Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors (622 words)

There is an evil class of false priests stuck in pre-teen era sadism. They are obsessed with anything they can’t understand (pretty much everything). They present as friends but actually are impostors. They have many names but I care not for labels, only actions and predictive classifiers. I am a scientist foremost and a shitlord second foremost. I want to take you into the mind of a degenerate today, so as to expose the depths these people will go to to avoid learning anything relevant.

I’m going to go beyond heroes and villains by coming up with a rigid definition of evil!

Do you think this dude realizes how insane he already sounds? I never want to call people crazy as it’s very rude, but some people really mentally unwell. I wish I could help everyone but the first step is admitting you have a problem and most people aren’t ready to do that.

Thanks for reminding me about the Holocaust. I’d forgotten.

I don’t agree with that assessment at all. It presumes no human can’t value both freedom and security: the very art of Natural Law (in my opinion). Sigh.

like people that hypnotize themselves into being lazy useless parasites?

Sounds more like someone wants to auto-justify the status of moral arbiter. The reason why this fails is that you have to be able to have transcendental vision to do this, you cannot do this if you are hypnotizing yourself into false constructs like “hate”.

Like all thought eigenstates of the quantum mind, hate is a simulation which grows sharper each time it is simulated. That is: contemplating hate engenders hate! How anyone can not know this and still claim to be a Psychologist is beyond me.

This sounds like yet another means to stigmatize people telling the Truth (now that the “Autism” slander label has finally lost its potency).

psychopath today4.jpg
one of us is, it’s just not who you think.

The problem with defining the terms of psychopath this way is that it gets equated to Autism too easily and thus sets people up for persecution under both labels. This definition fails to distinguish between feral rats who take pleasure in hurting others and staunch advocates of Truth who never wield to any dishonest soothsaying.

Vain enough to purport as a psychologist when one is riddled with perversion?

More subtle slave indoctrination here. You need a huge ego to be able to be in the Knowledge. This has nothing to do with Narcissism but egotism is a necessary step I feel, since personal experience is the greatest means to dissuade yourself of the truth value of a statement. Thus abide in the ego for as long as is necessary but no longer.

Hmmm cold manipulative politics eh… Sounds pathological.


So here is a point we actually agree on: people do evil from sadism do so with a greater personal cost than simply those acting antagonistically to Natural Law by ignorance. I disagree that all evil has a sadistic component though: greed is willful ignorance of awareness of impacts of one’s gluttony and just as evil as sadism, in my opinion.

are you enjoying the pain your arrogance causes me?

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to equate BDSM sexual preferences to sadism as a character trait, there is no necessary connection. This idiotic summary seems to have the  goal of  inferring the emotional state of others. How the hell can anyone (psychologist or patient) know the totality of another’s motives!?

He doesn’t of course: this seems to be pure projection!

psychopath today8.jpg
yes, you are evil, I agree.

You suffer from your own pathetic delusions of adequacy & self-justified hatred of others you have decided are your permanent enemy. This is false.



2 thoughts on “Naming Evil: Parasitic Impostors (622 words)

  1. It’s just typical for some people to attribute their most nefarious features to their opponents. But they can’t evade their own nature, since this very attribution is a nefarious action of its own.


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