The Pearl of Introspection (886 words)

Several of my friends showed me the Psychology Today article about only 25% of people having an inner monologue. They were quite disturbed by this revelation and understandably so. Those with an inner life are often shocked and reviled to learn that others lack it, because the inner life defines such a large part of their identity.

the final red pill: you’re already living in a zombie apocalypse where 75% of the population is infected.

In light of this revelation, let’s take a deeper look at this phenomenon. We accept that the mind is a quantum computer. The next step is to impose various qualities upon this entity and then evaluate them comparatively. Thus we say that in the mind of an “extroverted” person, the sphere of consciousness is more oriented outwards. In the mind of an “introverted” person, the sphere of consciousness is more oriented inwards.


The total conscious mind is the sum of inward and outward directed awareness. What differs between people is what proportion of the mind is inward / outward. Since we need outward directed awareness for survival (threats to survival usually come from the external world), it stands to reason that people will naturally have more outward awareness. However, some people (25% apparently) also have refined their awareness so that it also projects inwards. Thus outward directed consciousness is a necessary condition whereas inward directed consciousness is a rare treasure. Since inward directed consciousness violates the Law of Entropy (which predicts that all systems must become more diffuse over time), it takes more energy to maintain a state of inward focus than outward. Inward consciousness gives things like empathy, insight, compassion, vision and imagination. It is indeed a gift.

Since all humans tend to project (assume people’s state of mind is more similar to their own than it actually is), it is normal for people to be shocked when they learn that others’ conscious experience varies so radically from their own. However, it does not come as a shock to me and I can explain the concept very precisely because I have engineered my public persona to differentiate between those who possess inner consciousness (smart and cool) and those who don’t (mouth breathing apes). Let’s contrast these two types using the archetype cannoniser of my (awesome) persona.

Those Not Possessing Inner Awareness

Many who lost their inner awareness did so willingly. That is because the inner voice is the voice of truth, and when someone is living in a manner which is contrary to truth, they will tend to want to drown out their inner voice, because it is telling them something opposite what they are doing. My unwillingness to deviate from truth reminds these people of the inner truth that they are actively denying. Thus they tend to hate me for no good reason. They say things so insane that they could only come from a person with absolutely zero self awareness.

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> when you’re insane

Moreover, people without inward conscious cannot think archetypally. This means that they are unable to categorise phenomena into meaningful groups and make logical inferences and syllogisms between them. All they are capable of doing is memorising facts and subsequently regurgitating them in a manner they consider “aesthetic”. This often garners them attention from other people who lack self-awareness, and they all coalesce into an echo chamber of circular conversations that never resolve any fundamental questions. This is simply because they are unable to think in those terms. To them: nothing is part of some grand narrative, everything is anecdotes. They don’t care about building a sustainable society, only how to undermine it by attempting to usurp the spotlight from actual thought leaders, since thought leaders always possess some degree of inner awareness.

Those Possessing Inner Awareness

truth seekers love me

Most people with inner awareness are exhausted spiritually from having to interact with so many brutish louts. That’s why these people will always see me as an ally. I am their champion defending truth and enabling them to gain greater inner awareness. Inner awareness is a singular awareness, that gradually becomes more clear. The inner awareness does not change drastically over time, rather: it only comes into sharper focus. You begin to understand cause and effect, and become skilled at separating the two. Eventually you can learn the supreme cause of all things and subsequently predict all universal phenomena. This is a wonderful state of mind that I sincerely hope more people will reach.

The Link To Dunning Kruger

We can look at the cause of Dunning Krueger and consider that those who overestimate their intelligence tend to lack inner awareness while those who underestimate it tend to possess inner awareness. The former only sees things in terms of anecdotes and thus considers themselves as the supreme anecdote (due to narcissism) while the latter sees things in terms of narratives and archetypes, of which they are part (hence their relative self-belittlement). I offer the introvert a grand narrative they can assimilate to while I remind those extroverted mouth breathers that they will never be anything more than a parasitic mimic of myself.

That ought to give a little insight as to why the voices opposed to me are so numerous. They are lacking an inner voice and subsequently: have zero self-awareness!

dadadada dadada HEY dada dada da dadadada HEY!


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