Shills, Doxing & Public Image (1141 words)


I know people are suffering and I am here to direct your efforts towards that which can be sustained. Trust me when I say that you cannot win if you attempt to play within the enemy’s system (Central Banks). We have to get rid of the fake Priest class (unqualified degenerates playing the role of the Priest) and institute an appropriate one: one that can be scientifically demonstrated. The question of community  building is then drastically simplified.

You have to place faith in your own people to self-assemble in the absence of the oppressive system, rather than forcing them into what appears to be a more oppressive system. Extremist infiltrators would like us to believe that our only options are the status quo or a puritanical “National Socialist” dictatorship. I don’t dwell on mistakes of the past. I don’t care about labels, only actions. I want to win the psychic, not endlessly fight with allies on the enemy’s terms. Let us not fall into the ideological trap of self-righteousness but rather be grateful for this unique opportunity for collaboration.

Transitioning From Channer to Politician

We have see their future plans (genocide): this gives us no choice but to resist them. It’s challenging to ascend to a new level of responsibility and I am here to help you with that.

H(0) = Shill

Yes, everyone you meet is potentially a shill. Maybe they are shilling for money, maybe for their own greed, vanity, ego… It’s a bit of a catch all. Not to mention no one is perfect, we all have attachments and illusions: don’t explain by shillage that which can be explained by good old fashioned stupidity.

Ypu have to accept that some people are obsessed with milking others’ sympathies. We are genetically programmed to submit to the authority of the Priest class, which has more sensitivity and compassion than the other classes. That’s why people submit to the “authority” of the SJW/communist nut jobs: they fake emotions to get what they want from people who don’t doubt their sincerity. That’s why they are the false Priest class and guilty of the worst sins.

You, the new Priest Class (intelligent, sensitive, loving) have to accept the weakness of projecting your ego on others. The healthy approach is to place self-love above all else, and gradually trust people more over time. Accept that most people don’t actually have the gift of logic and are thus more animal-like (needing to be herded, like sheep).

Remember: We must judge by actions not words. Reputation matters.

Recent Dox Wave

The most recent wave of media meltdowns appears to be a scare tactic to inhibit progress and de-legitimize our movement of meme-ing 4chan into a political party.

Get used to it! It’s C U R R E N T Y E A R

This might sound strange but the number of shills on 4-chan provides evidence to support the hypothesis that Globalists are R A T T L E D. That’s a good thing… Admit it: #pissgate is pretty hilarious! You’re not going to be a happy person in the rough times ahead if you can’t laugh at the sheer stupidity of it now.

There could be any number of reasons but the synchronicity of recent events suggests several “controlled” opposition groups were instructed to “go nuclear”, apparently with the goal of sewing dissent & limiting scope of influence. In other words, someone had dirt on TRS and chose this moment strategically to leak it so as to cause the most damage.

Social Media Crackdown on Right Wing / Truther Groups

Recently, a large Facebook group called “Cult of Shrek”, formerly “Cult of Kek” purged a large number of legitimate activists and posted a scary picture of a dead Pepe shot in the head. Now the admin appears to be purporting as God and has “purged all normies”. It’s a wee bit creepy but still sheds light into the nature of the enemy. Infiltrate and emulate!

Too bad I am impossible to imitate 😉

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.14.49 PM.png

Karma is a Bigidy-Bitch

The longer you deny cause and effect, the worse things get. That’s how reality works. When you try to hide things, the light eventually finds them. Diffuse light is the highest Entropy state. To avoid Truth getting out, work must be done to uphold a state which is not the highest Entropy state.

You cannot hypnotize a people into accepting the blame for the actions of others to “redeem” their “sins”. This is wrong, given that the primary sin is ignorance. People must accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. No more lies. No more false attribution death cults. The future of our species is at stake here.

retarded trump.jpg
This is really how these nutjobs see any opposition. We need to end Democracy.
alt media.jpg
Update – Alt-Media “re-memening” \^v^/

The “New World Ordure” has no Future

Therefore their agents simply want to bugger up the progress of emerging movements. This shouldn’t be a shock, given the idols of the scumbag communist religion. I don’t think everyone acting on behalf of the NWO is “in the know”. I estimate up to 95% are useful idiots in total denial of the desecration they are carrying out on native lands. The rest are just greedy selfish creeps. None of this changes the fact that this system must be removed.

Recent events suggest the ego of the MSM has evolved from petulant child to bratty teenager. Don’t underestimate the danger of this organization. They want to scapegoat anyone they can. It’s the only way they can avoid taking responsibility for their crimes against Nature: it’s not right… It’s very very wrong. If they aren’t stopped, they will continue using their agents to promote their insane wars ad infinitum. We should have acted against this a long tiome ago. To continue without action is irresponsible, this poor woman looks like she is held hostage (largely by her incompetence!)… Stockholm Syndrome much??

2030 crazy.jpeg
I’m not sure she’s convinced.

I Want to Serve Mankind, the Rest is Your Ego Projection

Just remember: increasingly immoral laws must be enforced by increasingly unsavoury people. Oppressive moral enforcement (by immoral agents) brings forth the same oppression you are now trying to free yourselves from.

It’s not possible to subvert my movement, I spent my whole life preparing for my mission. You can either align yourself to the Truth: my cause, or you can get the hell out of my way of implementing my Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship of Earth. Accept that you’re already in a Theocratic Supremacist Dictatorship and agree that it’s shit and we need to replace it.

Once again, I don’t want a public life but I like helping people learn and it is working so: there you go. I have nothing to hide. That and I need Priests and also the World’s armies to submit to my command. Anytime you’re ready.

Thank You


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