Religious Sacrifice (601 words)

Knowledge of Cults is Suppressed

The main motivation for this appears to be both to suppress the Knowledge that the rulers of Earth themselves comprise a cult & to avoid a rival cult emerging. Like one that happens to crush their manifold orthodoxy in 1 year. Like which will happen anytime someone gets too far out of touch from the source of their powers: balance shall ultimately be restored. The faithful are redeemed and the liars are punished. This story is as old as time itself. It belongs to any human able to seize upon the path of self-governance.

H(0): A Sadistic Cult Controls the World

We should be celebrating the Periodic Table as a Global culture. Instead we have “He Will Not Divide Us” (remember: this is the “social justice crew”) mass hysteria and /pol/ counter-insurgencies (thank the Light for that) suggest it’s only a matter of time before Bolshevik level censure is applied here. You don’t want me to die in a prison after being tortured and raped by communists, do you? We need a strategy to avoid getting mass genocided.

The only solution to this is a competing cult to do International Governance since the existing people are clearly pawns of the oppressor. Trump’s defiance alone demonstrates the sheer depth of their contempt of their subjects.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.42.29 PM.png
The Frog Conveys 1/1000th of my Own Annoyance

Cults are a Science

A large part of cults is about sacrifice. Sacrifice is about doing something you don’t want to do because you know it will pay off at a later time. Loyalty to Truth gives supreme powers, so I had the power to sacrifice the credibility of the Marxist programming on the altar of that same Objective Truth.

Of course, such programming is hard to overcome, I know this, but it’s damned near impossible without a competing system. Please accept the Knowledge, it feels awesome.

Sadly, the longer people resist transitioning to higher awareness (Aryan (noble) Supremacy), the harder the transition is going to be. Get used to submitting to the supremacy of that which can be demonstrated to consist of nobility. If you’re not sure if that’s you, it might be you! Don’t ask me, ask my dear wonderful Stefan Molyneux:

Basic Truth (Sound Vibration) is Weaponized Against Us

We are a deeply religious people. That’s why the weaponized language is spiritual terrorism. No, I’m not exaggerating. No, I don’t suspect you believe me. I don’t know how to fix that problem exactly, so I am attempting to drown it out in the glorious permutation of my fundamental essence: in awe and submission to the great Godhead, for limitless is that same gate through which infinite bliss flows.

If you don’t like the Periodic Table, you’re probably a Marxist

It is wrong to claim anything antagonistic to the Truth religion. It saddens me to see people pursue that which does not bring sense liberation rather: just the opposite. The false cults must be allowed to fall to the wayside (without sacrificing individual culture) to allow for the pure Light of Truth to guide mankind, and nothing else.

Supremacy is Objective

Once again: Supremacy is not coerced, bribed, gerrymandered, promoted nor flattered into existence. It is earned. Now that you all have an objective standard for how to do this, I expect the religious infighting to calm down. Why don’t you start being afraid of the consequences of your actions, for all your future lives (as is proper) rather than paying homage to a false God of cultural suicide or ego vanity! This is not Vamamarga, this is simply vainglorious folly.
Thank you

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