Annoying Logic Psyops (502 words)

My opinion about the worst false belief around is in the two-state hypothesis:

Either A or B is true

In other words, just because I don’t believe the 9/11 official narrative does not mean I believe aliens are running the world. There is no physical evidence for that! Sadly this means organizations like whoever did the (bullshit) debunk videos and NIST have suffered a hit to their credibility.ed6189949c0b7917a78d01976b8fad2b

It doesn’t mean everyone at the government agencies is a bad person, most of them are good. It’s just that some very bad people took advantage of the natural submissiveness of the Western mindset. Since Westerners tend to idealize their ego and deny their natural submissiveness, they are blind to it (not to mention crippled by residual colonial guilt). After they were conned, they were too embarrassed to admit it and are more comfortable attacking anyone who isn’t able to lie to themselves and denigrating them as a “conspiracy theorist”. Well you’re going to have to kill me because I’m not changing my mind.

This is nothing less than a war on Truth. Let’s have a look at some common logical failures and the resulting cognitive dissonance.

Common Logical Fails

Ad Hominem: I wish this didn’t warrant mentioning but it happens every 10 seconds. I resort to these once people are not capable of accepting logical arguments and I suggest you do too. Society will change faster that way. Note that: “Conspiracy theorist” is an ad hominem!

Association/Demonization fallacy: Just because a bad person likes you, therefore, you are also bad! For instance, the mainstream media attempts to hurt Trump because he was endorsed by an alleged “white supremacist”. Hillary’s attack on the hugely popular Alt-Right was also a character assassination attempt to decimate the movement’s popularity.

Projection Fallacy: Assuming others’ experiences are more similar to our own than they actually are.

Logical failures diminish the effects of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance

Demoralization: The most dangerous state: when the person is no longer able to process new facts that contradict their [false] hypothesis.

Familiar abuser: The tendency to return to a dangerous scenario solely because it is familiar.

Lie to me: The tendency to want to believe pathological liars.

Is the Two-State Hypothesis Ever True?

The two-state hypothesis is only true when A & B are exhaustive. For instance, the mind either is or it is not a quantum computer. I am either alive or dead. People don’t think properly and so fall into the trap of assuming that only two (the official & some “conspiracy theory”) options are possible. It’s reality. An infinite number of options are possible. Demonizing CT’s (substantiated hypotheses) is a psyop because it prevents scientific inquiry. Yet another affront on the truth.


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