Aliens are not Real (730 words)

Video here.

People are funny when they believe in aliens.

Let’s look at some physical consequences of Entropy to appreciate why aliens coming here from far away (in physical ships with physical bodies) are not consistent with the observed laws of reality.

Aliens? Seriously?

Why is it impossible? The main issue is how do the aliens get here? We know there may exist futuristic alien technologies superior to those known on Earth, but we also know that Entropy places strict limits on the mass to thrust ratio (a much larger vessel requires more energy to push it). Not to mention that traveling over large distances within a single lifetime is impeded by the effects of Special Relativity: as the velocity of the craft approaches the speed of light, its mass goes to infinity. Therefore the problem of distant space travel is dampened on two fronts: perpetually increasing Entropy and Special Relativity.

You’re not going anywhere

Gas fuel always becomes exhausted. Unless there is some way to manifest propulsion on your “magic” ship, you will always need new sources of fuel (by the Entropy). Even if there could be some Oxygen/Water recombination system on board, there would require an extensive ecosystem to recover any useful water, let alone any useful fuel! This set up is also precluded by our need of the Sun’s power to manifest Life on Earth. Note that the facile estimations based on unlimited fossil fuels fail as this phenomenon was a spontaneous process over many generations and cannot easily be duplicated. Even on the glorious and fertile Earth, the Biosphere project was a complete failure. What chances for a space mission to a distant galaxy !? (let alone finding a planet to colonize) 

Based on physical laws observed on Earth (for which dS > 0 ~ as I have demonstrated in my competing hypothesis for the Standard Model), humans leaving Earth to colonize elsewhere is precluded.

What about aliens coming here?


But I saw a thing that one time and it was swirling

First off, don’t you think we’d have some hard evidence if there were aliens coming to Earth in a swirling ship? The hypothesis that the “government is covering it up” is pretty silly. Look at the ineptitude of the 9/11 cover up… Do you really give them that much credit?

Our model suggests it is unwise to assume any one part of the atmosphere is 100% independent of any other part. Gases are nonlocalized: they smear across their volume (the atmosphere) until observed. Plasma is even higher energy vibrations! The atmosphere thus creates several layers of particular distortion of light in the atmosphere.

This is sure to create some interesting distortions of light emanating from objects in the atmosphere (like satellites, weather balloons and lights from planes). That’s not to say every U.F.O. sighting is caused by distortion of the atmospheric plasmon , but it does explain how otherwise innocuous phenomena could be distorted and look alien-ish. These plasmonic shapes may well have no parallels on Earth but that does not make them alien [to our biome].

But (if) the Universe is infinite, isn’t the probability of alien life also infinite?

This argument is an interesting one. At that point, it becomes a debate as to what “Life” is. If we take it to mean self-replicating molecules (and not simply stellar plasma), then very particular conditions are required. It is conceivable that such could manifest elsewhere in the Universe. It’s also possible that complex, self-aware life will never manifest anywhere but here. We do know that life as we know it can occur only in a narrow range of circumstances but we are not certain of the prevalence of such nor the exact range, per se. I attribute this largely to a lack of understanding of the causality of the Universe.

But there are lizards, David Icke said so

Siiiiiiiight. This is ironically true in some highly imaginative way. As much research has shown, “psychopathic” people tend to have different brain proportions than empathic/psychic/sensitive people and so can be considered to be more “lizard-like”, but past that, it’s simply flights of fancy!

Distant Space Travel is Impossible

It’s precluded by causality. There is no mechanism to preclude information being accessed from distant places (including the past, subject to dt => dS), but there are serious limits to space travel imposed by the Entropic increase of the displacement of mass.

thank you.



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