Contorted Khawsality (1514 words)

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Contorted Khawsality

Too few people consider the source of the information they receive when judging its truthfulness. Discrimination capacity has been whittled down to a nub and most people assimilate the information they are presented democratically. Like if 1000 people say I’m wrong, that somehow makes it a fact (never mind that my theories have been validated more than once). The underlying logic of that is that if enough people believe something, it magically becomes true.

Of course this is not true, and some (most) facts are simply not a matter of debate. Few possess the depth of character required to face the truths I have revealed and have instead recoiled into an emotional state of denial. Their inability to defeat my positions and unwillingness to accept the truth has resulted in their adoption of the beta strategy of bullying and character assassination. This is a mistake because it causes a loss of faith in your judgement. Faith in judgement is the mortar of social organisations. If it cracks, it won’t be long before the whole thing implodes.

No I Will Not “Name Drop” You, Disgusting Beta Loser

Loser beta drama addicted gossip queens love to run their mouth about me for various reasons, usually centred around an inferiority complex mixed with impostor syndrome I tend to evoke in, well, impostors. Such bottom dwellers have formed a coalition of the fringes to oppose me, because apparently they can’t learn anything from history either.

jonathan swift allied against him quote
Get a Clue

If you don’t believe me about the hate cult, consider that several large-ego minor e-celebs have made common cause with Claire Khaw, the most acrimonious, condescending, meddling, legalese worshipping, fight-starting, grudge-holding, secular-koranism promoting entity in the microstream universe.

Claire Khaw, a troublemaker and bored meddler, has often made ridiculous defamatory statements, both about myself and others, and I feel it’s my duty to warn people against affiliations with what I like to call the “guilt by association hate mob”.

Let’s have a look at Claire’s (losing) strategy as an exemplar of the same (miserable) path several others who shan’t be named have foolishly embraced.


The backstory on this one is that Claire really wants to go on Millennial Woes’ show. She just really wants that. Why, you ask? Because she wants to share her wondrous revelation of secular koranism with the unwashed masses: a government system that would focus heavily on legalism (mostly unmaking the ‘matriarchy’ bogeyman & instituting lashes for having babies out of wedlock) and civic nationalism. She has even argued that Secular Koranism is “divine” civic nationalism.

Though the position is rife with contradictions, Claire has seen enough that she is basically impervious to new ideas and now focuses almost exclusively on lobbing baseless accusations regarding people’s mental health in a misguided attempt to get them to submit to her leadership. Claire makes enemies everywhere she goes and then complains that people are “libelling” her in unsolicited Twitter posts.

(She has since been blocked)

This rather benign joke was posted by a friend to Claire (suggesting he bore her no ill-will, for if he did, he’d do it without notifying her about the post), to which she overreacted in the following manner:

Get a life Claire, you aren’t going to bully me into submitting to you.

I am not responsible for the things people say. The person who said that is not an official delegate of my organisation. I will not be giving you names of my delegates either, so you can just forget about it Claire. I guard the privacy and honour of my devotees with the highest care, and would never subject them to your childish torments. I have no fear of your ideas and nor do they – they just can’t be bothered engaging with a person so impervious to logic and stubbornly unwilling to change their mind in the face of compelling evidence.

You can’t just decide how things should be and then accuse any non-conformers of mental illness and at the same time expect to be taken seriously, cared about, respected and cherished. Your strategy ends with a truckload of neurotic lemmings as followers, brainless sheep who can’t be trusted to string two sentences together in defence of your position. Don’t get mad because my friend decided to make a joke about you, you chose to defend that position, and choices have consequences. Learn to take it in stride and not go on a rampage over minor things. People make memes about me all the time, I don’t care.

me as a witch meme

OMG someone made a meme of me as a witch. Let’s think about what I should do about that. Should I make a public post on social media condemning the facebook account named Marsowitz Von Chocolate Bar for posting that doctored image of me? Should I say he suffers from paranoid delusions of witchcraft? Should I make a blog post about it and claim he is natural-religion-phobic and the worst bigot alive and then make a livestream criticising the meme and how they missed part of my finger when colouring my skin green or that the cloak looks like something a 4 year old drew? Or maybe I shouldn’t do that. Maybe that would make me look like an obsessive kook that no one wants to be around because they never know when you’re going to launch into a self-important tirade about how your character has been irreparably assailed because somebody made a baguette joke.

