Healing from Marxist Mind Control (490 words)

Words You Use When Under Marxist Mind Control

  1. sexist
  2. misogynist
  3. racist
  4. rape culture
  5. feminism
  6. bourgeois / proletariat
  7. quantitative easing
  8. …. basically anything based on that model is wrong

Marxist Myopia

The propaganda is constant and undeniable. Whether intentional, it should be clear that defining society based on power struggle dichotomies is dangerously reductionist. It is the perfect doorway for false attribution. Just look at what happens when people choose to leave Feminism. There are few cults more dangerous to abandon. This is why all false ideologies must be agreed to be false, and then we can reform laws to reflect natural law.

There is No New Knowledge, only New Forms

The old adage that “the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem” holds true here. We are all susceptible to the false notions. Even in high states of attainment, there is a risk (some would say an increased risk) of mis-attributing cause and effect. This is yet another reason why the pursuit of Truth must be an ongoing practice.

The deeper question is: what knowledge are we being misdirected from? We do not necessarily know, but many people have a pretty good idea. We need to get to the Truth of the matter or more innocent victims will be made.

Retraining the Mind

Accept that the teachings of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism & Social Justice are incomplete (at best) to the point of being intentional distraction (at worst). You don’t get any benefits from belonging to that cult – asides perhaps the stubborn denial of the reality that one is being rounded up for a cull!

Has it occurred to anyone that humans are being encouraged to breed so that they are more easily replaced with the most slave-like ones? That isn’t good. What comes next isn’t good. And we are bound by my reincarnation is unfalsifiable proof that we will all be trapped in a hell which is impossible to escape. This is our most potent weapon against the enemy: they have NO ESCAPE FROM REBIRTH BY THEIR DISGUSTING SACRIFICE RITES, CHILD SEX SLAVERY AND OTHERS.

When a person can accept that they are under mind control, they can start to contemplate the True basis of reality, for example: the Periodic Table.

periodic table with cross product 3


Marxism = Misery

While criticizing morons for acting moronically is important an important tool in effecting social change, we have to be mindful of our eventual goal: TRUTH IDEOLOGY. If not, it becomes all-too-similar to “Critical Theory” more Marxist rubbish that turns people into permanent grievance trawls. This only breeds dissent.

My Opinion is that Improper Projection is the Root of Mental Problems

Focusing on false dichotomies is poisonous to the mind. Is there a state of mind where we are free from false dichotomies? We cannot imagine this perfected mystical state simply because we are imperfect beings who can only ever approach Truth, never attain it completely. Therefore the most important change to bring is attitude.

Thank you.


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