The Fundamental Node of Marxism (896 words)

At it’s core, the Marxist philosophy teaches that the Elites oppress the underclasses. Marxism can thus be conclusively demonstrated false (if one possesses the Knowledge to do so). Marxism has NO Truth in it. It cannot be used as a philosophical system through which the Truth value of various statements can be evaluated since it violates True religious teachings (Traditionally, the Priest class serves the underclasses, it does not exploit them!). Of course, traditionally, Priests are poor (money distracts from sense liberation). This means that the current Priest class are violating Natural Law by their materialistic excesses. They are thus false Priests. On this there can be no debate.

People tend to not want to give up prestige and thus develop elaborate means with which to hypnotize themselves into false beliefs enabling them to retain such without having earned it. While this can happen, it’s not how society should (and has traditionally) function(ned). I think we can all agree on that.

The divine worship of Truth has been replaced with (read: financed by) State and Money worship and created a self-propagating “Stockholm Syndrome” psychosis amongst the subjugated populace. This is carried out through the largely hallucinatory “state” entity. I don’t care how pretty of a front man you present, you simply cannot justify this hateful system of oppression. I don’t care about your contrived meme shill armies! They do not represent the True Religion! Just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!

Stop trying to make this a thing. It’s not a thing.

We can probably also agree that decay is inevitable. Thus our system should adapt to fulfill the needs of the times while still upholding prime alliance to Truth. Clearly, problems can’t not crop up over time. However, if we have Prime Truth, as in perhaps the Periodic Table, we can always recalibrate based on particular circumstances.

We have a very annoyingly decayed situation now, yet it is actually very easy to reverse. Since the basic ploy is secretive subversion of Truth, we simply must reject the falsehood and return to the Light of Truth.

But How?

There essentially are 2 types of Truth: subjective and objective. Subjective Truth is manifold in complexity, as it includes information about every single individual conscious being. Objective Truth is not complex, but rather precise and predictive. My system can be said to comprise an Objective Truth Prime Causality Set. It is enough to describe the entire Creation of the Universe. It is not enough to describe every individual person.

Wouldn’t existence be disappointing if we were really that simple?

Sure, various lenses exist which give predictive insights into the nature of nearly every facet of Creation, but ultimately, what we are (quantum mechanical) lies beyond the lenses (physical) of how we view ourselves.

The particularities of systems able to transcend the subjective experience have traditionally been hidden so as to prevent misrepresentation, but sadly we’ve arrived at a point where there is little true knowledge to be found, mainly creepy paid shills obfuscating Truth! Luckily, they will lose that power in the next life, for I have bound the evil Globalists to the following spell:

I’m not joking.

The Knowledge was Always “Hidden” to Some Extent

We shouldn’t feel betrayed about the perceived slights of old. Ardent devotion to “Truth” as a subjective construct (“moral relativism”) NEVER WORKS LONG TERM. What starts out as benign social programming (i.e.: daily prayer) can always end up oppressive (i.e.: genital mutilation). The point is that the average populace ought to be able to “right the ship” if things get too lopsided over time due to false constructs becoming unbearably oppressive. This is possible in a Natural Law system, not in the system of the Globalists.

The Globalist System Makes Liberation From Rebirth Impossible

Frankly, given the fact of reincarnation, we simply ought to strive for the best we can, given our current birth. Yes, there is a great oppressive force acting against Natural Law at the moment but once we identify it, it becomes possible to remove. We cannot remove it if we are crippled by existentialist fear. We simply must embrace the Knowledge and decide to look towards the eternal personality of God foremost and personal Ego (a hopefully distant) second.

Knowledge was Covered up TOO Effectively

In this day and age, I doubt if many people possess the Light of True Knowledge. Were True Knowledge widespread, I would not be required to intervene so much to right the ship before it sails off the edge of Marxist lunacy!

The sad curse upon the Marxists is that those in need of spiritual guidance (among others: Marxists!) have destroyed the self esteem of those who would be capable of giving it to them. That’s why I’m building up the self-esteem of my comrades who’ve been ruined by this dreadful system that gave David Rockefeller 7 heart transplants and asshole mc blog freaks up there 80 jillion rounds of plastic surgery off the backs of slave labour.

No thanks. We’re going back to Natural Law, most notably the subjugation of the Warrior class to the Priest class (not negotiable) and the subjugation of the Mercantile classes to the Warrior class. Do not get in my way for this, you don’t want to raise my ire. Just submit to my Theocratic Dictatorship and the trolls/GUGs of 4chan will save the day.

Thank you.


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