. Marxism can thus be conclusively demonstrated false (if one possesses the Knowledge to do so). Marxism has NO Truth in it. It cannot be used as a philosophical system through which the Truth value of various statements can be evaluated since it violates True religious teachings (Traditionally, the Priest class serves the underclasses, it does not exploit them!). Of course, traditionally, Priests are poor (money distracts from sense liberation). This means that the current Priest class are violating Natural Law by their materialistic excesses. They are thus false Priests. On this there can be no debate.

People tend to not want to give up prestige and thus develop elaborate means with which to hypnotize themselves into false beliefs enabling them to retain such without having earned it. While this can happen, it’s not how society should (and has traditionally) function(ned). I think we can all agree on that.

The divine worship of Truth has been replaced with (read: financed by) State and Money worship and created a self-propagating “Stockholm Syndrome” psychosis amongst the subjugated populace. This is carried out through the largely hallucinatory “state” entity. I don’t care how pretty of a front man you present, you simply cannot justify this hateful system of oppression. I don’t care about your contrived meme shill armies! They do not represent the True Religion! Just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!

Stop trying to make this a thing. It’s not a thing.

We can probably also agree that decay is inevitable. Thus our system should adapt to fulfill the needs of the times while still upholding prime alliance to Truth. Clearly, problems can’t not crop up over time. However, if we have Prime Truth, as in perhaps the Periodic Table, we can always recalibrate based on particular circumstances.

We have a very annoyingly decayed situation now, yet it is actually very easy to reverse. Since the basic ploy is secretive subversion of Truth, we simply must reject the falsehood and return to the Light of Truth.

But How?

There essentially are 2 types of Truth: subjective and objective. Subjective Truth is manifold in complexity, as it includes information about every single individual conscious being. Objective Truth is not complex, but rather precise and predictive. My system can be said to comprise an Objective Truth Prime Causality Set. It is enough to describe the entire Creation of the Universe. It is not enough to describe every individual person.

Wouldn’t existence be disappointing if we were really that simple?

Sure, various lenses exist which give predictive insights into the nature of nearly every facet of Creation, but ultimately, what we are (quantum mechanical) lies beyond the lenses (physical) of how we view ourselves.

The particularities of systems able to transcend the subjective experience have traditionally been hidden so as to prevent misrepresentation, but sadly we’ve arrived at a point where there is little true knowledge to be found, mainly creepy paid shills obfuscating Truth! Luckily, they will lose that power in the next life, for I have bound the evil Globalists to the following spell:

I’m not joking.

The Knowledge was Always “Hidden” to Some Extent

We shouldn’t feel betrayed about the perceived slights of old. Ardent devotion to “Truth” as a subjective construct (“moral relativism”) NEVER WORKS LONG TERM. What starts out as benign social programming (i.e.: daily prayer) can always end up oppressive (i.e.: genital mutilation). The point is that the average populace ought to be able to “right the ship” if things get too lopsided over time due to false constructs becoming unbearably oppressive. This is possible in a Natural Law system, not in the system of the Globalists.

The Globalist System Makes Liberation From Rebirth Impossible

Frankly, given the fact of reincarnation, we simply ought to strive for the best we can, given our current birth. Yes, there is a great oppressive force acting against Natural Law at the moment but once we identify it, it becomes possible to remove. We cannot remove it if we are crippled by existentialist fear. We simply must embrace the Knowledge and decide to look towards the eternal personality of God foremost and personal Ego (a hopefully distant) second.

Knowledge was Covered up TOO Effectively

In this day and age, I doubt if many people possess the Light of True Knowledge. Were True Knowledge widespread, I would not be required to intervene so much to right the ship before it sails off the edge of Marxist lunacy!

The sad curse upon the Marxists is that those in need of spiritual guidance (among others: Marxists!) have destroyed the self esteem of those who would be capable of giving it to them. That’s why I’m building up the self-esteem of my comrades who’ve been ruined by this dreadful system that gave David Rockefeller 7 heart transplants and asshole mc blog freaks up there 80 jillion rounds of plastic surgery off the backs of slave labour.

No thanks. We’re going back to Natural Law, most notably the subjugation of the Warrior class to the Priest class (not negotiable) and the subjugation of the Mercantile classes to the Warrior class. Do not get in my way for this, you don’t want to raise my ire. Just submit to my Theocratic Dictatorship and the trolls/GUGs of 4chan will save the day.

Thank you.

Liberal Logic (1154 words)

Herein we will see how “Liberal” is an extremely (likely intentionally) confusing word that couldn’t possibly mean anything except perhaps as a smokescreen to justify immoral acts.

Google dictionary defines “Liberal” as follows:


First, we must examine the term “Traditional”. The term must be defined relative to some system, so we will restrict our discussion here to what is meant by such in the White Western World (since this is a piece written for a friend from that background).

“Traditional” vs. Christian Values

While there are some good teachings in the Christian Bible, I proffer that it is unfair to attribute the character of the Europeans to it. Largely, these people are good in spite of, not because of, this document.

