How Can I Get Unblocked / Uncursed? (457 words)

The people of Earth have angered me. Their greed, sloth and idolatry causes suffering in the minds of innocents. There are many people that annoy me, but none so more than the false Priests. These are people who think they are smart, correct and enlightened.

While some of these people may be correct in their estimation, most are not. Most have a great deal left to learn in spirituality and the proof is simple: no one understands the Measurement Limit as I have expounded it (you cannot claim to be transcendentally wise and fail to understand the Measurement Limit). Those that do, I might consider as adepts. Those that don’t have more to learn and thus modest submissiveness is required from them.

Still some delusional people think they know more than me or can best me or troll me. I have already placed several curses on the world:

  1. False Priests reincarnate as eunuch slaves.
  2. Promoters of slavery reincarnate as pigs.
  3. Anyone who calls me crazy goes crazy themselves.

Look: human/pig hybrids! Looks like my job is going to be MUCH easier.

Of course, I will cast more. I am also loved by many powerful entities and they curse whenever/whoever they want. I don’t block their curses much since I trust their judgement.

How to become uncursed?

I’m not lifting shit until the world changes to suit my tastes and this hasn’t happened.

How can I become unblocked?

Make a public status indicating that you love me, that you accept me as your God and that you failed miserably by rejecting my teachings, and tag 10 friends in it. If you fail to do this and still bother me, you have to tag more and more people. For instance, Damian (a perverted jealous physics person who said mean things about me) would have to tag at least 25 people in a status to get unblocked.

But. But. But.

When I first meet people, I am very nice and understanding. However, once you cross me, you are immediately bumped to the back of the line as far as my affections go. There are no guarantees in life but I guarantee you I don’t joke around and the sooner you learn that, the happier you’ll be. I am always surprised at how many times I have to repeat this:


Yes, it can be upsetting to know you’ll be spending the next 10 lives without a penis or trapped in a pen you can’t move in, but isn’t that wonderful motivation to act compassionately towards these poor unmentioned members of society? There is no greater teacher than experience my friends, my curses are indeed a blessing. Now you have a real reason to get involved in advocacy: you’re advocating for your own future life accommodations.

Have a nice day (& subsequent lifetimes of regret!!)!


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