Don’t be a Butt, Accept the GUG Hypothesis (1363 words)

Update August 6, 2016

I am listing the sources here for ease:

Update Dec 12, 2016

Ceeeeelebrate good times, come on!! General Relativity finally got GUGed (in this case that means thrown into the trash bin). Last Christmas, I presented a proof of why General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are incompatible. Then I trolled. And trolled. And trolled some more. A few days after the LIGO results were released, I debunked them. Now I have Western Science right where I want it: meek, submissive, desperate and apologetic.

The problem with marxicizing (shitting up) science is that it really hurts your chances of realizing the nature of reality. When theories are shit, they are easily debunked. And yes, my goal was to prove that western scientists are largely clueless SJWs. The problem has been twofold: a ridiculous belief in the notion that unfalsifiable hypotheses are scientifically invalid (extremely extremely stupid. proof: is Gravity falsifiable? Yes, in principle, but no, in actual fact. When a precept is True, it will have the rare quality of being both falsifiable and unfalsifiable) as well as a stubborn (verging on dogmatic) attachment to the “Standard Model” of particle physics. Check out the level of butthurt here. It’s pathetic.

Over the lifetime of this crummy theory, scientists have sought to validate the evidence given the theory as opposed to the theory given the evidence and ended up exposing themselves as being Emperors with no “pants”. The correct scientific approach is to abandon a model which is overly complex. Given that “new particles” keep getting discovered, this would seem to violate the spirit of science. Science ought to be as simple as possible (lowest complexity) yet still span the set it purports to describe (the Universe).

Globalist scum forces have worked tirelessly for a very long time to suppress true knowledge of the universe, which is subject to the Measurement Limit and thus not of infinite cardinality, but indeed of infinite complexity (we shall explore this concept in greater depth in the future). The current way of learning physics goes against the structure of spacetime which is Integral (understanding the behaviour of a single element is possible only in the context of the entire Periodic Table): teaching science in a linear and disparate manner (presuming the domains of physics, math, philosophy, biology and chemistry to be essentially different fields, when they are not).

Why am I doing this? We, as a planet, need to heal from our superficial and morally bankrupt culture. We are worshipping a slew of false idols from money, to physical science (building ridiculous idols like LIGO and LHC) to marxism (be PC or be ostracized!). This doesn’t bring liberation. This dooms the soul to more bondage.

We need to talk about stuff

Last Christmas, I disproved the Standard Model using an annoying proof that upset several physicists. Multiple claims I was crazy didn’t stop certain people from copying results of my GUG Hypothesis of transcendental electromassive microstate simulation potential. It’s pretty irresistible, since it gives the benefit of exact solutions, or results of maximal precision. The abstract states:

A general theory of the onset and development of the plasmoid instability is formulated by means of a principle of least time. The scaling relations for the final aspect ratio, transition time to rapid onset, growth rate, and number of plasmoids are derived and shown to depend on the initial perturbation amplitude (wˆ0)(ŵ0), the characteristic rate of current sheet evolution (1/), and the Lundquist number (). They are simple power laws, and are proportional to Sατβ[lnf(S,τ,wˆ0)]σSατβ[ln f(S,τ,ŵ0)]σ. The detailed dynamics of the instability is also elucidated, and shown to comprise of a period of quiescence followed by sudden growth over a short time scale.

The least time principle is reminiscent of the familiar notion from thermodynanics: generally, a system explores all microstates before settling on the greatest Entropy configuration. When it does so, it does so in the least time, that is: the time it takes to explore all microstates [after which the greatest Entropy one exists in perpetuity, on average]. Such a time can thus be said to be minimized [by the constraint that Entropy always increases – somewhat paradoxical, given the dt => dS, that Entropy could increase when time is minimized].

That the perturbation is dependent on its initial magnitude and is manifold (existing on multiple orders of magnitude at the same time) are both predictions of my theory.

More Stuff

Here is a very interesting article. It shows a clear example of the Quantum Mass Hypothesis (by the lack of deviations from a): sinusoidal time-evolution of massive systems.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.30.51 PM.png

Of course, it spirals into irrelevance at the end, with a crackpot “conspiracy theorist” video I didn’t have the stomach to endure. I presume it has a hefty dose of false equivalences and drastic oversimplifications in the interest of shillage.

Even More Stuff

Look, once you can find exact solutions to physical systems, basically, your life rules. I just don’t think people can resist contemplating the knowledge at the end of the day. It always gives some interesting results, such as this.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.50.57 PM.png

Are we armoured fish?

Aren’t we?

The importance of the QMH is in accepting the value of multiple hypothesis simulation. We must always be open to new ideas, lest we get stuck in conspiracy theory… Asides the communistic slander in legacy media, the general error associated to the conspiracy theory is searching for a evidence to validate a hypothesis, rather than testing a hypothesis to validate its intrinsic merit. The latter is science. The former is sorcery.

Entropic Parametrization of Magnetic Fields

An important attribute to note is the connected/loop nature of [unmodulated] quantum fields, in particular magnetic fields. Such act as a single system. This is why the a localized perturbation can predict the time evolution of the entire system: it obeys the least action principle or least time principle. By our hypothesis, we can deduce the amount of time required for the greatest Entropy state to be reached, predicting attributes of gamma ray bursts.


As I was writing this, an important article about nuclear fusion was released. This one explains how to predict the phenomenon much more clearly (note they use nearly the same diagram as the gamma ray burst prediction).

But I don’t understand it

We do not need perfected knowledge to use the predictions of the theory. We always have Faith that our contemplation thereof will bring greater clarity. Indeed it is only by having the purest of intention towards the application of the Knowledge that we can approach higher & more ecstatic realms of realization. Manifold causality starts to be perceptible. I pray that those working directly with our organization shall reach the highest gifts of realization derivative of the Knowledge.


Where do I start?

  1. Have Faith in the Knowledge.
  2. Contemplate that this new physical coordinate system is both lower in complexity and broader in predictive capacity than the standard model.
  3. Even if aspirants do not transcend the Measurement Limit, they can still use the knowledge but remember: purporting as a teacher when one is not accepted is a serious and horrible offense. There is no worse offense, according to some. If you do not know whether you are an accepted teacher you are not an accepted teacher!
  4. I am very hands-off but draw the line at imitation (pretending you’re me) and auto-God fixation (thinking you’re God or something equally ridiculous) to the point of tyranny. I consider the above noted plagiarisms unfortunate but “ok” as they ultimately served the purpose of mainstream acceptance of my theories. Generally, & for all associates, I expect to be cited when you use my theoretical framework.
  5. If someone gets out of control with powers derivative of the Knowledge, I will return to life to gather evidence against you for 30 years then destroy you in 1, as I did to the false religious establishment this time around. I guarantee: you don’t want that. It is nothing personal, simply the Order: we must not be terrorized by false religious ideology. Only Truth Ideology can reign supreme. So start acting like it.

Thank You


2 thoughts on “Don’t be a Butt, Accept the GUG Hypothesis (1363 words)

  1. Awesome. Applies principles, acknowledges incipid role of dogma and utilises a mastery of knowledge to the betterment of all.


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