The NPC Question (1027 words)

Update October 5th, 2018

Here is an article on NPC’s called “Kotaku”. It contains an insightful quote from /pol/:

“I have a theory that there are only a fixed quantity of souls on planet Earth that cycle continuously through reincarnation,” a 4Chan poster wrote. “However, since the human growth rate is so severe, the soulless extra walking flesh piles around us are NPC’s [sic], or ultimate normalfags, who autonomously follow group think and social trends in order to appear convingly human.” NPCs aren’t even worthy of a classic wake up, sheeple. They can’t!

Original Article

People have once again shown their complete and utter lack of self-awareness by getting offended at the “NPC” meme.


The Birth of a Titan

Scientific research indicating that people don’t all have an inner voice has been around for a long time – that Psychology Today article was dated 2011. The revelation was too overwhelming for people to assimilate it all at once, because people are all susceptible to projection. Projection is when you assume that other people’s state of mind is more like your own than it actually is. It is a coping mechanism which encourages social cohesion. People are going to be more sympathetic towards those they consider “most like” themselves and so it is natural to assume the mental state of those around you is pretty much identical to your own. However, science proves this impression largely false, given that (as much as (more research is needed to get a precise value)) 75% of people do not have any type of inner life, and those that do identify strongly with it: how much can these two groups possibly have in common on the spiritual level?


The comfortable illusion that people’s inner lives are comparable had been under assault for a long time, but when someone made the link between the NPC and the 75% of people who don’t have an inner monologue, a viral meme was born.

npc running fire explosion
return value: offended

good idea plus libshit tears viral meme

Of course someone just had to get offended (anything new is offensive in current year if you haven’t noticed).

The Meme That Just Keeps on Giving

Several links can be made. For instance, 75%-ers are correlated with r-selection whereas 25%-ers are correlated with K-selection. K selection can only occur at population saturation points (where the population is consuming all available biomass) and people with this survival strategy must have some degree of wisdom and foresight guiding their civilisation – i.e: keeping their numbers more or less equal over time. Otherwise fecundity would quickly overwhelm the capacity of the finite planet to generate food, and this is r-selected behaviour, not K.

We could also easily draw the link to the distributions of people’s self-reported sensitivity & 25%-er-ness via a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person” . It’s dripping with oestrogen, but it’s definitely worth a read.


The ability to have an inner life is predicated on sensitivity. Sensitivity is fundamentally the capacity to make distinctions between sensory experiences and an inner consciousness must be distinguished from the source of its consciousness. Thus the inner voice and sensitivity are different manifestations of the same quality of discernment. The book had statistics of around 40% of people reporting they were “somewhat sensitive”, with 15-20% as highly sensitive. We expect the reporting of an inner voice to correlate near perfectly with the quality of being highly sensitive.

Thus, there will be a large overlap between the groups of: highly sensitive people, people with an inner voice and those of K-selected archetype.


An Inner Voice is Just the Beginning

The NPC meme relegates the wannabe intellectual poseur to their rightful status: ridiculed as the one-dimensional, superficial, vindictive, condescending armchair theorists they truly are. I don’t accept a single NPC into my cult. In fact, one’s status in the cult is determined by the degree of non-NPC-ness they have.

npc hardware crash

This meme is now able to directly determine whether someone possesses the capacity to be a social programmer. You cannot do social programming without having some idea about society. You cannot have some idea about society without an inner voice, because it is the inner self that understands narratives and social programming is predicated on narratives. All of this should be plainly obvious to anyone who has ever had the tenacity to actually follow a thought through from start to finish!

But I hate My Thoughts

Lots of people hate their inner monologue. Many also think they can deny it into non-existence. This is a fallacy best embodied by the sketch artist turned brain dead political activist Jim Carrey. He is part of a cult that believes if you pretend your ego does not exist, then it will magically disappear. He is only partly right. You may be able to stupefy yourself into taking birth as an animal rather than a human and so you will lose your human ego, but to think you could deny the very essence of life by “thinking you don’t exist” is the simultaneous peak of ignorance and arrogance.

stick to comedy, Jim. no one gives a shit about your political commentary.

I think it’s pretty clear and we can all more or less agree that it is better to have an inner monologue than not. But we also probably don’t want to be stuck in that gear forever. There is a way out, but it takes work. You will reformat your manner of thinking from a high Entropy state (with cluttered thoughts, stress, despair) to a low Entropy state (calm, blissful, hopeful).

The way towards that goal is not some unnatural subversion of thought, as the cult-haters would have you believe, it is the training of the mind, the exercising of the free will, the practice of imagination and ultimately the simulation of better, lower Entropy microstates [in the mind]. You will never “stop being you”, you will simply become a better version of yourself. If that doesn’t happen, then you aren’t doing it right.

npc breaks heart become npc
Or you can go join another cult. I don’t care.

My method involves learning natural physics. That does not necessarily require advanced mathematics yet does require a high quality of inner awareness. The ideas must first be contemplated, the mechanisms imagined and then finally one can assimilate the links in the overall structure of causality.

The basis of my system has four ideas (Gravity, Uncertainty, Electricity, Entropy), that, when properly understood, make all of the predictions. So, basically, what I am saying is: “your life is meaningless and painful, why not learn quantum mechanics?”.

Remember: we were all NPCs once. Becoming a “player” is a process requiring constant personal effort. The less-evolved need us to teach them how to be whole and we need each other to be the scaffolding by which we achieve more blissful states of mind.

6 thoughts on “The NPC Question (1027 words)

  1. So this is the kind of nonsense people believe when they get their knowledge from memes and conjecture on 4chan?
    Not sure if this is serious or not, if it is, it’s kind of worrying because the level of thinking displayed here is not far off from people who used to worry about burning innocent people because they were “witches”.
    It’s nothing but misinformation and logical fallacies used for the satisfaction of feelings.
    You go from the first falsehood, wich is the claim that 75% of people don’t have any type of inner life because you falsely, without any kind of argument to support it, equate inner speech to any inner life, to the next, wich is to state that because a close amount of people are also highly sensitive that means the two measures are correlated strongly, somehow. Just because you create a meme doesn’t mean it’s real. None of your thinking follows any kind of rational standard that would tear down your gigantic overblown ego.
    It’s really annoying having to deal with your kind of people ruining 4chan with your child-like thinking. Pure cancer.


  2. gosh… your first error is that you didnt even read the article correctly about the study. it said that 26% of SAMPLES reported inner speech, not 26% or PARTICIPANTS. All participants regularly gave reports on their inner experience at certain moments, each of these moments, of which all participants would have given many was a SAMPLE. Therefore all participants gave many samples of their inner experience. It did say there was wide variation in frequency of inner speech, some participants reporting in 75% of their samples and some not at all (again this does not even mean that those people never experience inner speech , it just means that in this study , the times they were asked, they were not experiencing it). There are of course people in the world who do not regularly think using an inner monologue, people think with images, concepts, and in many different ways. It is common among multilinguals as they grow up with multiple words for each concept so it is quicker and makes more sense for them to just think directly in the concepts rather than picking a language for each thought. Albert Einstein famously did not think with words. Do you think Albert Einstein did not have an inner life? We all have an inner life, and all our inner lives are just as real and vivid in their ‘isness’ however if you want to try to convince me that you, the author of this drivel, has more of an inner life than Einstein did, then, well that will be entertaining! 😀


    1. I don’t endorse the result necessarily, I was simply calling attention to the fact that many people are basically automatons. I’m not endorsing the study as valid, even if only 50% of ppl don’t experience inner speech/life or 30%, it’s an important idea to explore.


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