Claire Khaw Libel (1006 words)


Hey Claire! Stop harassing my friends by posting inflammatory commentary on your blog because you have nothing better to do! Stop messaging me abusive lies to make yourself feel superior: it won’t work. Below is a monologue Claire PM’d me last night (italic) along with my responses (bold).

All you offer people is your belief in reincarnation which two ancient religions that are even more alien to Western culture than Islam already offer to people. The fucked in the head men listen to you and take you seriously because they find you attractive and think you are intelligent because you are a physics graduate who is famous only for getting her yoga classes cancelled thereby becoming a victim of Political Correctness.

Europeans come from India, stupid! You just want to deny them their birthright and force them to suffer for the glory of your own ego. People follow me because:

  1. I’m nice
  2. I’m smart.
  3. I solved the universal field model and proved reincarnation.

Because you are a victim of Political Correctness as they are, they feel you are one of them, in particular because you associate with people who are rabid antisemites and Islamophobes i.e. the alt-right. Because you are an attractive female physics graduate, they are flattered that you should take an interest in them and spend so much time with them. That is the only reason why they even give you house space: a combination of Jewish and feminine privilege as well as educational qualification, including class privilege.

Claire wants to be a theocratic dictator to Jews – because she is the true bigot, she does not believe Jews are entitled to run their own affairs.

You have nothing to offer to them because what you offer is already being offered by two more reliable established and ancient sources: Hinduism and Buddhism. Well done for finding your niche in the alt-right even when you have nothing to offer these men, but what I hope you achieve I have no idea. Attention and self-gratification? The quiet satisfaction that you are exploiting these men and whom you can easily manipulate? What Brundle fears is that you are making a fool of these desperate hungry men while Jewish precisely because you are Jewish. You know where to push the buttons and lead them by the hose to waste their time and mock them for their pathetic little concerns that the likes of you will never turn a hair over.

Some anonymous shitbag on the Internet who starts bumfights with literally everyone he meets and makes copestreams that are comprised mostly of bitching about me is not my problem. It’s Brundlefly’s problem 

Relevant Audio Here:

My niche are lovers of truth of all stripes. That is why you will encounter such diversity in my followers and why bigoted sacks of shit all hate me: I discriminate solely on the basis of intellect.

Because they are actually so stupid and so desperate and so pathetic, you can basically laugh at them and spit in their faces and they would still put up with it because you enjoy feminine Jewish and class privilege. The fact that you are you is enough to command their attention and make them treat you with respect, when you have nothing at all to offer these men except waste their time and energy, all because you are bored and this is how you choose to amuse yourself.

Your contempt of other people is really galling, Claire. You know nothing about me and project your own psychoses onto myself and others. You have so little awareness that you think people ought to listen to you, even though you do not offer solutions which are going to solve any of the issues you idenitfy. You have no real-world evidence to support your position, while I have the entire history of human civilisation to back my claims. You see humans as insipid pods to be programmed with your drivel. Why not secular Christianity for Europeans? Why not secular Judaism? If you are just picking and choosing laws based on your own flight of fancy, why not just invent a completely new religious system and declare yourself the “prophet”?

In a patriarchy, you and I would be both redundant. You would be politely shown the door, and what I propose would already have been done.

I would not be shown the door in any system because I have knowledge no one else has. I made a unified field model of physics, and no one else has done this. I demonstrated the correct array of the periodic table to be three dimensional (which should have been obvious). Obviously people need me to teach them, but they do not need or want your teachings and ridicule them frequently. 

Why do you waste their time with your nothingness? Because you can. For the likes of you, power is there to be abused while you amuse yourself. You find me a threat because I am the flesh and blood of nationalism ancient and modern, while you are just a fragment of a shell of a long dead creature that may never have existed.

The only thing I find threatening about you is your willingness to promote hatred against myself and the guests on your show, evidenced by your insane ramblings on your blog where you target my guests for harassment by claiming them to be “islamophobic”. Because I care about protecting people from harm, and you seem to want to make people suffer as much as humanly possible, I have made the video you reference private. 

You are a loathesome person, a hypocrite and a liar. You are a hypocrite because you promote Noahide laws as the gold standard yet want to build statues of yourself in your future dystopian hellhole while failing to realise that such a thing would constitute IDOLATRY. Idolatry is banned under Noahide laws. You are a liar because you misrepresent my ideas and my ethnic background in the interest of promoting yourself. 

One thought on “Claire Khaw Libel (1006 words)

    The requirement to be Christian is simply to believe that an executed revolutionary is the co-equal of the Abrahamic God, which is idolatry. Why would I force even my worst enemy to believe in an absurdity and then threaten them with hell if they don’t believe in it? It would serve no purpose whatsoever.

    Judaism is for Jews only. There would be absolutely no point forcing gentiles to become Jews because it is too hard for them and Jews don’t want their exclusive club stuffed with clueless gentiles who could never be a member of their club and never ever get Judaism because they are basically peasants who want to stay peasants.

    Because Islam is for all and Islam also satisfies the minimum moral standards of the Seven Noahide laws. Most importantly, Secular Koranism unashamedly calls for the shaming of sluts and proposes tariff of 100 lashes per illegitimate offspring with It is the only way to restore the patriarchy in our shameless age and only a patriarchy would produce enough good strong men to defend the national interest and get our country back again.


    Because I don’t want to be a cult leader of some fringe group, but want to save Western civilisation with Secular Koranism ASAP. I think the tried and tested formula of something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue would do a good job of marrying my ideas with an established world religion now gaining ascendance because Christianity has now obviously failed.


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