The Nature of Time (830 words)


Update 2016-10-03

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True Science is going Mainstream

Here we see another deathblow to the Standard Model and Einstein’s field equations.

It turns out that in our rapidly expanding Universe, there is no ‘preferred’ direction of expansion – the Universe is expanding in every direction at exactly the same rate. And while that‚Äôs good news for our current cosmological models, it‚Äôs bad news for Einstein‚Äôs famous field equations.

I believe this systemic failure is a consequence of an incomplete understanding of the nature of time. By frequently assigning time to the position of independent variable, we are implicitly taught to believe that time is rectilinear.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a shock that people believe their existence comprises a single trip from the cradle to grave! Those who have not realized the Truth of Reincarnation¬†are bound to have trouble understanding the¬†entangled nature of time, but of course cycles (seasons, ocean, sunspots) are the norm. It is nothing but arrogance to believe the living consciousness free from the cyclic nature of reality.

From sufficient dwelling on the nature of time comes knowledge of geodesics (the shape of the shortest distance between two points). From sufficient knowledge of geodesics comes knowledge of the unseen potential functions of mass: the permutations of state variables in accordance with the combined actions acting upon them. From sufficient knowledge of unseen potential functions comes knowledge of the Measurement Limit, from which all measurements are derived. Once the knowledge of the Measurement Limit exists, new systems may be measured.

What is time?

How can we possibly tease out the nature of that which is never absent from the measurement event? That which heralds the smallest incremental change in the microstate distribution? Just like the Cartesian plane, QM is a coordinate system. The  Cartesian system is delineated along the x, y and z axes whereas the QM coordinate system is delineated at the measurement event between the potential and realized values of the system. By the Measurement Limit as I have derived, there are 3 linearly independent dimensions of space and 1 of time. Thus the true coordinate system of observable physical reality is only the Measurement Limit. The geometric coordinate systems we have imposed are idealized (false) in that space is modelled as being completely separate from time.

This is why, at Universal (large & small) limits, the Standard Model breaks down. Rather than embrace the wavelike (tacit to the entangled nature of the time-space variables) nature of reality hypothesis, the Standard Model insists on false fundamental particles. Combined with [false] Time Reversal Invariance, inconsistent with the predictive Entropy framework dt => dS, all observable nonzero events/interactions/intervals represent a time-incongruous increase of Entropy, creates a nonstop expansion into falsity (as the falsity of the Standard Model becomes more evident at small (space) and large (energy) limits of the Universe.

Fundamentally, the Standard Model Particle Theory does not represent Truth.

The true coordinate system will always make proper predictions.

The Nature of Reality is the Measurement Limit

Let us consider a QM system ő®.¬†ő®¬†represents the state of the system in advance of the event of observation. By the Copenhagen Interpretation,¬†ő®¬†describes the entire system. Also by the Copenhagen Interpretation, upon the event of observation,¬†ő®¬†collapses to one of its eigenstates. The process of this collapse contains¬†at most 3 measurements of space and 1 of time (per order of magnification). Upon these measurements do we impose our geometric coordinate systems. These ultimately fail¬†at the fine scale, as they fail to consider the intrinsic measurement limit of the fine scale¬†intrinsic to creation itself. The Hilbert Space is physically impossible as it violates the Measurement Limit: defined to have well-defined limits (derivatives) to all state variables! Seems unlikely by the Uncertainty Principle!

Western Scientists Approach the Truth

Our standard model of cosmology is built on the assumption that these variations are only significant on a very small scale, and on the largest scales, they’re insignificant. But what if the Universe were like a diamond crystal, and there’s a preferred direction that’s intrinsic to its entire structure, regardless of how far you zoom out?

…Sound familiar?

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.16.02 PM.pngThe Truth is that rather than elucidate the nature of reality, Einstein’s¬†equations largely obfuscate¬†it. We must start over at the beginning as regards what assumptions are made, namely:

  • The Universe is self-creating, the “Big Bang” is false: there is no time when the laws of physics do not apply.
  • There are no Strong and Weak Nuclear forces, only¬†entangled electric and gravitational forces at the atomic scale.

What is the real question?

The true question is: how can time be locally anisotropic yet universally isotropic (mostly)? The answer to this and many more questions will feature in my book. I look forward to sharing that with you all. How can atoms be locally skewed (source) and yet universally the same in all directions (no apparent shape in the universal mass distribution)?

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.24.42 PM.png

Thank you.



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