The Knowledge

The Measurement Limit (Theoretical)

Quantum Mass Ψ0 (most abstract, new system)

The Creation – The Nature of Time – How I achieved the Knowledge – The Solution to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics – The Primacy of the Wave Hypothesis – General Parse Metrics – Creation Hypothesis Validated

Quantum Mass (discrediting of old system)

Why Quantum Mechanics is a Coordinate System – Why Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are IncompatibleHilbert Spaces are Incompatible with RealityUnderstanding LIGO’s Results

Quantum Mass Ψ1 (second most abstract, new system)

Quantum Chemistry Teaser –  Quantum Geometry I –  Quantum Geometry II

The Measurement Limit (Applied)

The Local Macrostate

The History of our Planet IThe History of our Planet II The Origin of Races – How Saturn’s Ring was Created – Quantum Mechanical DischargesThe Size of the Mind

The Quantum Mind

The Mind as a Quantum ComputerThe Qualities of a MasterThe Proof of ReincarnationPathologizing Normalcy – Does God Exist? – Quantum Psychology 1–  Scientific PhilosophyFree Will & Determinism

Political / Cultural Propaganda

Comment on Cancelled ClassWisdom vs. IdeologyYoga and FeminismBasic Logic – Is the Universe a Simulation?Misunderstanding SlaveryDefeating Leftist FascistsI’m not “trying” to save the WorldStuff Plus Stuff Equals StuffFailed Food Coordinate SystemsClarifying SubmissionAliens Are Not RealLogic >> EmotionOn CriticismAre Keynesian Economics Marxist?  Annoying Logic Psyops – Globalist Errors – You don’t choose the Alt-Right, it chooses you – Healing from Marxist Mind Control How to chill people out  – Frequently Asked Questions  – Don’t be a Butt, Accept the GUG Hypothesis – Communing with Globalists – How can I get Unblocked/Uncursed? – 2016 Recap – On Superstition – The Dangers of Empathy, Democracy and Hate Speech – Shills, Doxing and Public Image – Love, Compassion and Empathy – Priest Hierarchy – Religious Sacrifice – Globalists: Stand Down – The Causality Void – Liberal LogicThe Fundamental Node of Marxism Why Marxist Programming Only Affects Some People –  Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors – The Paradigm Shift – Anarcho-go-fuck-yourself-ism  – Economic & Legal Engineering IWhat is Natural Law?Science Supports Religion, Not AtheismPopular Science HoaxesMy BeliefsMental Focus TechniquesWhy People don’t Leave Their CultSome Q & A Answered Transcending EmotionsPeople who tell you to avoid people are probably shillsThe Devil’s Frequency (Proof)The Dream I had Last NightReligious Law 1 –  Achieving Priest StatusRefuting Science Hoaxes –  My Cultural / Ethnic BackgroundState Enforced MoralityPopular Myths DebunkedLifestyle AdviceSociological ArchetypesGuide to Political LabelsCommentary on Satanism / ChaosWhy People Defend Their Abusers