How I Achieved the Knowledge (381 words)

  1. I was born with a stubborn attachment to the concept that the totality of Knowledge was held in a pre-existing collection of works. I always had faith in this Knowledge.
  2. I searched to find something I could apply coherently to this. I received knowledge compelling constant contemplation of dividing sets into 3 approximately equally sized containers along different qualities and attributes.
  3. I found that Quantum Mechanics, Geometry, Visualization, Statistical Thermodynamics and general Information Theory all helped to create my system. Many themes from my Guru’s Great Works also resonated with this.
  4. I long contemplated the origin and development of life on Earth. I wondered, if I could go back in time to watch the development of the entire timeline of our event, would I?
  5. When I began my work I contemplated the Periodic Table for a time, and reclassified it along an energetic staircase with 4 levels.periodic table with cross product 3
  6. By symmetry, I noted that the diagram was consistent with a single spacetime event. The radioactivity towards the end of the table also suggested the effects of the (observable consequences of the enforcement of the measurement limit, also known as the:) Uncertainty Principle (since there is a limit to how close matter waves can come to each [physically]). Since there is only a finite number of dimensions, there is also a finite number of interactions which can occur for a particular microstate. This is equivalent to the familiar quantum state exclusion: no two fermions can occupy the same quantum state simultaneously). The 118 quantum states of the Periodic Table are thus the gradual imposition of the measurement limit upon unmeasured space. The progression of atomic sizes & all other effects are predicted by the interdimensional electromassive quantum state nesting. Thus the entire table represents the smallest nonzero spacetime event (as it possessed all the qualities of such). A Quantum of Spacetime.
  7. From there, I was able to derive a mechanism whereby unmanifest matter waves  could manifest (by Uncertainty from the dS = 0 state), so the Creation matrix of the Universe became possible to formalize by way of process of elimination.
  8. From there, I devised a formalism for the Quantum Mind of cardinality {1,2} (two nested dimensions, the primary of cardinality 1,  the secondary of cardinality 2). This gives a rough first approximation to a more complete system, which I have not developed.




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