NPC Hysteria (1055 words)

Lots of people are tripping out over the NPC meme. The meme is unsettling because it is reminiscent of the vacant look that people on “autopilot” have.

reddit npc
Reddit NPC (Reddit is a popular leftist news aggregator slash propaganda outfit)

The irony of it is that part of the “programming” espoused by mainstream NPC’s is that they are unique “free thinkers” & “special snowflakes”. The last thing they want to hear is that they are archetypal. Predictable. Boring. It goes against their view of themselves thereby causing cognitive dissonance. This can cause discomfort that most people will seek to avoid.

In my system, the quantum mind is modelled as a nested set of simulations. Cognitive dissonance can best be described as decoherence of the fundamental node of the quantum mind.The core of animal consciousness is the belief in the existence of the self and so the primary simulation is “I am”. The “I am” has several associated markers within the quantum mind, such as name (“I am Jen”), religion, culture and any other attributes of personal identity. The total associations to the “I am” simulation can also be considered the “ego”. When sensory stimulus contradicts an egotistical association, that link becomes severed and this action is identical to cognitive dissonance.

angry npc
TFW Angry

When faced with cognitive dissonance, the subject can either change their view (difficult) or attempt to reforge their lost or undermined identity. This is often observed as “overcompensating”. This doesn’t just happen to NPC’s, NPC’s are just the most predictable in their responses. Experience has taught that most people have things that can cause their egos to trigger cognitive dissonance, it just differs from person to person. Most everyone has ideas that will cause them cognitive dissonance. This is simply because it is supremely difficult to learn the true nature of the self. Upon this journey, you will invariably suffer many setbacks. We all start out more or less as NPCs, and as we progress through subsequent lifetimes, we gain the ability to actively “play” the game of life. Optimally, we would then seek to espouse an archetype, master said archetype, transcend said archetype, master all archetypes, transcend all archetypes and finally move to the supreme source of all archetypes (perhaps enabling one to derive the general archetypes of physical laws?). That is when life becomes like Mortal Kombat: you can load any avatar at will. When you are first starting out on your spiritual journey, it’s more like Mario 64: one character with a very limited repertoire of moves. NPC-ness is therefore a scale. Through experience, the NPC eventually gets motivated enough to seek an independent will. The nu-PC then stumbles through the challenges and risks associated with playing the game of life. Eventually, the PC masters their archetype. At this stage, you have a choice. You can either slide into complacency or choose to move beyond mastery of archetype and onto higher pursuits. Said higher pursuits can either be of the subjective or the objective. Subjective higher pursuits involve learning about the nature of your own consciousness, learning about other’s consciousness and generally working to subdue your mind to the control of your will. [The difference between mind and will is this: the mind is that which exists and the will is that which directs. Existence is expansive by nature and will is contractive. Mind is that which flows, will is that which directs. When that which directs is at the root of that which flows, the practitioner will know the greatest peace.] Objective higher pursuits involve learning science and mathematics. This develops your skill for abstract thinking and imagination, both crucial to the development of greater psychic ability. Once one understands the fundamental nature of physical laws and can derive them from memory, one will then be able to apply this fine awareness to their own subjective consciousness, bringing it closer to the source of all consciousness. Thus, in the end (and only in the end), the subjective and objective paths both converge towards the same result.

The subjective pursuits meet the objective in the realm of politics. It is simultaneously the limit of objective complexity yet possesses an emotional root simple enough to be expressed in the most simplistic of drawings. Thus it is also fundamentally: emotional.

q anon starter pack devotee npc

People get into politics for different reasons and so political upheaval represents a great opportunity to develop one’s identity. However, you must expect your egotistical attachments to be challenged and sometimes in quite unexpected ways. If you do not choose to learn the source of your false beliefs, you will surely eventually tire of the political process (i.e.: defending your views). You must learn to accept responsibility for your own emotions and ideally seek to learn from your reactions so as to train your mind towards a state of calm alertness.

On that note, let’s look at some people who really didn’t do that at all and associated internet commentary!

Imagine being afraid of a message board
I am also gay for Entropy.
where’s the lie tho
kiwifarms people think too much


It really do be like that
“Does it have legs” “Please I hope it doesn’t have legs” “Please kill this meme”
“actual meme. not a template” (unlike NPC’s)
what is it with leftists and an obsession with eugenics?
ya. prolly.
threat detected
“wants” is a strong word
Optimism never hurts

A lot of people are ultra happy about this development. People are even dreaming up new ideas about future directions for memes, a most excellent development.

hmm. I wonder where we could find a perfect meme?
the meme… you speak of?

Ya so, I’m pretty sure he is referring to the periodic table meme, the 3D model I made that fixed all those problems in quantum mechanics and that. No big deal you know, just the natural qbit. Or something.


This post has much truth to it. Cognisance of the NPC archetype opens the door to ask the question: what is the polar opposite of the NPC? It is of course: the supremely enlightened master of archetypes: who is cognisant of all archetypes and fluid between them. Whose subtle awareness knows not only his own mind, but also the minds of everyone else. Who can recognise the divine essence in all entities. The knower of all births.


Learn more here.

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