On Criticism (759 words)

I am a turgid little bead
I am a single rounded seed
Cracked by your fears
Fed by your tears

I’m Tired of Constant Baseless Criticism

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been getting criticized by family, friends and random strangers your whole life. I used to think people did it because they want me to improve, but not anymore. While some of it was definitely warranted, now I think they mostly just didn’t know what else to say. I hypothesize that superior people are constantly attacked because most are successfully brainwashed by a Marxist psyop called “Critical Theory”.

From Wikipedia:

Critical theory stresses the reflective assessments and critique of society and culture by applying knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities.

If we contemplate the consequences of using such a myopic perspective as the exalted means of intellectual inquiry, the unrest and misery we observe today are perhaps easier to understand. Examples of such unreasonable criticism are my Mother telling me to “live in my present life” (when I speak about past ones) and my Father telling me “you’re so arrogant” when I shared that I had transcended the Periodic Table (“sorry”, but there’s no better word to describe what I did).

Why not be open and curious rather than fearful and dismissive?

Karl “I’m a piece of shit who ruins society” Marx is why.

The sad result of imparting little other than constant criticism (rather than using it only when conducive to personal growth) is that not only do I now ignore criticism of others, but also everything else they say. Don’t people care about credibility? In some cases, I rebel: pushing the dial even further towards rigid arrogance, simply to show people the error of their ways. No one wants to be endlessly criticized, especially when the critic does not have any expertise on the subject.

Defooing Plebs

It’s at the point where I have had to state my limit clearly: “do not question my decisions, as this is equal to questioning my judgement and you have no basis for this”. Some family members are able to afford me this courtesy while others are “defooed” until such time as they can. I am always open to giving second chances, but my previous behaviour was akin to gifting them a whip with which to flagellate me: not interested. While my tradition places family as extremely important, my spiritual work is too important at this point to allow myself to be drained by the ties that bind (and gag, as my Dad says).

Your Criticisms Will Eventually Cut you Back

When I found my Guru, my perspective on criticism changed drastically. This is because of how he criticizes me. I never ever doubt his intentions, no matter what he says to me. This is because of his knowledge, experience and expertise. While my compatriots criticize as a hobby: bereft of any desire but to see me “cut down a notch“, Guru’s words, while sometimes hard to hear, are always underscored by love.

I’m not Going to see you as an Equal if you act like a Child

The saddest part is that, as my longtime Proxies can attest, I would much prefer to be friends (seeing each other as equal) with my associates than  a supremacist dictator (seeing them as inferior).

The sad irony to this is that by imbibing the poison of Marxist critical theory, they have rendered it impossible for me to consider them even remotely near my level, and certainly not a friend if they allow their ideologically charged delusions of supremacy/relevance. By placing themselves above me, they give me no choice but to kick them down a notch in my estimation.

To summarize:

  1. Although I love to hear feedback, I dislike useless criticism and I do not accept to be undermined in the areas of the Periodic Table and my Quantum Mind Hypothesis publicly although I will address your concerns in private. As unfalsified and predictive, they must be acknowledged as superior to the Standard Model, by your own standards. Anything else I say is fair game, but remember: your arguments are fair game as well, and EMOTIONS ARE NOT ARGUMENTS.
  2. I have always done as commanded by the relevant authorities. That is now in the hands of Guru and those who taught me growing up. Although I can help you achieve a righteous goal, I do not want or need anyone telling me what to do or how to change, unless such can be justified from a RATIONAL stance.

Thank you


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