Yet Another Aryan Debate (378 words)

I have previously spoken about the Aryan Invasion Theory here. On a recent appearance on the Luke Ford show, I debated the oft-cited aryan invasion theory.

This theory is one of those ideas which is so dubious that I don’t like to debate it because it gives credibility to a theory that is on par with flat earth. However, I will continue to address this false narrative for so long as it persists.


The fact remains that AIT is a very recent theory. The fact that no one had ever heard of this idea before the 19th century, combined with the myriad negative political implications of such a theory make it highly suspect. In my view, the lack of evidence of advanced civilisation in the region the AIT claims “Aryans” originated in is sufficient to dismiss it without question. Moreover, this idea has many negative consequences, including:

  • Complacency caused by leeching off previous accomplishments.
  • Unrealistic expectations about social hierarchy.
  • Friction with traditional scholars.
  • Confusion about genetic lineages.
  • Really annoying shilling.
no thanks
Alex Delarge, the biggest idiot in the Lukeosphere agrees w/ Norvin. That’s how you know he’s right.
Science & Tradition is where I get my opinions from.
Aryan Kang Larpers are always butthurt by truth.

You can learn more about the AIT hoax here.

You can check out videos on this channel for more information about Indian history.

I find it funny that historical revisionists are ready to discard entire schools of thought in favour of their particular narrative but utterly unwilling to accept the possibility that the mainstream studies that they cite may be subject to the exact same ideological bias they claim to oppose. This is why a lack of objectivity in science is a real problem. If you make false claims in science, you become weak. Weak because your ideology can’t make predictions, weak because your opinions can be readily proven false and weak because your worldview can’t be sustained without a backdrop of gaudy propaganda.

The people speaking against me are actually a great learning opportunity. The testimony of non-masters is simply not authoritative. It should be ignored or used to make memes with.

dave martel ait meme
Dave Martel is a useless propagandist.
Carolyn Emerick should stick to baking pies.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Aryan Debate (378 words)

  1. You provided zero evidence against AIT. Your main argument was to claim all of the evidence is a conspiracy and that secret oral initiation is more reliable than the mountain of hard data proving AIT. Anyone who ever played the game telephone knows how unreliable oral tradition is. Just take the L and move on.


  2. What is your proposed model for the diffusion of the Indo-European languages (which, at their height, dominated territory from Ireland to Inner Mongolia [the Ordos culture] and from Anatolia to Bengal)? Or do you believe that the construct of an Indo-European language family is itself factually baseless and a cynical proposal of colonial administrators?


    1. Good question & glad to see you have read the piece. I think Aryas colonised the entire world (with the possible exception of regions in Africa / Middle East) with their Sanskritic language (which you can see modern Indian languages are closest to) and settled in various locations. After time passed, they or their descendants may have mixed with indigenous populations, forming populations that were more or less geographically separated but for the boundaries. Phenotypic variation also happened due to lower sun (lighter skin), larger muscles (from meat eating) and magnetism (that which causes the eye slanting in the orient).

      As well, Africa had its own system which eventually spilled out through the middle east and possibly even into Asia (i.e.: Asians may branch off from modern Africans later than Caucasians). Much later on, mixing between these parent lines would occur at boundaries between territory, if at all.

      I do not believe PIE / Aryans / Dravidians existed, the inhabitants of India are more or less the same stock, with the exception of some tribal nomads and recent arab invasion admixture.

      The idea of AIT and subsequent quest for an “aryan” gene is itself a misrepresentation of what Arya is in the first place, it does not connote skin colour as many would like to believe, it means noble and it is this nobility that gave the pyramids to the West, Buddhism to the East and Europe to the North.


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