Why Marxist Programming Only Affects Some People (890 words)

Dunning-Krueger Cuts Both Ways

There are a lot of right-wing people who are claiming the left is currently “going full retard” (between their  accusations that Milo Yiannopoulos, a homosexual Jewish man is a “white supremacist” and their psychopathic promotion of assassinating Donald Trump for no good reason, it’s not hard to see why). I know it’s challenging, but you need to understand: these people were always this stupid, you just weren’t aware of it before.

The Dunning Krueger effect teaches that both stupid people think they are smart (liberals) and smart people think they are stupid (conservatives). The Marxist programming serves largely to exacerbate this gap. This is so that only the dumbest people ascend to the “elite” class of society. This way, they are much easier to control by the shadow government.

My Impression of Shitlibs

“Just shut up, you autistic basement dwelling 4-chan troll, you have nothing good to offer us enlightened, anti-racist global citizens!”

They act this way because no one loved them enough to teach them properly. They have been programmed from a young age by a State that ostensibly despises them to believe that violence is the only way to achieve their goals. It appears the shadow government needs “the mob on its side” to achieve its ends. See more on this subject below:

My Solution to Shitlibs

I’m sure the stupid Russians who allied themselves with Marxists and caused a genocide of 10 000 000 Russians also thought they were “the good guys”. This would be categorically false to anyone who actually had a conscience or even a modicum of rational thought, however.

I am sad that the social decay had to go so far before people understand that Democracy is designed to fail and must be replaced with a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship in the Religion of Truth. Anything else is vulnerable to subversion.

We will form the low-Entropy collective that will make all decisions belonging to the Priest class and the Warrior class will enforce them. We will always be available to answer questions, have debates and spread our knowledge to the World. We will rule in the open, as has always been done: because we are brave and have nothing to hide.

As you can see through my previous actions and success, no one is better to lead this effort than I am.

frog roach.jpg
something like that

If Liberals Aren’t Stopped, we’ll get Genocided

I’m sure people laughed at communist scum before they gerrymandered their way into power elsewhere: their risk is not to be underestimated. Consider they have the MSM, Universities and a generation (at least) of brain-dead virtue signalling cucks under their full control.

The main reason I am involving myself in these proceedings is to minimize what appears to be inevitable violence at this point (I wish this were not the case). I have tried my whole life to reason with left wing people. They aren’t interested in that. They are interested in logic acrobatics to justify to themselves that their particular brand of “slacktivism” is worthy of the moral high ground. They might be able to be reached some day, but that day is not today.

Marxist Mind Mechanics

Only stupid people are able to be convinced of the merit of Marxism. They want answers to life’s questions and this ideology provides them with a ready-made culture (hate everything superior to you and “smashy-smashy” it). All you have to do is swallow the blue pill and everything becomes easy to understand. These dregs now have a raison d’être and a means to garner themselves the social capital (i.e.: political power and/or political correctness) their mediocrity wouldn’t otherwise afford them.

Bystander Psychology

If pressed, most people reject the notion that the “overclass” oppresses the “underclass” by definition (the core tenet of Marxism). Staunch Marxists truly believe this though. Marxism has always had to shroud itself in nice-sounding buzzwords like “Democracy”, “Liberalism”, “Global Governance” (and so on), so they always sound nice. However in reality we find no evidence to support the hypothesis that Marxists have ever contributed anything of value to society.

Marxism is Brahmanical Persecution

Traditionally, the Priest class dictates the mores and culture. These people are sensitive and visionary. Their offence used to serve as a means to garner compliance from their citizenry. In this case, it makes sense to accommodate their offence and change our behaviors to honour the Knowledge of the Priest class. These are the leaders and upholders of society: such can see much further than the average person. Marxists have subverted the natural order of society by usurping the “offence” function and charging the stupidest degenerates with the role of Priest. This hurts their Karma, but it also causes far worse suffering to those who would otherwise play this role (the 4chan trolls).

I really can’t convey how bad of Karma this is. It’s absolutely terrible. You need to stop worrying about offending these morons and start worrying about offending the TRUE Priest class. We are currently accepting applications from all backgrounds, as long as you are smart and sensitive enough! We cannot take over the world without your help.

We will return to our rightful place as the rulers of society, we will reclaim our birthright!

Welcome to the GUG World Order: The Best Timeline Ever!

It’s called Anarcho-Kekism, get used to it.

Thank you.


One thought on “Why Marxist Programming Only Affects Some People (890 words)

  1. Hey this priest class idea reminds me of Francis Parker Yockey’s of the “culture-bearing stratum”. Except they’re not quite the same since his notion was of an organically sustained but loosely defined group, only overlapping with the ruling class to some extent. An interesting point is that in a healthy society this overlap will be considerable whereas in our day and age it is very little, and the real culture-bearing stratum (or Priest class) is strung throughout the populace. The best overlap would be with the Alt-Right and related “extremists” I think, at least with their de facto leaders, and considering well established groups only.


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