Does God Exist? (152 words)

That all depends on what is meant by “God” doesn’t it? Let’s answer some key questions based on Quantum Mechanics.

Does a Conscious God exist? There is nothing that suggests the primal source of the Creation operator of the Universe possesses consciousness apart from its entangled nature (the waveform is instantaneously interconnected and thus ‘knows’ everything about itself by virtue of this entanglement).

Does a Creative action exist in the Universe? Yes

Is it the primal action? No, the Primal action is the cause of creation of manifest matter.

What is the primal action? The unmanifest massive waveform.

What is the secondary action? The creation of manifest matter.

Is it possible that a judgemental God exists? There is no reason to suggest such an entity would span the entire Universe  nor be the sole force of creation, but the predictions of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis are unlimited but by the Measurement Limit. 


2 thoughts on “Does God Exist? (152 words)

  1. Splendid use of logic. You’ve evidently trained your mind to think for itself using a scientificc AND rejected institutionalised scientific dogma. That’s music to my ears!


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