J.F. Gariépy Goes Off The Deep End (1783 words)

N.B.: Don’t accuse me of punching right. No one is more “right” than I am in that I am right about everything. Debates are part of my tradition and instead of crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee, either challenge me in a debate or shut your useless fucking pie hole.

Another incredible instance of peak idiocy is the atheist J.F. Gariépi making the claim that the mind is not a quantum computer. He got really emotional over it, which is never a sign that one’s words are underscored by true wisdom (around the one hour mark in the video below).

He states two main reasons that I will debunk here. Then I will further substantiate the quantum mind hypothesis.

It’s not a Quantum Computer Because Quantum Computers are Bullshitte

Well, first of all, I think the people over at D-link might disagree with you on that, since they actually built a working quantum computer. So, probably all those people who have already used the D-link QC to perform optimisations in their technology might disagree with you.


The Mind Can’t be a QC Because of the Correspondence Principle

The correspondence principle is not factually true, but rather is an ad hoc assumption introduced around the time of the Copenhagen Interpretation to bridge the gap between what was called “Classical Physics” and the newly discovered “Quantum Mechanics”, which was only validated on very small systems at the time. For instance, the single slit electron diffraction experiment proved that the position an electron is measured (at a screen) changes when a sufficiently small slit is placed in its path. I explained how that works here:

The correspondence principle is obviously false, because it is very clear that quantum mechanical effects happen on all orders of magnitude. This is counterintuitive to grasp at first, because we live in a world where the three spatial dimensions appear to be distinct. Thus, we are also inclined to believe that solids also exist and so the laws of classical physics (which apply to solids) must exclusively apply on our scale.

This is an extremely facile understanding of science. Is the Sun operating based on quantum mechanical principles? It’s very big, yet it undergoes fusion: a quantum mechanical process. Lightning is also a quantum mechanical discharge, and it occurs on our scale of magnification. Most extant phenomena are indeed: quantum phenomena.

What is a Quantum Computer Anyway?

Rather than jumping to asinine conclusions, one should first inquire what exactly is a quantum computer? Well, a computer is a system which effectuates computations/calculations and a quantum system is one that exhibits the properties of:

Since the mind is able to interpret its own eigenstates (you understand what you are thinking/feeling/sensing), we impose upon the quantum mind the additional requirement of coherence. This means specifically that: the eigenstates of the mind are coherent with the quantum mind itself. Thus the quantum mind hypothesis makes the predictions of entanglement, unitarity, locality and coherence. We note that locality is not always the case, as noted in experiments where staring into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes alters their state of consciousness, which means the mind must be somewhat nonlocal. For if it were localised exclusively inside the body, it would not be able to coherently interfere with (and thus would not be able to create measurable changes in) the consciousness of others.

There are only two choices: either the mind is a quantum computer or it is not. If it is not, and since it performs computations, it must be some other type of computer. And since the only options are physical and quantum computers, the mind is either computationally equivalent to a physical computer OR a quantum computer.

The mind as a physical computer has been disproven by many experiments, including when it was established that the alleged SSRI mechanism (of improving the intersynaptic serotonin uptake) was disproven. Now they admit they have no idea how they work (probably because they don’t).

We don’t know how it works! LMFAO.

Consider a person with brain damage. They do not lose a chunk of their personality, it merely becomes dulled. This means that attributes of personality are not stored in the brain but rather that the entire brain simultaneously projects the consciousness and that the event of brain damage lessens the intensity/clarity of the quantum mind, but it does not change its essential nature. That’s because the CNS is comprised of “qbits” (postulated to be sustained in microtubules by Dr. Stuart Hameroff on his website but which I will not endorse until I can look at the data myself), all projecting a very faint quantum mind but together forming the totality of human consciousness.

It’s pretty stupid to think that the mind isn’t a quantum computer since we can directly observe the electric field the body projects (which is a singular entity) and many science experiments yield data that could only be explained with a quantum computer.

Did somebody say: entanglement?

It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Can Prove

The mind as a physical computer is not an hypothesis which makes accurate predictions. Consider this: is your personality divisible? Are you equal to a linear combination of personality traits or are you simply: one personality? If you agree that your personality is indivisible, and given that quantum mechanics deals with quanta or INDIVISIBLE entities, you must agree that the mind is: a quantum computer.

