You don’t choose the Alt-Right, it chooses you. (426 words)

Interesting idea here. I support these people’s efforts to go up against the establishment and I pray this movement can help to heal a long-suffering world.

When Hillary Clinton spoke of the “Alt-Right”, it was a deliberately nebulous definition which could later be used to silence dissent against those who speak the truth. You should know the play book by now. The proof of this is that Milo is associated to the Alt-Right and yet he himself has claimed “not to be a part of it”. It is a catch all which shall later be persecuted, since the ideological framework the “machine” seeks to implement doesn’t like free will too much, as you can see.

We have all been abused by Marxist ideology, the cancerous rot at the centre of this social engineering experiment. Now we’re all Alt-Right whether we like it or not. We must use this great honour to help turn the tide towards our shared values and not nitpick our differences. This is what the enemy wants.

Vox, by your own words, you have to hit back twice as hard. We do that by showing them their pathetic tricks will NEVER work on us (in fact, backfire).

I am not anti-White-Nationalist. Can we please just make the Alt-White a subset of the Alt-Right? That way Alt-Right can be a catch-all, anti-establishment assertion?

I believe we can right the evils of this world my friends, but it’s not by fragmenting ourselves and obsessing over minute differences (we’ll have plenty of time for that later, if we aren’t killed in a marxist gulag).

The establishment we’re fighting has 2 key aspects:

  1. Cult-like brainwashing of Marxism (& erasure of history and poisoning of young minds).
  2. Legalized usury/debt slavery.

These vices paved the way for the multicultural hellholes that have emerged in the West, a tipping point for the movement. The concert of politicians, media and shadow government have become the disconnected power elite as delusional as the princess declaring “let them eat cake”. They are our enemies because they seek to make us their slaves both ideologically and financially. They must be confronted.

The Alt-White vs. Alt-Right debate can be solved this way: let’s make the former a subset of the latter. Each can have its particular focus and use numbers as is required.

The establishment openly declared a War on Truth. We have to fight now, just as you said. Let us come together for Kek, and be divided only along our best interests, not the confines of the establishment! Hail Kek!

Kek Volta!

Thank you.


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