Love, Compassion & Empathy (507 words)

Guru once said he doesn’t believe romantic love is possible. He said love can only happen between a Guru and Shishya (devotee/student) and between a mother and a child. This type of revelation is probably pretty jarring for the average Westerner: bathed in impressions of idyllic love and “happily ever after”s. Communist propaganda is obviously a recipe for disappointment, unhappy marriages and social unrest.

State Religions Suck. Except Mine. Wink.

The word “Islamophobic” means “afraid of submission”… Uhhh… I don’t think anyone isn’t afraid of submission! It forms who we are on a fundamental level. How do we reconcile this with our yearning for individual self-determination?

Church of Entropy is: Active Pure Objective Truth, is the answer. Associated to this is an honour code. You can see an example of such a code here.

While I still believe some measure of romantic love is possible between two people, I believe the unrealistic expectations people have of each other are often the cause of strife in relationships. That’s largely because we don’t cultivate proper friendships. Such are rooted in a love of an external phenomenon (like Truth, in my case), not emotional pandering. As soon as emotional pandering enters the equation, we are separating cause from effect in that we are assuming responsibility for their inability to manage their own emotions. It’s the subtle form of total power exchange (TPE) the government engineers people into basically from birth. It also explains the pervasiveness of vanilla sexuality (everyone is the governments “sub”, thus fulfilling their inner desire for domination/submission or: D/s).

It’s not surprising people are so vanilla.

What is love?

Most people can’t love because they are just too vain. They use others exclusively as proxies to fuel their ego. I am sorry to say that but it is true for most people. In order to start to grow your soul, you must surrender to the Truth that attachment to the outcome of action causes suffering. This was said by the Buddha himself, and I am not one to contradict the teachings of the great masters for nothing!

Love, in my opinion, is to do for someone something that is good for them, and to know them well enough to know that this thing I give them is sufficiently unique as to maximally distinguish them to themselves in a manner which is primarily self-propagated.

If you don’t like me, you can fudge off.

Whole love does not usually “feel” great (unless you love Truth beyond all else). That’s because it removes from you the things that impede your ability to love completely. Loss is painful: always.

Well, that’s depressing

Yes, that’s why you want to work on YOURSELF. Project your BEST SELF. You cannot control others when you are in a state of ignorance. You won’t want to control others when you are in a state of Knowledge-awareness. The rest is just “administrative details”, so stop crying about having to serve a temporary role you aren’t sure you are yet ready for.

The alternative is simply too terrifying!


One thought on “Love, Compassion & Empathy (507 words)

  1. I’d say that traditional marriage fulfils our basic desires and requirements best. I guess that’s how it became traditional. The key to it is inequality, the secret of all society, magnifying and misrepresenting the equality principle is an attack against the fabric of society.


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