A quantum computer is a potential function from which observations are made. In the case of the human consciousness, those observations fall into the broad categories of {thoughts, emotions, sensations}. These are thus the eigenstates of the quantum mind. Eigenstates are the set of possible measurements observed in a QM system. Thus the mind must be a quantum computer.

The quantum mind hypothesis makes all predictions about the mind. It explains why we dream, what happens when we die, how memories form, brain injury pathology, and many more.

While We’re On the Subject

I want to mention a few things that bother me about J.F., since he went so nuts about one of the central tenets of my theory, I figure a punch back is only fitting.

Your Phenotypic Revolution isn’t Revolutionary

You claim a phenotypic revolution enslaved simpler replicators for the purpose of reproduction, but you can only cite one such instance of said enslavement. Why have there been no other instances in the totality of the genetic record? Why do you claim we are at risk of becoming slaves to some completely unsubstantiated fantasy about machines taking over our reproduction process?

You have an incomplete understanding of genetics because you do not accept reincarnation and thus have made the same error as the other atheist Richard “I’m so cool” Dawkins.

dawkins atheist infinity loop
what a baboon

You have presumed that genetics are the cause of the soul, when it is actually the soul that is the cause of genetics. The soul incarnates to a body (at the same time the foetus’ heart starts beating) and subsequently polarises the genetic substratum to match its nature. That explains why siblings have different personalities (something your crap theory fails to predict)

Can you explain why genetic changes don’t happen continuously, but rather step-wise and sometimes not at all? Your theory cannot explain living fossils, it cannot explain the recent finding that 90% of Earth’s animals appeared at the same time, it cannot predict the future of our own human evolution, because it is simply not based on truth!

…So it’s starting to look like Creationism has more merit than your “theory”

You Don’t Understand Race

You once claimed that the number of racial groups is arbitrary because all you’d have to do is change the phenotypic markers used to designate race. I have seldom heard anything so laughably stupid in my life! What is true is that although you can parametrise race in an arbitrary number of ways, only one way is correct. And the correct racial parametrising is equal to the one which correctly identifies which groups became geographically isolated from each other and did not significantly interbreed for enough time as to precipitate genetic divergence.

nelson mandela chinese
Your superficiality has made you blind to the reality of race

You are probably wondering if I understand race. The answer is: I understand a lot more than what is on this blog right now, but I don’t divulge everything I know publicly for a few reasons:

  1. I have no way of mitigating the potential harm this knowledge could do.
  2. I need leverage against the communists who want to kill everyone with an IQ greater than potato salad and enslave the rest.
  3. I don’t want anyone copying my results (again) and passing them off as their own.

But rest assured, I can answer all of your questions. You might not like the answer, and I will never condone one “race” as categorically superior or inferior to another because superiority goes beyond race. It is an accomplishment of the soul. While it is good to celebrate one’s culture, we must never do it to the detriment of other cultures nor can we rest exclusively on the laurels of previous “accomplishments” of a particular race: that’s what our enemies do.

Eschew Charlatans, Trust Your Own Judgement

Just because someone is telling you something you want to hear, does not mean they are telling you the truth. Truth must be fundamental to our governmental strategies, because that is the only way we (and by we I mean humanity) can survive. We have seen unfathomable decay in the world caused by the fundamentally untrue system of fiat extortion, which has only been around since the 1600s, and has caused immense poverty and unjust enrichment

central banks

and associated unnatural government system of “democracy”, which has never done anything but deceive the masses and enrich the most evil people you can imagine.

illusion-free-choice sheep democracy.png
No one votes in a dictatorship

The human race is at a crossroads where we must decide if we will demand that our governments will be guided by the principles of truth (not anecdotes that support delusions of racial superiority). Though I do not deny race, I absolutely refuse to make claims about one race’s superiority to another. Even if it were true, all it does is make people complacent. Excellence is demonstrated through ACTIONS, it is not inherited from your ancestors for you to do sweet fuck all with, insult traditional scholars online and then proceed to masturbate in front of a mirror like a dilettante piece of filth.

Thank you.

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