A Political Compass Quiz That Doesn’t Suck (752 words)

I see many variants of the “political compass quiz” that all basically suck. Mostly because they are worded in such a way as to manufacture consent for authoritarian statism. Here, we will offer a political compass quiz that will actually separate people with different perspectives (rather than conflate different groups and or make false distinctions, as the mainstream quizzes do).

political compass empty.png
standard political compass

Our compass will score people along 2 axes: Authoritarian vs. Libertarian and Ideological vs. Pragmatic. When I say libertarian, I mean it in the purest sense: self-determination, individualism, personal excellence and all that other good stuff.

The overall score is the sum of all the vectors in the set. The first terms are all added together and the second terms are all added together, giving a 2 element vector equal to the coordinates of the final score. The first coordinate is horizontal and the second is vertical. For example, if I got {1, 0} + {1,1} + {0, -1}, my overall score would be {2,0}.

  1. The ends justify the means.
    • Agree {0,-2}
    • Neither disagree nor agree {0,0}
    • Disagree {0,2}
  2. The state ought to play a role in shaping the societal values.
    • Agree {2,0}
    • Agree only if the state reflects my values {2,2}
    • Disagree {-2,0}
  3. No one has a right to tell me how or what to think
    • Agree {-2,1}
    • Disagree {1,-1}
  4. The most important consequences are seldom instantaneous
    • Agree {0,2}
    • Disagree {0,-2}
  5. People incapable of self governance should have their lives controlled by more capable people
    • Agree {2,2}
    • Disagree {-2,0}
  6. My opinion is worth more than the average person’s
    • Agree {0,2}
    • Disagree {-2, 0}
  7. I prefer to lead from behind
    • Agree {2,-2}
    • Disagree {-2,2}
  8. Which statement is most true?
    • Might makes right {2,-2}
    • Right (correctness) makes might {2,1}
    • Neither {-2,0}
  9. My most important views will never change
    • Agree {2,0}
    • Disagree {0,-1}
  10. It is important that everybody be satisfied with a decision
    • Agree {1,-2}
    • Disagree {2,-1}

Interpreting Your Result

Sketch the graph below. Add together all first terms, that is the horizontal coordinate. Add together all second terms, that is the vertical coordinate.

12 by 12 empty labelled w graph.jpg
9 Archetype Model

The NPC absolute value of 4 or less on all axes:

You do not have a consistent enough stance to contribute meaningfully to statecraft. Your opinions more likely represent propaganda than a cogent worldview. Learn about who you are and you will find that your inner peace will increase.

The Ideologue {y>4}

Your views are predominantly shaped by your ideals. You will often find yourself in an echo chamber struggling to understand others’ views. You must work to understand which of your views are logical (and therefore reasonable) and which are emotional (and therefore unreasonable) so as to improve the harmony between yourself and those around you. Remember that the only reasonable ideal is equivalent to the only reasonable idol: Truth. When balanced, can be a great orator and teacher. When imbalanced, a vengeful demagogue.

The Libertarian {x<-4}

You have utmost respect for the autonomy of others. You will suffer when you wake up to the fact that most people do not contemplate things as deeply as you do. You are therefore prone to bouts of nihilism and existential despair. You must work to set personal boundaries to avoid exhaustion. Learn to enjoy the company of others by removing your expectation that their conscious experience is identical to your own. When balanced, the libertarian spirit can lead others in their quest for individual freedom and personal determination. When imbalanced, they become a purity spiralling larper that no one ever wants to discuss politics with.

The Authoritarian {x>4}

You are headstrong and like to get your way. As such, you are a natural leader and will have a following commensurate with your skill. You will have a hard time with intellectuals whose opinions differ from your own and as such, must always work to foster humility. Use your discernment power to learn to exert your will by mastering the Socratic method (asking questions that will cause the person to come to the same conclusion as you by their own discovery). When balanced, will have the pleasures of the camaraderie of dictatorship. When imbalanced, will have fruitless egotistical struggles with peers.

The Pragmatist {y<-4}

You derive satisfaction from the manifestation of results. As such, you will find it challenging to understand the values system of lofty intellectuals. You must remember that your own view of pragmatism is incompatible with others, and interrogate where the discrepancy lies. When balanced, your enthusiasm and commitment can serve as the platform upon which great achievements are made. When imbalanced, you will become cynical and exploitative, creating a self-fulfilling belief in the worst about people.

Suggestion: Write the date next to your score and try the quiz again in 3 months to see if your result has changed.

12 by 12 empty labelled w graph me



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