Aryan Invasion Nonsense (1136 words)

Update September 9th, 2018


I have not yet devoted an article to the Aryan Invasion Theory because I feel it is beneath me to even acknowledge such obvious quackery. No traditionally accepted scholars have ever promoted this theory and it has always been promoted for nefarious reasons. Nefarious reasons like equating white skin to nobility and parasitically posing as a member of the priest class (I wonder who could be behind that… whoops no I don’t because I’m not an idiot).

What are you going to tell me next? Europeans invented Sanskrit? STUPID.

It would seem rather obvious that not a single shred of evidence exists in support of AIT and so it should be summarily dismissed, but we note that widespread propaganda in support of this theory can have the effect of making people believe outright falsity.

sanskrit language similarities
let’s play a game. it’s called: whichever language is most similar to Sanskrit is the geographic region it originated in!!!

The propaganda has created a situation where European people are more inclined to believe that they descend from aliens / atlanteans / solutreans (or any other number of wholly unsubstantiated groups) over the rather obvious truth that Europeans descend from Indians.

indian european chinese
It really couldn’t be more obvious

Many people want to believe that “aryans” came into the Indian subcontinent from “somewhere” (we don’t know exactly where but it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they had blonde hair and blue eyes haha!) and overcame the local “Dravidian” populace. These übermensch conquistadors then left India to colonise Europe and other regions, yet somehow lost their native religion while the natives of India (who were presumably force converted to this foreign religion) somehow managed to maintain the invaders’ traditions better than they could.

Wow. Smart. Really logical.

How Could People be so Stupid?

It’s not the first time people have been fed an appealing lie about their origins.

This is what you sound like when you promote AIT.

Mainstream media propaganda is a powerful tool, and they certainly love this lie. But if you watch the video below, you will see, they have absolutely no clue where these “Aryans” came from, but they are somehow DEAD SURE that they had white skin. Because that’s all that matters. White skin.


But really, if you’re as smart as you think you are, you should know better. No one is going to trust you if you claim to be “aryan”, yet know nothing about the religion, nothing about the history and nothing about the anthropology. If you stand by this theory, you are in VERY bad company.

Wait so… the Economist is credible now? lol fuck off commie.

But Muh R1a Haplotype

A large number of people with no background in science and no clue what they are talking about will often cite the “R1a haplotype” as some sort of ace in the hole to back up their stance. However, they fail to realise that genetic commonality does not actually prove the direction of migration and that this result is actually substantiating the Out of Arya hypothesis.

Do you even know what this graph means, fucktard?

People need to stop crying like 4 year old girls and remember that your personal emotions have absolutely no place in science. Science is about the pursuit of truth, and nothing more. It’s not a vehicle to pluck anecdotes out of thin air to justify a sense of racial superiority. Superiority is acquired in one and one way alone: by getting off your fat ass and actually accomplishing something that will make your descendants revere you. If all I did was ride on the coattails of my previous accomplishments, I’d not have discovered the Universal Field Model.

It’s a pretty good Universal Field Model, TBH.

Even I cannot eschew my duty to continue on the path of greatness, because greatness is a practice, not a destination.

Which Brings Me To My Next Point

Communists gained full control of all Western educational institutions after World War 2 (which they won, at the cost of oh, I don’t know… 30 million people. was it worth it? you, the viewers, decide!). Though it’s rather obvious, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the main goal of communism is state power, not truth. Thus we have absolutely zero reason to believe anything peddled by communists. And this Aryan Invasion Theory, having been presented post-world war two, is certainly communistic propaganda.

If a commie said it, it must be true! haha.

This is why I have taken great pains to prove that communistic physics, from Einstein to Feynmann is wholly false. I have done so successfully because I took the trouble to validate a Unified Field Model before I entered the public domain to perform debates (as would seem logical, if one were actually interested in winning debates)

jay dyer quote edited meme
You’d be surprised how few people are actually interested in anything other than an intellectual circle jerk, however.

So far, I have proven the following:

  1. Einstein’s General Relativity is Horseshit
  2. Gödel was Wrong
  3. The Null Hypothesis is Wrong
  4. Stellar Creationism & Uncreated Universe are True
  5. Kurtzweil’s “Singularity” is Bullshit

And many more. My friend, who has a master’s degree in Physics said “if this is true, then Feynmann deceived a lot of people” when I explained to him how my theory predicts nuclear reactivity (yes, yes it does. no, no I’m not telling you how)… So you can rest assured that a counterproof of Feynmann’s pinko diagrams will be forthcoming at some later time.

And in spite of all this, some morons still continue to defy me. Clearly, they are either acting in bad faith or are so limited in intelligence that it would put your health at risk to listen to them.

“But it doesn’t matter where we come from”

Some have argued that the ultimate origin of Europeans is not relevant because the society they have built is so great that all that matters is its continued survival. This is wholly false. Without a solid understanding of human history, how can we hope to give our descendants a means of accessing ancient wisdom? If there is a weak (false) link in the chain of ancient wisdom, it will eventually break.

While only a dilettante would seek refuge exclusively in the accomplishments of their ancestors, stealing the accomplishments of another people is downright hostile and certainly not noble (which is what the word ARYAN actually means).

That’s the last I’m going to say on this nonsense because to persist further would give this bullshit theory more attention than it deserves, and I don’t like to waste my time with unsubstantiated communistic filth.

If you still aren’t convinced, you can read what ACTUAL TRADITIONAL SCHOLARS have to say here. Just ignore the post by Jamal Kangersteinsteenburg III.

Truth is our survival strategy. Ignore that at your own peril.


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