The Causality Void (580 words)

I always knew there was something dreadfully wrong with the culture here. Mostly, it’s because there is no logic. There is a causality void. In other words, many people are in an abusive D/s relationship with the State (consider: “Stockholm Syndrome”). The abusive behaviour here is: lying while purporting as an expert on Truth.

There is a class structure to society that cannot be denied and which has been subverted for a very long time for the purposes of establishing a narrative that the elite class is “oppressive”.

Gee, I wonder why.


The ruling class is meant to take care of people. The number one rule of taking care of people is to tell them the Truth. Do we always have to tell the ABSOLUTE Truth? Doesn’t it make sense to lie to protect people’s feelings? Yes, in theory if you think someone is ugly, you don’t have to remind them of it every 5 minutes but the personal vanity limit does not and never ought to broach the cultural / political realms. Your fat ass is not my welfare state so to speak. The limit of justified lying is egotistical vanity and nothing more!

But what if…

I’m going to tell you right now: you have no fucking means of gauging egotistical sensitivity to judge when lying is justified; most of you are totally insensitive, selfish and superficial bigots. You wouldn’t know you were risking to breach someone’s perceptual nexus so as to cause fundamental dissonance if they politely reminded you of it for 30 years, then got really grouchy and decided to yell at the Internet until society changed to their whim, then instituted a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship with 4 chan trolls as the least Energy path to finally start to approach a life less resembling Chinese water torture. Trust me: if there is a use for political correctness: YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY AT A SENSITIVITY LEVEL TO GAUGE IT!!!

Ergo, there ought never be any use for Political Correctness.

Let it go

Political Correctness and Truth cannot simultaneously exist, since the former is an inhibition of the latter. The truth of the matter is that PC is only really justified when someone’s fundamental egotistical coherence is at risk.

Ironically, you might see me use it at times. This is because I know the boundary of sanity causality sufficiently well as to not wish to scare away my opponents without the chance to impart a significant amount of knowledge to them. Truth really does set people free: many things, you cannot un-see.

What it comes down to is this: we cannot continue on the current path. There is no real reason to continue with this system, except to cling to the previous fruits of its labour extortion. We have already exposed that such is built upon a false foundation of exploitation, right down to the notion of “democracy” (mob rule) & “marxism”, an incredibly simplistic and begrudging philosophy. It is nothing more than self-hypnosis into imaginary enemies. The modern incarnations of such are: “coon”, “nazi”, “fascist” (possibly the most nebulous term ever) and so on. These words are nothing more than slander terms against Truth. To deny this pattern is folly. However, to think oneself the sole victim of international rackets is narcissistic and works against our goals. But clearly: the current narrative is not underscored by Truth.

We must come together to discern exactly what Truth is if we are to move forward as true “Global Citizens” aka Aryan/Vedic Supremacists.

Thank you



One thought on “The Causality Void (580 words)

  1. Our enemies naturally see rule as an oppurtunity for cruelty and exploitation since that is exactly how they would and do act when they can take power themselves. Our idea of a ruler is one totally immersed in the welfare of his people, and inwardly at least, their slave as much as their master.


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