When people make memes about you, you should make more memes. That is the solution.

virgin normie meme chad hate post jp

If you’re going to be a public person, you have to expect to get some trolling. Usually it’s best to just ignore the trolling, and not make a big deal about it. Especially if you’re a person who is promoting a legal system, you will scare people away by using words like “libel” because of a meme. It’s a meme Claire. A meme. Nobody wants this type of tyrant in charge of state policy.

Claire makes a video condemning Millennial Woes and then expects to be rewarded with an appearance on his show. This proves she understands nothing about this man, who is clearly a measured introvert and has no interest in participating in what would no doubt turn into a fierce debate.


So what does Claire do? Rather than try to forge a connection with this person based on their preferences, she proceeds to provide an unsolicited (& unqualified) diagnosis of mental health. What’s next Claire? Are you going to call him a “cuck” for refusing to talk to you? He is obviously not the type who can be swayed with that sort of rhetoric. You are employing a bullying / bossy approach with a person that could only ever be swayed by inspiration (i.e.: more cogent wisdom presentation). Honey, not vinegar Claire.

Whereas Claire does not hope for a future indicated in the joke meme, she does indeed yearn for a time where laws will be simpler. I think we all do. But if those laws are made in the wrong way, we will suffer even greater erosion of the soul. Claire doesn’t care about that, she only cares about submission. Don’t let her or anyone else bully you around. These people are not your friends, protect yourself online and steer clear of troublemakers.

I am generally against censorship and in support of personal expression. I am not so naive as to think I can brow beat people into censoring themselves based on vague threats slash bossy beta social ordering. Rather, I am hopeful that those people who have been suffering for a sufficiently long time can independently come to the realisation that knowledge is the only thing worth having. I know people won’t improve spiritually if they are shoved into a cookie cutter modality of religion / statecraft based on flimsily stitched together anecdotes.

Don’t do this:


This reminds me of a piece of general advice I would like to share: if someone is promoting a religion they themselves do not practice, you should not trust them.

Ya But Jen You Did That Thing Once That I Didn’t Like

I have written about your libel previously Claire, because its important that people know who you are. I don’t need to conjure up put-downs to make my point clear. This is not the same thing as what you are doing: learn to understand the difference and stop blaming others for your failings while at the same time claiming you “want to help”. No one will ever believe this when your actions so clearly represent a person lacking even the most basic consideration of others’ preferences or personalities. They know what you are selling Claire, they just aren’t buying it.

Note that in the time it took me to write this (about 45 minutes), Claire has already made 4 posts on my recent video.

Science Religion is my Tradition.

This is not as bad as the time she left over 80 comments on a single Youtube video.

Well, I hope this was good for a laugh. Also don’t trust creepazoids on the internet.

Thank you

One thought on “Contorted Khawsality (1514 words)

  1. Millennial Woes:

    “I don’t think paganism is feasible as a solution because I don’t think enough people believe in it or and I don’t see it spreading fast enough. Christianity has had the stuffing knocked out of it to say the least over the last century so I don’t know if it can recover or if it can recover in time. The other option is atheism which just is where we are just now anyway and then the fourth option is Islam and there are people who think that we’re just going to inevitably become Islamic and that has various implications. Would we be assimilated into the Muslim immigrants’ demographic group in which case it would be their version of Islam that ruled Europe or would it be that we adopted Islam and modified it as we did with with Christianity? Would it be our version of Islam? I might get some flack for saying this stuff or even for entertaining this. I’m just sort of putting it over there, just speculating on how are we going to resist Islam and what are we gaining by resisting Islam. Are we gaining nihilism and just more vapid consumerism or are we regaining strength and vitality somehow? Again, these are all questions that other people need to address and I can only put the question out there but I do think that it’s something that we we can’t afford to just ignore. I remember at the TBG in December there was a guy who really got very irate with me for suggesting that maybe Islam will be the only way out of the nihilism, out of globohomo, and if it will be so then the choice is “Do you want Islam or do you want globohomo?” so not a fucking nice choice but if you want to avoid that then you have to find a way to resist Islam and resist globohomo, and as I say, I don’t see what that would be at this point. Maybe something will materialise.”

    This is a man crying out for Secular Koranism!


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