Biggest Errors of Globalist Scum (171 words)


  1. Poisoning everyone’s mind in the Arts and soft Sciences with Marxism. Since it’s such a garbage ideology, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of awareness that its only justifiable application is for subversion. It is so pervasive that once people are taught how to recognize it, they can identify it (and destroy it).
  2. Assuming everyone else is as shallow, narcissistic and selfish as they are.
  3. Using religion as a weapon rather than as a tool for liberation.
  4. Using the virtue-signalling leftists to take control of institutions, when such are collectively less intelligent than a bag of dogshit.
  5. Purporting as priests when they are morally bankrupt.
  6. Embracing Keynesian economics (Marxism).

Your little “It’s a small world after all” plan of UN Agenda 21 might have worked if you’d been honest. It might have worked if you’d actually done humanitarian work, rather than sociocultural programming to reduce us all to the lowest common denominator of intellect, morality and culture.

But you didn’t.

You failed.

You’re done.


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