Priest Hierarchy (218 words)

The Meme War of 2016 was a defining moment for Western identity: the first significant stance of collective identity against the ruling information orthodoxy (“the narrative”). That’s why anyone who can demonstrably prove they were involved in the GamerGate/Trump Election/Meme War/Truth Movement will be accorded as a Priest of the 1st order in my Church of Entropy if they are interested.

These would be the “Entry Level” positions, from which we can have other honours, or not. I figured I’d have at least 7 orders of GUG Priests. I also figure whatever I put out now is likely to change but loosely the order of Knowledge in decreasing Entropy is:

  1. Propagandist (Memes)
  2. Magician (Intention / Secondary Creation)
  3. Psychologue (Empathy)
  4. Economist (Calculation)
  5. Social Programmer (Scholastic)
  6. Microcanonical Electromass (Primary Permutation)
  7. Paramacrocanonical Electromass (Primary Creation)

Trust me, it’s not that complicated. I figured this all out in under 2 years: kind of rough but totally worth it. Just follow your intuition, ask any questions you wish, you will be just fine.

All I demand is my Theocratic Dictatorship is the Supreme Authority on Truth and all impeding this will be removed physically based on the honour code and system. I also demand that Truth be Supreme, attainable only through KNOWLEDGE, never ever to be displaced by any other goal for as long as dS > 0.


church priest hierarchy.jpeg



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