The Proof of Reincarnation II (1352 words)

I have previously offered a sketch proof of reincarnation here.

I have recently spoken with Claire Khaw about reincarnation here:

On January 2, I will be appearing on the channel linked below to discuss both the current state of consciousness research as well as my own findings, which will be given below.

Consciousness as a Quantum Computer


Quantum Mind: The superset of the subjective human consciousness including the total animate potential (to conform with the first Copenhagen Interpretation Principle: there can be no hidden parameters).

Consciousness: The subjective stimulus experienced as self-ness; the state of wakefulness (as opposed to sleep).

Quantum System: A system of discrete entities that may or may not be coherent (have the potential to interfere) that obeys the laws of quantum mechanics. Such systems transition in a step-wise manner as opposed to a continuous one.

Eigenstate: Particular value of a system.


We will first give a brief overview of the history of models of consciousness. Then we will discuss the extant ideological hurdles to embracing the quantum mind hypothesis before fleshing out the general structure of the mind [as a quantum computer]. Finally, we will demonstrate the proof of reincarnation. We hope that these findings will serve to properly contextualise the tenets of both religion and science as well as renew mainstream interest in the eternal questions of origins, existence and transcendence.


Throughout the ages, the concept of reincarnation, or rebirth: the soul returning to the flesh realm after the event of death, has figured into religious beliefs to various extents. While reincarnation has been explained in numerous ways by various authorities, the scientific community has largely failed to accept the concept thus far. In more recent times however, several scholars have put forth theories that consciousness has its origins in quantum mechanics. Proponents of quantum mind hypotheses include anesthesiologist Dr Stuart Hameroff, physicists Dr. Roger Penrose and Dr. David Bohm, among others. Though they have made progress, these models have thus fair failed to satisfactorily solve the so-called hard problem of consciousness.

Ideological Hurdles 

The doctrine of reincarnation contradicts several views in institutional religion and science. Modern science posits that quantum mechanical systems cannot exist on the macroscale (the correspondence principle) and a widely circulated theory that quantum coherence on the scale of the mind is impossible because it is too “warm, wet and noisy”. However, we reject both of these ideas on the basis that there is no evidence that coherent quantum systems cannot manifest on the macroscale. Belief to the contrary is consequent to a fundamental misunderstanding of quantum fields leading to a failure to bridge the gap for quantum systems more complex than a few waveforms.

The Quantum Computer Hypothesis

We argue that consciousness can most accurately be described as a computer that is essentially quantum in nature.

Consciousness as a Computer

Consciousness must be a computer, for it is an entity that performs computations. These computations fall into one of three general categories: {thoughts, emotions, sensations} and register to the subjective consciousness (a subset of the total quantum mind). Thus we can affirm that since the consciousness essentially performs the function of computation, it is a computer.

Consciousness as a Quantum System

Modern science categorizes systems as either classical (able to be modeled by finite shapes) or quantum (able to be modeled with a statistical distribution). Since there is no third option, it follows that consciousness is either physical or quantum in essence.

The consciousness as a physical computer hypothesis has been refuted on several occasions and can be satisfactorily disproven by the existence of fields emanating from the quantum mind that are measurable (source 1) (source 2). Thus by process of elimination and by virtue of measurable states emanating from the consciousness, it must be quantum in nature.

Thus we have solved the ‘soft’ problem of consciousness, that is: we have established the fundamental nature of consciousness as a quantum computer. We have not given a physical model of the quantum mind, and if the computational limitations on the Schrodinger Wave equation are any indication, such a solution may be precluded by universal computational limitations. However, if the measurement device can be calibrated so as to enable progressive recursion, we may be able to isolate particular attributes of the quantum mind at a later time. This computational limitation does not preclude the utility of the hypothesis as a great deal of verifiable predictions can still be made. This is because all quantum systems abide by the laws of conservation, entropy and general wave mechanics, and these are positive formulations (equations linking state variables, i.e.: they give information).

The Proof of Reincarnation

Given that consciousness is a quantum computer, its waveform can be modelled as a tensorcomprising the set of all sets of mapped stimuli, which we call eigenstates. Within the subjective conscious (a subset of the total quantum mind), we posit that there exist no constructs outside of the set: {thoughts, emotions, sensations} and that all constructs that appear to be distinct from these are but linear combinations of these three basis vectors. We make this assertion because no other constructs can be satisfactorily argued to exist independently of the aforementioned three states of consciousness.

We posit that the tensor must have some ability to reduce itself, for this is the origin of thoughts. Thoughts are those experiences that emanate from the same direction they are absorbed and so the quantum mind must have the capacity to reduce itself: namely by thinking. We also posit that there must exist some residual aspect of the quantum mind that is not subject to state reduction. It is that which reduces the subjective consciousness, and all other potentials (i.e. that which causes the heart to beat, the stomach to contract and so forth), as there is nothing to reduce them asides the physical body itself. Thus in the absence of a functioning physical body, there exists no mechanism to reduce these potentials. Thus upon the event of physical death, the remaining quantum mind proceeds to reduce its eigenstates until it can no longer reduce any eigenstate. At this point, it will remain in potential until it interacts with some measurement device capable of further reducing its eigenstates. At such a time, the potential is sucked into the cortex of the newly formed foetus before it begins to pump consciousness again. The pump action consists of the potential field reducing to the foetal cortex and the foetal cortex proceeding to project the quantum mind. This localizes the consciousness to the flesh and sets up the seesaw of energy between flesh and quantum mind for the remainder of that lifetime. The first sign of the transmutation of potential consciousness to living consciousness is the heartbeat, usually detectable around the 5-week mark.

Why does the quantum mind spontaneously reduce?

Since all forms are subject to the law of Entropy (that the total energy of a system will spontaneously progress towards a state where all differentials are minimised), the quantum mind will always seek a greater Entropy state, until no such state exists. When this occurs, we consider the system to be in a zero point energy. The zero point energy is the lowest energy quantum state possessing a nonzero energy. For example, the electron has a non-zero energy that does not spontaneously reduce itself and so it is a zero point energy. It maintains a potential field and does not spontaneously reconfigure to another state, because no such state exists. Above zero point energy, the reduction of a waveform is energetically favoured.

The mind, being a complex biological energetic configuration cannot be a zero point energy and so will always reduce when it is structurally possible to do so. By Copenhagen Interpretation principle #3, in order to reduce, the quantum mind must interfere with a suitable measurement device. Once the mind can no longer interfere with itself, it can only interfere with living flesh. This living flesh must be maximally coherent with the quantum mind and so the mind is attracted to a body possessing characteristics of the residual mind. And so we have proven reincarnation.


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