The Knowledge

The Measurement Limit (Theoretical)

Quantum Mass Ψ0 (most abstract, new system)

The Creation – The Nature of Time – How I achieved the Knowledge – The Solution to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics – The Primacy of the Wave Hypothesis – General Parse Metrics – Creation Hypothesis Validated

Quantum Mass (discrediting of old system)

Why Quantum Mechanics is a Coordinate System – Why Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are IncompatibleHilbert Spaces are Incompatible with RealityUnderstanding LIGO’s Results

Quantum Mass Ψ1 (second most abstract, new system)

Quantum Chemistry Teaser –  Quantum Geometry I –  Quantum Geometry II

The Measurement Limit (Applied)

The Local Macrostate

The History of our Planet IThe History of our Planet II The Origin of Races

The Quantum Mind

The Mind as a Quantum ComputerThe Qualities of a MasterThe Proof of ReincarnationPathologizing Normalcy – Does God Exist? – Quantum Psychology 1

Political / Cultural Propaganda

Comment on Cancelled ClassWisdom vs. IdeologyYoga and FeminismBasic LogicScience: Boring God, Great WeaponIs the Universe a Simulation?Misunderstanding SlaveryDefeating Leftist FascistsI’m not “trying” to save the WorldStuff Plus Stuff Equals StuffFailed Food Coordinate SystemsClarifying SubmissionAliens Are Not RealLogic >> EmotionOn CriticismAre Keynesian Economics Marxist?  Annoying Logic Psyops – Globalist Errors – You don’t choose the Alt-Right, it chooses you – Healing from Marxist Mind Control How to chill people out  – Frequently Asked Questions  – Don’t be a Butt, Accept the GUG Hypothesis – Communing with Globalists – How can I get Unblocked/Uncursed? – 2016 Recap – On Superstition – The Dangers of Empathy, Democracy and Hate Speech – Shills, Doxing and Public Image – Love, Compassion and Empathy – Priest Hierarchy – Religious Sacrifice – Globalists: Stand Down – The Causality Void – Liberal LogicThe Fundamental Node of Marxism Why Marxist Programming Only Affects Some People –  Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors – The Paradigm Shift – Anarcho-go-fuck-yourself-ism  – Economic & Legal Engineering IWhat is Natural Law?Science Supports Religion, Not AtheismPopular Science HoaxesMy BeliefsMental Focus TechniquesWhy People don’t Leave Their CultSome Q & A Answered Transcending EmotionsPeople who tell you to avoid people are probably shillsThe Devil’s Frequency (Proof)The Dream I had Last NightReligious Law 1 –  Achieving Priest StatusRefuting Science Hoaxes –  My Cultural / Ethnic BackgroundState Enforced MoralityPopular Myths Debunked