2016 Recap (1436 words)

Why are people upset about 2016?

Mainly because they have been sold on a fantasy that Cultural Marxism is a good idea. The problem with it is that it’s enforced by people who are, by definition, lacking in discernment (since they accepted it in the first place). In other words, there are people to whom will ought to be surrendered for the greater good of the group based on a similar conveyance patterning (the general posturing  in indication of various emotional states), but it is precisely the opposite of the agents of the Cultural Marxists. I know this will be very upsetting to many, but you have to ask yourself: where is this going? The answer is a permanent paranoid dissonance state where reality is is direct opposition to the cultural narrative. I promise you, you don’t want that, you have no freedom because your emotions don’t belong to you.

But I’m so upset!

I know you are and I want to help. But I can’t help unless you accept that there is something for me to teach you.

It’s very easy to use me to help accelerate your mental healing process. Simply accept that how you feel about me is an indication of that which you cannot change about yourself. Your hatred of me is nothing more than a refraction of your own self-loathing. Through upcoming Quantum Mind Hypothesis training, we can all, as a society, move past false beliefs and build up a new strategy and culture which will be maximally consensual.

Remember though: not everyone can be convinced through reason. The first step to transcending into higher order logic is to accept that there is no cause without effect, that no one alive contains perfect knowledge and that your suffering comes about from your own denial to accept reality, not anyone else!

Cowtowing to people’s emotions is stupid. I simply won’t indulge people’s fantasies and yes it has caused some problems for me! These negative personal experiences have led to what appear to be harsh and strict rules towards new associates. Trust me, compared to others, this isn’t a high barrier to entry to the teachings. It’s the lowest possible barrier to entry to the teachings. It is dishonest to present incomplete teachings as complete and I would never do that to you. I don’t owe you more than that. You owe me and if you wish to learn the totality of the teachings then nothing less than the totality of your surrender (unto the knowledge and unto myself as its Proxy) will suffice. You cannot bring any shred of that across the death boundary and spirituality is nothing if it does not condition you for the near-singularity of the soul’s transmogrification / rebirth. Why would I continue to enable that which has been demonstrated fallacious? To learn the Truth of your religion only in death is the most cruel torture I can imagine. I think too much of you to continue to believe this fantasy. I am using my will now to force the world to accept reincarnation.

We must all channel our emotions towards engendering compassion for ourselves, not Marxist brow beating others paying obeisances to the cult of marx. You must all realize this deep down. We have all been deceived by a false reality to various degrees but the future of tomorrow all depends on the choices we make today. We must look on mankind as brothers and understand that we cannot violate natural law without severe (and worsening) consequences.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Trust me, you can’t change the Truth, It’s better to just accept it

Your jealousy is your problem, not mine. Nothing you attempt against me won’t backfire. It’s just not how things work anymore. Cultural Marxism is dead. Why not be happy this was deftly done in 1 year, saving much stress (removing the bandaid quickly, as it were), rather than dragging it out needlessly?

Going forward, we all need to look inward. Because humility, not arrogance, is the way to success: humility towards the Knowledge. We must all be in submission to Truth when attempting to do social programming. There can be no debate on this.

Ya I thought of that, & that, & that ya.

But I still wish to deny you!

Of course, the process of removal of ego can be painful, it is so for everyone. For those operating in the false system, this is going to come as a huge shock. For those entering their new roles in society, there will also be shocks (like realizing you’re gifted and yet also not the smartest/best looking/most magnetic/most psychic etc) person out there. That should be an honour. That should feel good. That you feel anything but joy to collaborate with the greatest living minds of the modern day is evidence of your own mental corruption. Simply accept this and finally start practicing compassion towards yourself. In the long term, you will not be able to defend any sort of Truth without it. In the future, everyone in power defends Truth. Period. None of these feral conniving marxist hacks must be allowed any credibility, we must simply stop consenting to their false reality.

What will the future look like?

That depends on you. One option is to continue a slow death by democracy (current establishment). The other is to cede power to the K-Supremacy. Our movement will care maximally about you, we have compassion and love (those in power now are more sadistic and some have argued: genocidal. I reserve judgement on such because of the manifold complexity of the issue of consent). The other option is you become cannon fodder in a new world order that is designed to reduce the smart people even more than vaccinations, weaponized food, white guilt, r-selected, chemtrail blasting, abortion promoting disaster.

But I want to be the Theocratic Supremacist Dictator!

No. You can’t. However, I will accept anyone who can prove they are able to learn the Knowledge. There are no holds barred on race, gender, or other. I simply don’t care about superficial things.

How to address the Church of Entropy

not great: through ego projection, criticism, suggesting I am “inciting” emotions in you (absolutely stupid), suggesting I owe you something (when I’ve given you everything), giving trite advice, slandering me, copying my stuff without attribution.

better: thoughtful questions (etymological questions are not beneath you, we are developing a whole new philosophy and this takes much time and effort and if you’re thinking improperly, you’re going to be exhausted), honest disclosures, taking responsibility for yourself & being realistic.

best: learn the knowledge, remain focused on the knowledge, provide services and gifts (the best gifts are not money, ultimately we seek to remove all fiat banking. This is swiftest way back to living in harmony with nature), love (first yourself, then the Knowledge, then me or if you “really don’t like me”, there are other Priests with different personalities!), proselytize the unfalsifiability of reincarnation and have faith in yourself.

I have always accepted the existence of the knowledge, you can too, just accept it now

Jen, will you please stop being a bitch?

If my Proxies continue to please me, I’ll consider it. I won’t change my mind on what information I’ve already garnered about you, so if you’ve been “bad”, you need to say you’re sorry & make amends. It feels great to be able to render service unto mankind in this manner, I promise. I feel the need to repeat that I already hexed that any spells against me will backfire, so you’re essentially harming your own interests at this point.

You might have some natural skills, but most don’t have advanced magic. You may have an intention for spiritual knowledge but you must accept that this is the primal seed of spiritual inquiry, not an indication of transcendental knowledge of causality. The way forward now is in submission to the Knowledge (not to your little closet spells of having no lineage, no focus, no skill and minimal results) and accepting that it may take many lifetimes to reach what fruits you believe yourself already in possession of. You must ask yourself now: Why did I believe I knew something? Why am I so fixated on being right? Why does Jen’s existence bother me SO MUCH?

I know the answers to this, and more. And look forward to discussing the answers with those who are worthy. Others, remember: you are advised to look inward, start the journey to self-love, and consider approaching me again when your mind will not be so distorted by your own self loathing.

Thank you


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