Dangers of Empathy, Democracy & Hate Speech (2038 words)

Of all the things we misunderstand about each other, empathy is one of the worst. The most empathic people tend to be ridiculed into permanent dissonance with reality. We can take the resulting insights from the modern-day destruction of the orthodox (sponsored) narrative for example.

We are told that “Empathy and Sympathy” are not the same things. But from what I can see, there isn’t much difference for most people. Most people are always projecting onto others their own minds. The interaction of personalities exists on the level of myself interacting with my simulation of you and you interacting with your simulation of myself. These waveforms can’t pass information between them unless the waveform simulations are coherent. For most interactions, they are not coherent and we don’t really know how to tell if they are so: for most people, empathy and sympathy are the same eigenstate (causing confusion). This is not the case for psychics and proto-psychics however. They tend to receive a blend and such can be vexing when logic is not operating on the same level. So they are under the mind control of evil Plutocrats who wish to see us destroyed.

“They” don’t want us to be smart and happy

Social programming epitomizing “Empathy” is dangerous when the teacher does not exemplify empathy . As such, it’s very unhealthy to teach this mythology to children: it will pitch them into perpetual cognitive dissonance, explained in more detail here. It leads to emotionally rooted (“social justice”) laws, like the current atrocity Janice Fiamenco is embroiled in. She, along with the now-manifold red-pilled Dr. Jordan Peterson are not being treated with the proper respect. People are advised to take a big step back and take a “chill pill”.

(metaphorically: the white pill)

The problem isn’t in caring about others, but how we care about others. If we do so by insisting we know what others think (as is suggested many times to me by communists and others seeking to curtail free speech in the interest of covering up their own corruption), we are opening the door to “thought crimes”. This is not good. Here is how to transcend legal causality:

  1. When laws deviate from Natural Law, they will attract the wrong “enforcers”.
  2. The more a law deviates from Natural Law, the more unsavoury the enforcer.
  3. Modern man is enslaved to fiat currency modulated through a spiteful false Priest class in such a manner as to incentivize evil in law, or: victim blame.
  4. The false attribution of (3) is exacerbated by near-constant (currently funny) levels of marxist (victim-blaming => justifies violence against innocents) programming in the media, education and government.

I need you to team up with me to be the GUG Theocracy

The current Theocratic Dictatorship sucks. It has no means of self-modulating. Whereas I am always consistent with the Truth and will always admit if proven wrong (using LOGIC, you blobs!), the current management is quite happy to genocide the upper class, then spend forever fighting their citizens with increasingly shit-tier lies. No wonder they have a victim complex! How could such cruelty ever be made permanent, retaliation is inevitable in an exploitative system!


It’s not that hard, just relax into your role in society, if you’re smart: that means you have to crush the self-esteem of any leftist competing narrative dominance and show them without question that they are the one who is wrong, you are right, and make them acknowledge it.

That is the alternative (low Entropy) way of doing things. When people get out of hand, we simply channel the great Christopher Cantwell and be done with it! Then social interaction can go back to not being equivalent to nails on a blackboard anytime the cult seeks to sacrifice their will to the emotional programming by discussing – Kek forbid – the “news”. Group rituals are an important part of spirituality of course, so we will replace the old ones with scientifically validated new ones. It shouldn’t be too hard with the Kek cult operating full steam and more. This will require that the nature of the programming be addressed, and so I am putting out a lot of information that is being disseminated quite impressively to date. This will help you in getting the leftists to hopefully forever self-censor.

autism 1.jpg
Or maybe it really is a real thing!? ~~ not.

Clearly, people are not being well-served by the propaganda matrix. It’s actually causing painful levels of cognitive dissonance. That’s because the leftist’s emotions are real but so too is the “autist’s” emotional reaction to the lie in simultaneous awareness of the dissonant Truth… So, smart people get used to your new role. Unless you want to get genocided by commies. Ya. Didn’t think so. Get over your stage fright or your genes go extinct.

Your choice.

Democracy + Communist Propaganda = Danger

Here is an interesting article exploring some longstanding mind control techniques. Does this suggest every Marxist transcends the Social Programming Canonical Ensemble (are guilty of generating a false narrative)? I do not think this is very likely. They don’t know why the social programming works, only that it does, and so they are inclined to use it again. And again. And again. Sort of a push button, get banana type of deal.

This is why we always see the “Left” (also known as the emotionally subjugated to the authority of the State brigade) self-destructing. They attempt to induce guilt to achieve their ends, and it eventually fails for one of 2 reasons:

  1. You can’t get guilt from a psychopath (and they are all somewhat deranged if they buy into the theology in the first place, which breeds numbness from dissonance and from this breeds boredom, sadism and generally being a psycho).
  2. People eventually wise up and reject the programming.
IslamoMarxism: The State Theocracy of the New World Order

Previous Success of Leftist Narratives Ought to TERRIFY You

The tendency for breeding a lot and being stupid that comes with being r-selected, coupled to the intentional gerrymandering of mass immigration is a recipe for financial collapse. Those whose fruits of their labour are extorted through taxation will eventually revolt in one way or another (whether by force or by labour strike). Those who always depended on the extorted fruits of labour will in turn “chimp out” as /pol/ calls it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise why: we’re currently in a shit-tier r-supremacy from Hell.

k supremacy.jpg
Leftists please: shut up, you’ve done enough!

