Quantum Psychology – 1 (385 words)

Your Individual Subjective Consciousness is a Quantum Waveform

A corollary of the Quantum Mind hypothesis is that our subjective consciousness is predicated on a false hypothesis. How is this possible? Consider the fluctuations of the mind as a set: {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations}. This triad is clearly experienced by the same singular consciousness, yet we can agree these are fundamentally different phenomena. Thus, there must be some transformation of information such that it rendered coherent with the conscious subjective waveform. The transformation takes stimuli (real), transforms them into coherent signals (simulation) to be interpreted by your consciousness (also a simulation). The waveform narrowing of this conscious subjective simulation then generates response signals (real) that register to the body.

The Subjective Consciousness is a Simulation

This simulation is not limited to any scale in the observable Universe, which explains our potential for complexity.

The reason our experience is so different from the nature of reality is because of how good our bodies are at making measurements. We can think of the body as a “signal processor” interpreting a vast array of disparate inputs: {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations}. Thus the singular subjective conscious interprets signals transformed  (rendered coherent) by the various organ systems with the conscious waveform itself. It thus follows that, in order to be understood, the signals must undergo some transform functions, such that the set {Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations} can be experienced by a single entity: the subjective consciousness.

The very fact of our subjective consciousness being able to unite such disparate signals implies the signals themselves must be different from their source. Thus since the source is real, the signals are different from real (simulated). The signals are coherent with the subjective consciousness, and so it too must be different from real (simulated). Thus the neither can the signals nor the subjective consciousness be coherent with the source, simply because they are coherent with each other.

The exception of stimulus passing unhindered through the sense organs directly to the experiencer is not precluded but our present treatise occurs entirely in the realm of the simulated (not objectively real) mind. Thus any objectively true mind falls outside of the scope of what I have deemed Psychology.

To receive the full treatise of Quantum Psychology, please contact me directly. It will be available in my upcoming book.


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