How to Chill People Out (333 words)

Thank You Alternative (Truth) Media

Here is some great coverage and interesting ideas for next steps.

Winning the Psychic War

The psychic war has become unsheathed and its true nature exposed. People are at a point where their existentialist illusions are causing cognitive breakdowns. Our enemies are willing to use decades, even centuries of lying, social engineering to get their way. I think there is enough suffering out there that we can all agree to change course and embark on the long, arduous journey towards Truth. You have a choice: Truth or Insanity (a world with no access to Truth).

What on Earth is Going On?

Is the degree of corruption we observe today the result of some grand central plan or merely a conspiracy of Entropy (a tendency for things to become corrupt over time)? It can be hard to tell, since most people eventually enter a state of psychosis upon questioning, suggesting emotional mind-control. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy. That’s not natural. Maybe we can still start to heal even if all the questions are not 100% answered.

Origins Are Important, Destinations Even More So

The best way to remain strong is to accept the supremacy of knowledge rooted in Truth. If you do not already possess knowledge, simply accept the existence of the Knowledge. Accept that we are all imperfect beings and that we must all continually renew our devotion to Truth. We must never wander off this path into the realm of quibbling over false dichotomy. I made a GUG video below to help people break with the false thinking and more in synch with real thinking (spiral fractal).

When we are seated in Truth, it is simultaneously the greatest anchor for the soul and buoy for the spirit. My existentialist grief stems nearly exclusively from my impotence to convince others of the validity of this. Not to be discouraged, I will simply change course. I appreciate your faith and look forward to growing together.

Thank You


2 thoughts on “How to Chill People Out (333 words)

    1. thanks for the question. core truths don’t change. our subjective experience is not a core truth (because we are constrained to a body, which is imperfect), so I align with the objective truth (the Periodic Table and the Quantum Nature of the mind). I know these things to be true because I spent my whole life contemplating them (plus, no one’s going to say the Periodic Table is false!). As regards not losing sanity due to loss of illusion, this is a bit harder. The trick is to operate from a multiple hypothesis standpoint. We have a belief, and we think “sure, it sounds good, it is maybe correct”, but we never assume it is absolute Truth. that way, when presented with new information, we can either adapt our existing hypothesis or scrap it entirely and start again. This is a bit like “coming out of the Matrix” in that it can be overwhelming. That’s why I am here and available to talk about the transition with anyone having a bad time.


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