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I have never been so insulted as I have been when speaking to brainwashed automatons (“establishment”/virtue signalling types). I am very happy to report that I have researched and transcended a great many false personalities and can describe their pathologies in detail. How fun! I realized the reason I am repelled by them is that they have placed their emotions on par with my logic. In fact, they have elevated their emotions past my logic by defaming my logic with personal attacks and baseless criticism. I never got personal but now I am going to shred the validity of the alleged moral high ground these spoiled brats and their abhorrent acolytes occupy.

Ideological zombies are easy to spot. They are on edge, insecure & very eager to remind you what a good person they are. In short: moral tyrants. I realized that it’s not just moral tyrants (usually women) but also their subordinate enforcers (usually men). It’s somewhat funny to laugh at how silly it all has become, but if we don’t change our attitude, our wonderful society will be lost to evils unforeseen. I know most people feel the way I do and are quite tired of being bossed around by sociopaths who use words to control their (moral) superiors. They have placed us all in great danger, and the time has come to show them that logic >> emotion. We care about them (perhaps not as much as they would like to pretend they care about others, which as we can see now is really just used to justify their selfishness), but not enough to allow for their destruction to continue.

Desperate times, I guess.

You lose on the logic front and your feelings are hurt, so you feel victimized and expect an apology. It is not realistic to expect consideration for feelings when you disregard not only logic but also my feelings (presumably hurt by your arrogant ignorance). This is quite a flawed way to think: clearly you are wrong both:

a) to be offended by logic and somehow think that’s my problem
b) to not later admit you were wrong both to defy me and to have taken offence

This trend toward indulging the perpetually offended will only enslave you to them emotionally. You are probably reluctant to face this fact as it acknowledges the depth of your own self-imposed shackles. Without action, the path of greater Entropy is simply more oppression. You can never submit enough to satisfy a false ideology. If you give them an inch, they will screech for a mile: nothing is ever good enough: the perpetual SJW is never satiated. They cannot be happy because their self-worth is externally controlled.

I pray you will understand that this lifestyle is completely illogical, and that your thinking is corrupt. It is you who should consider why you ever thought you could place emotions in higher esteem than logic. This is certainly a flaw. Please don’t let it become a fatal one.

Do two wrongs make a right? Can you excuse your guilt with cultural suicide? Can you go to heaven when you die? Can you think your way out of a problem your thoughts created?

The answer is the same for all three: No. The reason is the same for all three: You cannot wish away the laws of cause and effect. They are as they are and nothing will ever change that. The only thing you can change is your opinion. If all you see are false dichotomies and have an inner pull to berate those that do not conform to your ideology, then I’m afraid you are perhaps: beyond repair.



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