Frequently Asked Questions (621 words)

Do you run a cult?

I am a religious leader and I will allow some of my followers to start their own Personality Cults if they demonstrate they are capable and worthy.

Why do you think you can be a religious leader?

I know I can be one, I don’t particularly want to be one, but given society’s needs, I am rising to this extremely difficult & thankless position. I obey the greater laws of causality and if you cannot understand that I am correct in my estimation, you lack the faith in the knowledge I require, for I have already demonstrated my dominance and mastery in several ways.

Is there a dress code?


Do you know anyone else like you?


What are the requirements for joining?

Everyone subject to Entropy is automatically in the religion I made, it’s just a matter of whether they accept it. Authority within my group is bestowed on a 100% merit basis.

What behaviour is unacceptable for normies?

I have placed a hex that anyone who calls me crazy will go crazy themselves. It is very very unwise to test this curse.

Questioning my expertise in public is grounds for dismissal. Never ever do this. You may always reproach me in private with questions, NOT ORDERS. I take orders from Guruji. If that’s not you, it is extremely dishonourable to ever question my dominance by undermining me with trite orders I will never ever listen to.

As several people have found out recently, I will never put subjective emotions before Truth. This is what my devotees like about me, I will never change it. I cannot and will not be in the presence of anyone so ignorant and arrogant as to risk my reputation to sate their delusions of relevance or competence.

Generally, unsolicited advice is a mistake. Never ever give me advice that is negative. Ever. My nuclear family has tried (and failed) for years to control my behaviour and the end result is that I have become even less open to their demands and requests. People need to understand that I have already done all of the adapting I am going to do for this culture. It’s time for you to adapt to me. Most humans are child-like to me and I do not take orders from children.

My patience wears thin and eventually I will simply block anyone who seeks to give me advice. DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE.

But why can’t I just undermine you with stupid advice that you hate?

I have been doing this for many years, I already have many Priests and I do not need any more. You join because you understand that in the future, only the opinions of my affiliates will matter because we are the intellectual ruling class. Period.

How can I become a Priest in the Church of Entropy?

The necessary conditions are:

  1. Acceptance of the existence of the Knowledge and that I have derived the Periodic Table as the microcanonical spacetime ensemble which predicts all of chemistry including life. Acceptance that I ALONE derived these precepts and that all honours are owed UNTO ME for this great, wonderful and transcendent knowledge.
  2. Acceptance of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis as the superior hypothesis for explaining the behaviour of subjective living consciousness and the associated truth of rebirth (unfalsifiability of reincarnation).
  3. Everything I say is presumed to be TRUE unless able to be falsified by a rigorous logical argument. This is what people have the most trouble with but you really do need to accept this if you want the chance at being part of my organization.

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