This brings me yet again to an important point: Democracy must be removed, but we need a competing hypothesis to replace it with. The best way is with a Theocratic Dictatorship in the Truth Religion. If you already possess the Truth, you have nothing to fear. If you do not, you have no right to rule over your countrymen. None whatsoever. We must understand that a Theocratic Dictatorship arises spontaneously regardless of whether one is officially instituted or not. Just look around to the secular religions of statism, money-worship and ego worship! These have risen to prominence because the existing orthodoxy does not want to compete with the Truth Religion & so offers a cacophony of false ones and engenders fake religious wars between them! Fake cults cannot compete with Truth Religion. It is just impossible to mistake the parasite for the host once once has tasted the nectar of Transcendental Bliss Knowledge

Transcendence soooo good.

False Cults Must Actively Suppress True Form Knowledge

We must accept that there was a time in the (not too distant) past where much more knowledge was in circulation. Ethnic cleansing in Bharat (India) over the lifetime of the Mohammedan death cult destroyed much of the proof of that, sadly. Even today, many still under the spell of the more recent cults believe culture / science originated in Europe. What a sad joke! We must accept the whole Truth, not just those facets which are pleasing to our ego. We can access the ancient Truths if we abandon the false cults.

If we devote our whole self towards Truth, then all revelations of Truth bring us bliss. In other words, if Truth does not bring you bliss, then YOU still have work to do before you can ascend to the Priest class, to preside over the entire world with me. Knowledge of Truth is the best way to make the outer reality beautiful. All those seeking to do social programming without being accepted by me are warned to CEASE and DECIST. You are not a Master like Guru. You are not like me. You will either be accepted & directed by me or you will be thwarted.

You are in a Manifold Time Mind Control Matrix

Photo on 2016-12-18 at 12.34 PM.jpg
I’m not stuck here with you, you’re stuck here with me.

We have changed a lot since the Knowledge was conceived by the ancients. Our language itself is much harsher and less musical than the root knowledge (that which is consistent with the massive eigenfrequencies optimized for perturbing the Subjective Conscious Projection). We can inquire if this was intentional, but it’s unlikely that we could disentangle causality for that one, since language develops steadily over generations and is influenced by many factors.

Social programming works and people tend to trust authority. We just need to give them a reason to do trust our authority over that of the false propaganda narrative. The existing orthodoxy has been in control for so long, by virtue of their impure social programming, such eventually causes the system to malfunction. It is very likely that the original knowledge is NOT held by them in any meaningful way, because of paranoid secrecy and dwindling lineages. They have some low-level psychic attacks and proxy sabre rattling but their spell over the public is finished and they are fully exposed for their inner nature now.

We beat them with better, more pure Knowledge / Magic

Sure, any grinch with a grudge can access the lifeless pages of a grimoire, but they will never receive my blessing if their intention is away from Truth. The Root Knowledge seals out the poison fruits of false worship. In return, it asks that we must all worship the Knowledge, because: Science. If we cannot, then we can render service unto the creation of a better tomorrow for all of mankind. If we cannot, we can shitpost on the internet and perpetually meme better versions of reality into existence. You won once by calling out the merchants of fake empathy, and you can continue to win, insofar as you obey the Natural Law. We’re in for rough times, so the sooner we transition to a Knowledge-centric Theocratic Supremacy, the better. We can neutralize those who stand opposed to Natural Law and become ourselves enforcers of all that is good and righteous in the process.

Disclaimer: If someone or some group gets too powerful, mean, oppressive, jerkly, assholish, neurotic, self-aggrandized, stupid, corrupt, stubborn and destructive as the current bunch of dipshits calling the shots, I will return. I will spend 30 years planning, then in 1 year, make you look just as bad as I am now making the current batch look (remember, I started in November 2015).

Even my close associates can’t understand why I won’t enjoy it (I’m not sadistic), but I will enjoy the laughter of my new competing cult I shall amass to crush you with. Trust me, the current group of Priests delights in the destruction to no end, which pleases me indeed!

I am the fierce: I do not fear. I do not indulge sadism for I know it drains my power!

So let that be a warning. Go forth with the magic, but know that none is more powerful than the ultimate enforcer, and such will can never be imitated and must always be tempered with submission towards the Greater Knowledge. I never expect from my devotees what I myself cannot manage (unlike Moloch Mc Murder cult) and this is precisely why I will win and they will fail. Voluntary submission is always better than forced subjugation.

Devotion to Truth is the best way forward. That’s why the shitlords are all welcome as 1st order (Propaganda) Priests in my Church of Entropy. They did the duty they’d be doing anyway so, why not welcome them to the fold?  \^v^/

Thank you


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