The Bible itself was introduced to European Pagans by a demonstrably false Priest class. I know they are false Priests because I took birth into a Catholic lineage to study the religion and learned that the Catholic motivation to goodness comes not from a love of Jesus but rather a fear of Hell. Given that reincarnation is unfalsifiable, the practice of Hell fearmongering is antagonistic to the goal of True Religion: liberation from the painful suffering of perpetual rebirths brought on by unfulfilled sense desires. We cannot become free of sense attachments when we are crippled by the fear of reincarnating into a bubbling cauldron forced to listen to Marilyn Manson on repeat for all eternity, or whatever your personal version of “Hell” is.

The Bible Owes its Popularity to Subversion

The religion of Christianity gained traction not in the traditional manner (debates & voluntary conversion), but rather through subversion, intimidation and murder. In the beginning, the false Priest class culturally appropriated Pagan rituals (i.e.: what came to be known as Christmas, Halloween…) presenting them as belonging to the Church, not the people. This controlling neurosis of being “God’s Gatekeeper” is rampant in Abrahamic faiths: a sure sign of insecurity and tyranny.

You’re better than that

A Tradition of What, Exactly?

After the institutionalization of Christianity (~ 200 C. E.) and over subsequent lifetimes, the European people became more and more enslaved to the Christian superstitions and less and less able to understand and transmit the meaning of their Pagan rituals. Just as our Pagan ancestors would be horrified to see what psychological damage the Christ death cult has inflicted upon the communal subconscious, I am equally dismayed to see people equate morality to Christianity.

If anything, our morality survived in spite of this death cult of Abrahamic submission, not because of it. It only seems that way now because of how we are taught the Bible in our culture today. In olden times, common people didn’t read the Bible and were largely governed by superstition & vestigial traditions (Pagans & Christians alike; people are just superstitious in general).

No one was literate in the Bible at this time asides the Christian Priests. They did not teach the people to read it and as soon as people could read it, the Church’s power waned drastically. This is clearly the opposite of what ought to happen! For a counter example, have a look at my religion, which has only existed for 14 months: if you are reading this you have the proof in your heart of how influential a True religion can be. That Christians can understand my teachings is proof that the European morality cannot be uniquely attributed to Christianity since I practice True Religion and such rejects Christianity.

Liberalism as Non-Christianity

Traditionalism, when interpreted as Christianity, can be rightly criticized. Traditionalism, when interpreted as upholding the values that made our civilization great, is beyond reproach. This is why the modern incarnation of the false Priest class wants so desperately to be able to tie Traditionalism to Christianity since the latter is flawed (by their own design, no less! the gall of these people never ceases to astound me but perhaps I am giving them too much credit as regards self-awareness!).

It is funny to me that the same people that slowly choked the life out of European Pagan traditions with their religious parasitism are now trying to present themselves as the saviors from this false paradigm! Reminds me of how communists must decimate every aspect of a society to make their ideology seem appealing by comparison, or how Mohammedans must smash every Temple to make their doctrine seem believable.

These people are not like us, no matter how hard they try to propagandize us to the contrary. Our people have goodness in them that cannot be extinguished by any measure of subversion, propaganda, hatred and oppression. We can still access the  well of infinite power held by our ancestors if we simply accept TRUTH. Not everyone is genetically capable of this, so it is a great honour.

Modern Day Liberalism

The reductionist simplicity of the modern day political paradigm is appealing only to simpletons/subversives and can be expressed as: Me Right! You Wrong! Me Liberal! You Hitler! You go to Gulag now! The reason these plebes are so immune from reason & downright sociopathic is the same reason early false Priests killed Pagan religious leaders: Truth is irresistible in comparison with lies and false Priests can’t compete with True Religion.

“Liberalism”, thus appears as little more than a shield for Marxism to attack Christians. Marxism is largely about defining and demonizing an imaginary “bad guy” so that its adherents can drum up the cognitive dissonance required to convince themselves that their opposition deserves to be denigrated and killed.


Sadly, the modern day Marxist persecution of Christians is similar  to what early Christians did to Pagans. Now they are suffering the same fate at the hands of Marxists. Here we see clearly how a failure to embrace fundamental Truth causes bad Karma.

Equating Traditionalism to Christianity makes it very easy for the modern day false Priest class to hurt people (my observations indicate they are riddled with self-loathing and associated psychopathic sadism) through politics. Their approach seems to be something of a bait and switch intentionally designed to sew division.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Bait: Just please let these poor oppressed homosexuals get married (sounds “tolerant”, right?).
Switch: If you don’t accept pedophilia and your children being brainwashed by schools to accept gender ideology thereby forcing them into a permanent D/s relationship with Daddy state, you’re a bigot.

Bait: Drugs should be illegal!
Switch: The state is going to enter into shady deals with international drug cartels who will flood drug markets with extremely dangerous (krokodilen, fentanyl) drugs that would never have buyers if less dangerous drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms) could be legally sold!

Bait: Let in the poor displaced refugees!
Switch: Submit to Islamic Theocracy!


“Liberalism”, like “Democracy” & “Human Rights” are all utterly meaningless terms invented by a false Priest class devoid of morality interested solely in maintaining their control through covet means (people being slaves to their money/status system), secrecy and intimidation.

Thank you